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Cover Story May 2023

Interaction – Schwing Stetter – May 2023

At SCHWING Stetter India, we believe that service is the key to success

Introducing path breaking products is a way of life at Schwing Stetter India, the company with its “Customer-first” approach to doing business keeps churning out technologically advanced products that are robust, fuel efficient and full value for money. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, V. G. SAKTHIKUMAR, CHAIRMAN & MANAGING DIRECTOR, SCHWING STETTER INDIA PVT LTD, gives an overview on the latest trends, his company’s range of mini excavators, after market services and a lot more.

Give us an overview on the Mini Excavators industry in India, latest trends and market dynamics.

The current market dynamics facilitate the sale of approximately 1100 to 1200 units of mini excavators in 2022. We believe that with the rising market trends and requirements the number of units can go up to 1500 by 2023. The mini-excavator market is purely a product and performance-oriented market that receives most of its consumption from the demands of the rural construction sector. The major consumer of mini-excavators is the South Indian market but with the wide range of applications of the product, we are receiving more and more attention from the Pan-Indian market.

Tell us about the range of Mini Excavators offered by you, in terms of types, capacities and applications. Any new launches or new variants to your existing range.

SCHWING Stetter India recently, had three new series of mini-excavators which are clubbed under the title ‘U’ series. The new series of machinery is mainly categorized as the 20U, 28U, and 38U which has the varied payload capacity of 2 ton, 2.8 ton, and 3.8 ton respectively. The major applications of these machines belong to the agricultural, rural construction and landscaping sectors.

Intelligent machines, telematics and IoT are becoming a trend with equipment, your comments. Cutting edge technology featured in your machines. What distinguishes your equipment from competitors.

With the modern revolution sweeping the construction industry, we believe that the addition of telematics, IoT, and other components that enable the creation of industry 4.0. All XCMG mid-range and standard-sized excavators are delivered with the above-mentioned features, while the mini-excavator series machines can be equipped with these features based on the requirements of the customer.

Factors such as safety, operator comfort, ease of operations are crucial. What are the steps undertaken by you for providing the same.

We have taken significant measures toward increased safety, operator comfort, efficient performance, and ease of operation. The recently launched ‘U’ series mini-excavators come with multiple features like a canopy or cabin, rear camera, and other add-ons to ensure the safety and comfort of the operator.

Aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator.

At SCHWING Stetter India, we believe that service is the key to success. This has been our mantra for the past two decades which has made our company the first in terms of customer satisfaction. We deliver the required services promptly through the 25+ dealerships spread across the Indian sub-continent that carry the SCHWING name proudly.

Which sectors would be the major demand drivers for your mini excavators going forward.

Mini-excavators are categorized as purely an application-specific machine which has three main sectors contributing to its rising demands. The three main sectors are the agriculture sector, rural construction sector, and landscaping sector. Geographically speaking, we have received about 80% of inquiries from the South Indian market 

Your strategy to play in a price sensitive market.

As the mini-excavator has an application-oriented marketplace, our excavator portfolio is built to the parameters that can get the customer the best pricing, comfort, and efficient machines at appropriate pricing. The ‘U’ series excavators that were recently launched into the market are designed to cater to the premium market with multiple add-ons on features so that the customer receives the best value proposition and benefits with our record-breaking engineering.

Details us on the initiatives taken by your company in terms of skilling operators.

SCHWING Stetter India has a dedicated training department functioning as a well-equipped support system for our customers and operators handling our machinery. We have been able to provide training through online and offline means without any geographical limitations and we have been able to train about 1000+ operators in the past year through our facilities which now also include simulators that can provide a holistic feel of the process.

Your outlook for the rental market for mini excavators

The mini-excavator market is an exponentially growing market that is creating a purely rental place of business. We have been receiving higher demand for mini-excavators ever since their introduction to the market and the growth trajectory of the market also promises significant growth in the coming 2-3 years.

Future outlook from the industry perspective and company?

We have a positive outlook towards the growing market of mini-excavators, which has given us the faculties to release a new range of mini-excavators under the ‘U’ series. Our team is also working on fresh upgrades on the existing machinery to cater to the developing market and we are ready to release newer models if the demand increases.

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