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Cover Story February 2024

Guest Article – Sangam February 2024


Madhav Patil, Founder, Sangam Project Consultants, explains in detail as to how the role played by PMC’s are a vital force and apparatus for sustaining growth, efficiency & innovation across the project life cycle. Madhav Patil has over 30 years experience and has successfully competed Hospitality, Healthcare, Educational / Institutional. Retail, Commercial, Villas, Residential & Infrastructure projects. Madhav Patil holds qualification of B.E. (Civil), MCM (NICMAR).

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has revised the growth potential of India for FY 2023-24 to 6.3% as against the 2023 global growth projection of a meagre 3%. Similarly, World Bank, OECD and ADB project India to grow at 6.4%, 6.1% & 6.7% respectively in FY 2024-25.

The Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, while presenting the Interim Union Budget for 2024-2025 stated that Development programmes, in the last ten years, have targeted each and every household and individual, through ‘housing for all’, ‘har ghar jal’, electricity for all, cooking gas for all, bank accounts and financial services for all. The FM further stated that two crore more houses will be built under the Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin (PMAY-G) in rural areas in the next five years, while for cities, the government would bring a new scheme to help middle-class homebuyers buy or build their own homes. In addition, the funding for Metro & Mass Rapid Transit System has been increased in this year’s Interim Budget.

As Developers and Corporates face demand surge and thus embark on ambitious projects and seek multiple avenues for growth, the need and urge for efficient & effective Project Management Consultant (PMC) emerges as the mainstay for achieving targeted goals. Businesses are thus increasingly becoming reliant on PMC’s for providing desired finesse and expertise in negotiating intricate challenges of Time, Cost, Manpower & Machinery Management.

In lieu of massive Construction boost due to ever evolving favourable conditions in India, the need for the right PMC’s has never been higher than today.

To meet various intricate challenges of project execution, PMC’s need to possess necessary unparalleled expertise, knowledge, exceptional and varied experience in addition to exhibiting a relentless commitment to deliver the desired results.

PMC’s are a vital force and apparatus for sustaining growth, efficiency & innovation across the project life cycle. PMCs are instrumental in driving the project success in several ways including the following:

PMCs gel themselves with the Organization’s goal and ensure trust building amongst Stake Holders like Architects, Consultants, Contractors, Fund Managers, Buyers and Realtors / Corporates. PMCs ensure that the Project Schedule and Quality standards are maintained in line with the Organization goals and commitments. Whether rescuing a project that is off course or developing methodologies to enable future project success, PMCs have the expertise and the track record to get an Organization there.
PMCs Develop an effective change management strategy that can be applied on projects across an organization. PMCs can Amplify trust with stakeholders by fully preparing them for the impact of change. PMCs ensure stakeholders have all of the training & education they need to embrace change.

PMCs focus on swift and engaging communication for transforming various challenges into Triumph viz., Appropriate Material & Equipment Brand selection, Procurement lead time assessment, Listing of upcoming hindrances and Red Flags etc.. All issues & communication related with Contractor coordination, Design coordination, Safety aspects etc. are handled aptly by PMCs due to experience gained over a period of time. PMCs ensure Round table Progress Review, Conduction of Brainstorming sessions, Training on field for implementing NBC 2016, BIS, Design – Construction interface, Regular Quality Audits, Quality diligence etc..

In addition to empowering employee excellence, PMCs optimize resource allocation using tools like Primavera / MS Project / Trello etc.. These and other methodologies ensure efficient use of time, budget, and available manpower, propelling both project efficiency and overall operational performance,
PMCs can Customize solutions to achieve discipline and consistency as also Build reliable ways to measure results, so that leadership can make better decisions e.g. Whether robotic duct cleaning or manual, Whether SCADA controlled RCC or use of RMC or setting up of a Batching Plant of appropriate capacity, Whether use of JCB or Poclain etc. etc..

PMCs identify and assess Risks w.r.t. the Regulatory Approvals, Funds Management, Cashflow, Rate of Progress, Material & Equipment availability / lead time etc. so as to cater to various associated uncertainties. PMCs ensure delays, cost overruns and goodwill damage is minimised / avoided through timely intervention & corrective action as regards the associated intricacies and perceivable difficulties. PMCs helps ensure high ethical practices and International Safety and Quality standards are interwoven in all Construction processes and deliverables. Risks are identified during Planning of Overall Layout, Engineering of Plant & Non-Plant Buildings, Architectural Designs, Roads & Landscape etc.. and corrective action / alternate approach is adopted.

From the vast experience gained in past projects, PMCs foster a culture of continuous innovation & workability. New products, technologies and practises are adopted based on the market intelligence gained over a period of time. Awareness of various Processes involved in Project Management and detail study of multiple constraints of project like Time-Cost-Risk-Scope-Quality-Resource are an integral part of PMC’s ambit. PMCs ensure innovation & adaptability during the Conceptual, Sourcing & Design Planning at the beginning of the project itself. During the initial planning stage itself a thorough Financial Analysis is undertaken by PMCs to set a Budget and Revenue model. PMCs come up with solutions and help the project team work creatively to come up with solutions too, thereby ensuring Flexibility and Workability during Construction.

PMCs ensure the projects run error-free, on schedule and remove unnecessary wastage through continuous upgradation of technology & refurbished practises. PMCs provide a set of solutions to figure out the most viable e.g., Options are suggested during selection of Chillers, Axial Fans, Transformers, Heat Detectors etc. and a most viable brand to suit the project’s particular needs is recommended.
PMCs ensure Orientation of team members and put people in the right roles to showcase their core genius. The team members are imparted special training and sent to attend educational conferences of BIS / NBC etc. so as to shape and strengthen the way a Project team operates.
PMCs Isolate the previously hidden root causes of the project challenges and Implement action plans to quickly course correct, to achieve the desired outcome. PMCs Put safeguards in place to protect a project from future disruptions e.g. the delivery of Escalator, Elevator, Pump, Thermostats etc. at an appropriate timing.

PMCs ensure that local and natural building materials are used, operate a sewage treatment plant, operate a water treatment plant, selecting a brand / make that reduce the carbon footprint etc..
PMCs ensure that Project professionals educate themselves about green building principles and practices. PMCs ensure that Project professionals work with green building professionals, such as architects, engineers, and contractors who have experience with green building. PMCs ensure that Project professionals use green building materials and technologies on their projects. PMCs assists Project team to identify and implement green building strategies, such as energy efficiency measures, water conservation measures, and the use of recycled materials.
PMCs implement energy-efficient construction practices, such as proper insulation, efficient lighting, and control systems. PMCs also promote resource conservation by minimising construction waste and optimising resource usage.

PMCs ensure real time information sharing, easy access to all the standard processes, Checklists, Working Methodology etc. that is gained while working across various sectors and geographies. Tools like MS Teams, Google Meet and MS Project are integrated with the daily tasks for productivity enhancement. Virtual Coordination Meetings for Design & Construction issues form an integral part of Construction process due to presence of effective PMCs.

The most important aspect of Project Management is Follow up and consistent follow through. PMCs Check-in regularly with team / stake holders to ensure progress is being made as planned. If there are issues & complications, whether it’s on the project team or within the project, then it is the PMC who is responsible to resolve them and redirect the project toward success.
PMCs are strategic partners driving Organisational excellence and Sustainability. PMCs multidimensional impact leaves a lasting imprint on business performance. As Corporates and Businesses navigate today’s dynamic landscape, the guidance and expertise of PMCs remain indispensable for success. The leadership and commitment of PMCs can thus contribute significantly to fostering Green buildings and eventually Sustainable Nation Building.

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