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Cover Story May 2023

Interaction – Sany India – May 2023

We at SANY India are proud to offer a range of mini excavators that have made us the leading player in the mini excavator segment in India

Intelligent machines, telematics, and IoT are undoubtedly becoming a trend in the equipment industry and the IoT technology-based SANY India machines offer an efficient solution to handle complex tasks in the construction industry. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, DHEERAJ PANDA, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER (SALES, MARKETING & CUSTOMER SUPPORT), SANY INDIA & SOUTH ASIA, gives an overview on the mini excavator industry, latest launches, aftermarket services and a lot more.

Give us an overview on the Mini Excavators industry in India, latest trends and market dynamics.

The Mini Excavator industry in India has been growing steadily in recent years on year-on-year basis at around 4-5% of the overall excavator market, driven by increasing demand from construction and infrastructure sector. Mini excavators are smaller and more compact than traditional excavators, making them ideal for working in tight spaces and on smaller projects. The latest trends in the industry include the development of more technologically advanced mini excavators, with features such as GPS tracking and automated controls becoming more common.

Market dynamics in the Mini Excavator industry in India are shaped by factors such as government policies, infrastructure development to boost the economic growth. The Indian government’s push for infrastructure development has created a significant demand for mini excavator with projects where work is required to be done in compact places

With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, SANY India has emerged as the top player in the mini excavator segment in the country. The company’s latest offerings, the SY20U mini and SY60C compact excavators, come equipped with advanced features such as fuel-efficient engines, smart controls, and improved safety features.

Tell us about the range of Mini Excavators offered by you, in terms of types, capacities and applications. Any new launches or new variants to your existing range.

As a global heavy machinery manufacturer, we at SANY India are proud to offer a range of mini excavators that have made us the leading player in the mini excavator segment in India. Recently, we launched two new mini excavators, the SY20U and SY60C, at the Bauma Conexpo. Our mini excavators range from 2-6 tons.

In terms of technology, we are proud of the advancements that we have integrated into our machines. Our mini excavators are equipped with GPS enabled micro-chip that records, analyses and communicates key machine performance parameters with all stakeholders through the EVI app. The EVI app makes it easier for our customers to access all the necessary information about the machine. Our machines are IoT technology-based, offering an efficient solution to handle complex tasks in the construction industry.

Therefore, we are known for our best-in-class serviceability, making our machines highly reliable for use in construction sites. With a high return on investment, our machines offer optimal productivity with minimal operational costs. We take great pride in providing our customers with the best possible machinery, service, and support.

Intelligent machines, telematics and IoT are becoming a trend with equipment, your comments. Cutting edge technology featured in your machines. What distinguishes your equipment from competitors.

Intelligent machines, telematics, and IoT are undoubtedly becoming a trend in the equipment industry. With the rapid advancement of technology, the demand for machines that are equipped with such cutting-edge features is on the rise. The integration of such advancements has brought out several advantages, including increased efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

The IoT technology-based SANY India machines offer an efficient solution to handle complex tasks in the construction industry. Our machines integrate features allowing customers to have real-time monitoring and analysis. Also,  incorporating these features we can make data – driven decisions, optimize machine performance and improve overall efficiency.

Factors such as safety, operator comfort, ease of operations are crucial. What are the steps undertaken by you for providing the same.

At SANY India, we understand that factors such as safety, operator comfort and ease of operations are important to look after. To optimize product solutions for market safety we have a R&D team who frequently review and look at this matter.

Therefore, we are addressing these challenges we are working towards achieving a localization rate of 75% in the next 3-5 years from the current 40%, this will further not only help in cost control but will ensure that all or products are better suited for the market we cater too. Thus, our focus is on product development and technology in line with the evolving industry trends as well as the future market that help us in improving the competitiveness in the sector.

Aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator.

SANY India is committed to providing top-notch after-market services to our customers. We have a vast network of dealers and offices spread across India to ensure that our customers can easily access our services. We have 42 dealers across India, and over 210 3S offices for sales, service, and spares. Our 5 regional offices in India are dedicated to providing service, product parts, and sales support to our customers.

Our biggest strength lies in our team of highly trained service engineers, who are equipped to handle any after-market service requirements. We have over 500 trained service engineers who are constantly updated with the latest technologies and equipment to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service.

Your strategy to play in a price sensitive market.

India is a price sensitive country and At SANY India, we feel that to come up with all the challenges faced we need to work towards achieving localization. We aim to achieve 75% of the localization rate in coming years from 40%, which will benefit in cost control as well as ensure quality products best suited for the market needs.

SANY India stands committed to support the government vision of make in India and contribute to the growth on Indian economy by manufacturing world class products that meet the needs of the Indian market. Hence, focusing of working proactively for quality and localization we feel that manufacturing in India will help in cost control and improved product quality.

Details us on the initiatives taken by your company in terms of skilling operators.

At SANY India, we have been proactive in our approach to skilling operators by providing them training to have a better understanding of the product and new developments. Also, to utilize our machines effectively and efficiently, we are also providing on-field training to our customer operators and their other team members, wherein they can acquire various trainings such as operation and maintenance.

Therefore, we feel that through this initiative of skilling, customers can understand the product’s USP, allowing optimum utilization of the product.

Future outlook from the industry perspective and company?

Looking at the outlook from the industry perspective, the market for mini excavators is expected to grow significantly by 4-5 percent at YoY basis. The demand for construction equipment is projected to rise due to the increase in infrastructure projects, such as roads, highways, and airports, and the growing trend towards urbanization. Mini excavators are gaining popularity due to their versatility, compact size, and ease of operation, making them suitable for a wide range of construction and irrigation task.

From SANY India’s perspective, we have a strong market position across the country. And we have been successful in offering a range of mini excavators that meet the varying needs of different customers. Our product range includes four different machines that can handle a wide range of construction tasks, providing innovative solutions to the construction industry with optimal productivity and minimal operational costs.

As the market for mini excavators continues to grow, opportunities lie ahead for us to expand our market presence and increase our product offerings. Additionally, by leveraging expertise in technology and innovation, we anticipate to continuously develop machines that would meet the changing needs of customers and provide efficient solutions to complex tasks confined at tight spaces.

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