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Interaction- Daniel Yang – Regional Manager- South Asia – Head – CRCHI

We at CRCHI would like to be the preferred partner for TBM’s

Founded in 2007, China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corporation Ltd. (CRCHI) is a large and professional equipment manufacturer specialized in developing and producing smart tunnelling equipment and high-end rail transit system. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, DANIEL YANG, REGIONAL MANAGER- SOUTH ASIA, CHINA RAILWAY CONSTRUCTION HEAVY INDUSTRY CORPORATION LTD (CRCHI), speaks about his company’s journey, USP’s and a lot more.

Tell us about journey in the Indian market

Actually since 2010 the Indian construction equipment market has been booming on account of latest technologies and quality. Chinese equipment manufacturers entered the Indian market as the economy was improving and as huge infrastructure opportunities existed in India in terms of tunnelling, high speed rail, metro rail we also decided to enter the Indian market. Now we are in touch with most of the companies and since 2018 have penetrated the Indian market. Since the last 4 to 5 years we have done very well and sold 15 machines. We have in fact sold the largest machine of 12 meter diameter for the Mumbai Coastal Road project.

Why do customers choose your products over your competitors

We have huge advantages over our competitors, firstly CRCHI is a group company of China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) which is one of the leading tunnelling company in the world. We have  very deep association with CRCC in terms of testing our technology, quality, stability etc hence our machines are already passed by world class tunnelling company. Secondly we built up our local service team. Especially during the pandemic our Chinese service team couldn’t travel to India during that time we started localizing our service team here. Now we have over 50 engineers to service our machines throughout India in Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Bengaluru and Chennai. Apart from this we also have our spare parts depots to ensure fast spare parts are made available in case required.

What sort of initiatives do you undertake to train your engineers

First of all we employ experienced engineers. We also allow our local experienced engineers to interact freely with our designers so that they understand the features of our machines and the latest technologies imbibed. This direct interaction helps in clear communication and avoids any sort of confusion which helps our engineers in solving any issue during the projects.

Tell us about your new break throughs

For Bengaluru metro, we did 3 new break troughs in the last 3 months. Infact BMRCL had opined that no TBM will come out in one piece, but we did that thrice and one more machines will make break through this month. So we will make 4 break throughs.

Tell us about your partner in India Friends Equipment Heavy Machinery

CRCHI and Friends Equipment share an excellent relationship. Friends Equipment under the able leadership of Raajeev Kumaar has been our partner ever since we entered the Indian market. The Friends team is extremely hardworking and works with our experienced engineers shoulder to shoulder and is a perfect partner to grab all opportunities in India.

How do you foresee the market for your products in India

Today India is full of opportunities. We foresee lot of tunnelling projects, metro rail projects in India as the Indian govt is investing huge amount in infrastructure. We at CRCHI would like to be the preferred partner for TBM’s

About: Friends Eqpt

Friends Equipment Heavy Machinery Pvt. Ltd, strongly believes in providing the best level of product and service for its customers at the best prices available in the industry. The company believes in building a strong customer base on the basis of trust and efficiency. With its experience, Today Friends Equipment Heavy Machinery Pvt. Ltd is optimizing utilities for some of the prominent companies in India. The company has a wide range of equipment on offer for Tunnel & Mining, Bridge construction, Construction and also offers equipment on rental basis.

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About: China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corp., Ltd.

China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corp., Ltd. (CRCHI) group company of CRCC (Ranked 39th in fortune 500 company) the world’s largest Tunnel Boring Machine manufacturer with a production capacity of 300 TBM per year is a leading provider of whole solutions for intelligent tunnelling & high end rail track equipment. The company, with it’s headquarters in Changsha, has established 16 subsidiaries and production bases in Zhuzhou of Hunan Province, Kunming of Yunnan Province, Longchang of Sichuan Province, Lanzhou of Gansu Province, Urumchi of Xinjiang Province, Shaanxi Province, Baotou of Inner Mongolia and other cities. CRCHI has a worldwide presence with its major projects in Russia, Turkey, Srilanka and India. CRCHI strongly believes that technology innovates the world and service leads the future. Accordingly, CRCHI has shaped itself as an innovative and service orientated enterprise by realizing Differentiation, Intellectualization, and Globalization. With its specialized and customized high end equipment, CRCHI has shaped four business segments:  Tunnelling Boring Machines. Slurry Pressure Balance, Earth Balance Pressure and Hard rock tunnel boring machines, whose market share is about 80% in China and represented by shield machines and hard rock TBMs.

Specialized tunnelling equipment, which ranks first in China, represented by drilling jumbos and multi-function vehicles.

Railway track equipment, whose market share is about one third nationally, represented by turnouts, fasteners and clips.

Railway maintenance machines.

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