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Interaction – Dheeraj Panda, MD, Ammann India Private Limited February 2024

Our products stand out due to focus on sustainability, efficiency, providing superior performance and user experience.

Ammann being a global company and a customer centric organization, always believes in having its customers at the center of everything that it does, such as continuous improvement process and invent new technologies /upgradation aimed at addressing their operational issues and reducing their total cost of ownership. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, DHEERAJ PANDA, MANAGING DIRECTOR, AMMANN INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, speaks about new launches, technological innovations and a lot more.

The construction equipment industry in India is experiencing substantial growth, driven by infrastructure development and government initiatives. Key trends include sustainability, digitalization, automation, and eco-friendly solutions, shaping the industry’s technological future. There is a growing demand for asphalt plants that are fuel-efficient and capable of using alternative and cleaner fuels. There is also a trend of going for plants capable of using recycled aggregates (hot and cold).

Our company places a strong emphasis on technology, research, design, and innovation. Globally Ammann spends more than 5% of its revenues on Research and Development to stay at the forefront of industry advancements. Sustainability is a key focus, both in our product offerings and operational practices, ensuring a resilient and eco-friendly future thus keeping Ammann always ahead of the technology curve.

We have recently launched several new products featuring cutting-edge technologies during Excon 2023, enhancing performance and efficiency. For example, our ValueTec 260 HRT asphalt plant with up to 60% asphalt recycling is our way of caring for the environment. We also have developed burners which can run on alternate fuels. We had also displayed an electric tandem roller, a mini soil compactor and a mini paver to name a few.

Ongoing technological upgradation driven by R&D is a priority to meet market demands. Our products stand out due to focus on sustainability, efficiency, providing superior performance and user experience.

We actively engage in indigenization efforts, replacing imported components with locally manufactured ones while maintaining quality. Our approach aligns with the ‘Make in India’ initiative, contributing to the nation’s economic growth. We have an indigenization level of 95% in the asphalt, concrete plants and the machines we produce out of our factory at Ditasan, Gujarat. The manufacturing set up comprises of 1.5 mn sqft of built-up area with state-of-the-art machinery that carries out cutting, bending, welding and painting apart from assembly activities. 

The Government can encourage component manufacturers especially MSMEs in capital equipment sector with PLI schemes which will go a long way in making India a manufacturing hub.

Safety, operator comfort, and training are paramount in running complex and advance machines and plants that we offer. We conduct comprehensive training programs to ensure safe and efficient equipment operation during commissioning of our machines and plants at site. We also impart world class training to our customers’ operators, supervisors and managers at Ammann Academy, our state-of-the-art training facility at Ditasan combined with simulated and real life operating experience. All our equipment designs prioritize operator comfort, ergonomics and come with relevant safety features mandated for the application.

Our business is driven by sectors such as road infrastructure, real estate, and urban development. Notable projects where our products have excelled include Ganga Expressway, Samruddhi Mahamarg, Delhi – Mumbai Expressways, NH 66 etc, showcasing reliability and efficiency.

In a price-sensitive market, our strategy focuses on delivering value for money. While cost influences consumer behavior, we differentiate ourselves by offering competitive pricing along with superior product features, quality, and comprehensive after-sales services.

We provide a comprehensive range of after-sales services, including periodic maintenance, operation & maintenance contracts, 24/7 service support, and readily available spare parts through warehouses located across India. We also offer retrofit solutions for mechanical and digital upgrade of asphalt plants and refurbishment solutions for our mechanical and sensor pavers through our workshops. These services ensure optimal equipment performance and longevity.

We collaborate with reputed financial institutions to offer swift and convenient equipment financing options. Competitive rates and flexible terms are key factors that enthuse customers to invest in our equipment. However, when it comes to speed of financing, plants usually take longer for approvals than machines like compactors or pavers. Any reduction in timelines for financing disbursements will positively impact the customers. 

Our outlook for the rentals market is positive, with a growing trend toward equipment rentals for cost-efficiency and project management flexibility. Here we find the market preferring machines over plants for rental equipment. However, the rental markets specially in asphalt plants will take some time to catch up with developed markets like US and Europe where the trend is for large capacity plants supplying aggregates as per recipe to multiple sites nearby. 

The government’s mega infrastructure push is a significant catalyst for industry growth. Streamlined approvals, faster land acquisition, efficient project execution, and conducive policies will further foster industry growth and benefit the construction equipment sector. Flexible project funding options will also go a long way in inviting more private participation in major infra projects. 

The construction equipment industry’s outlook is positive, driven by infrastructure investment and urbanization. Our company is well-positioned to seize opportunities and is committed to innovation, sustainability, and continued growth in line with the government’s initiatives.

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