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Cover Story February 2024

Spotlight – Spartan Engg February 2024

Spartan – A Leading Indian MNC in Construction Equipment, Rental and Car Parking Lifts

Spartan is a Mumbai based leading ISO 9001 2015 certified manufacturer and supplier of Bar Bending Machines, Bar Cutting Machines, Passenger & Material Hoists, Multi-Functional, Material Hoists, Rope Suspended Platforms & Lift Shaft, Stirrup Bending Machines, Spiral Bending Machines, Firemen Evacuation Lifts, Concrete Placer Booms & Car Parking Solutions.

Since its inception in 1971, Spartan Engineering Industries has consistently received a sustained and enthusiastic show of appreciation from customers. This enduring loyalty can be attributed to its

unwavering commitment to unlearning, relearning, upgrading, and evolving over the past five decades. Says Dr. Vikram Mehta, MD, Spartan Engg, “True to the Spartan legacy, the company embodies the spirit of fighters, passionately dedicated to pursuing perfection in every endeavor, thereby crafting compelling narratives of reliability and trust throughout its journey of milestones. For Spartan, the pursuit of Excellence is not merely a destination but an ongoing process that continually enhances its products, services, quality, and relationships.”  Here’s to continuing to exceed its clients’ expectations and eliciting even more smiles through its commitment to delivering beyond what is anticipated.

  • 5000+ Machines onsite every year
  • Exports 25+ countries worldwide
  • 4000+ Satisfied Customers
  • 150+ well trained Engineers & Technicians
  • 30+ National & International Awards


Atgaon factory has a capacity to assemble & manufacture 50 Hoists & 15 Boom Placers per month Separate shed for ‘Truevalue’s’ rental & refurbishment business division.

Well equipped with all the QMS (Quality Management Systems) processes like Kaizen, 5S & ZED.


  • Kalwa Factory has a capacity to manufacture 500 cutting & bending machines.
  • Specialised section for Spare parts for manufactured machines & for spare sales.
  • Well equipped with all the design & quality infrastructure.


  • Bhiwandi factory has a capacity to manufacture 25 hoists & 250 safety devices per month. Efficient assembly, logistics & quality check systems & personnel.

Spartan aims at making a world class manufacturing plant. Spartan’s Managing Director Dr Vikram Mehta is committed to make this dream a reality. Whenever he visits various manufacturing plants across globe, he aims to implement the best practices at Spartan’s Atgaon facility. This has lead in forming “Operational Excellence Apex Committee”. This committee is lead by the CEO, followed by Department heads of Production, Design, Quality, Stores, Purchase and Administration. This committee takes various steps and initiatives to produce the best product in a productive and safe environment. This committee is implementing below mentioned initiatives to make this plant a world class manufacturing plant.

Spartan has been pioneer in designing and developing equipment. Spartan boasts of a team of 30 experienced and expert designers. This team is dedicated for designing, engineering and product development activities. It is well equipped with highly conjured workstations along with latest and advanced design software like Solidworks and AutoCad.

The design engineers study the structural, static & dynamic load requirement, load defection characteristics & working conditions of the end application. Spartan’s design team designs entire structure on the basis of FE Analysis by considering various loading conditions to ensure the life, reliability and safety thereby confirming the structural stability of the product. CE certification safety assessment tests, load test to ensure structural strength, FE Analysis reports of all components and electrical safety test- Low/ High Voltage tests.

Spartan holds NPD (New Product Development) meetings, where each of HOD from various departments like design, production, marketing, customer care, etc. come together to discuss on various successful machines across the globe. These machines are discussed and finalised during NPD meetings and shared with the design team for further development.

Spartan’s Invictus Series of Bar Cutting & Bending Machines have been the most rugged and accurate bending machines found in India. While Spartan is known for its safety and reliability, the bar bending machines offer you the most efficient performance. It is manufactured in the most advanced state of the art manufacturing facility. The rugged design is suitable to work in every site condition in India. You will find Spartan machines working across all major cities in India and also on variety of infrastructure projects across India.

Spartan is the leader in the passenger & material hoist in India, with more than 60% of market share. The company is an expert in vertical transportation. Wide range of hoist model starts from 1 ton capacity to 10 ton capacity to suit your applications and budget. All models are designed & manufactured as per European safety standard. Thus all models are CE certified by international certification agency. Spartan offers Hoists suitable for many applications including Building Construction, pylon bridge construction, underground application, for surveillance tower, for warehouse, Industrial application – Power plant, steel plant and cement plant for Irrigation tunnel and Cargo platform for heavy and volume material. Spartan Hoists comes with latest technology of industrial IoT platform to View and export real-time machine data and alarms as time-series data and charts to help diagnose.

Spartan is amongst the best in Construction Equipment:

At TRUEVALUE – A Division of SPARTAN Engineering Industries Pvt Ltd, the company introduces you to the latest and well-maintained construction equipment that require minimal maintenance. It lets your organization focus on your core business of development or construction rather than dealing with the hassles of asset management, upgrading the technology, cost of ownership, up keeping, maintenance etc.

TRUEVALUE is the fastest growing construction equipment asset management company based in Mumbai. TRUEVALUE  offers a unique service that enables our customers from construction companies, civil contractors, project developers, EPC majors or even individual equipment owners to focus on their core activities leaving hassles of fleet management including emergency maintenance of their fleet to us.

What Truevalue Offers:

  • Operating Lease (Dry / Wet Lease – Tower Crane, Man & Material hoist)
  • Supply chain & Logistic
  • Asset Management (Up-keep / Repair / Spare / Demonstration / Inspection / Refurbishment / Loading & Unloading)
  • Annual maintenance contract.
  • Operation & maintenance.
  • Trained Operator with equipment.
  • Warehouse Service

Spartan has introduced yet other offering to the construction Industry in terms of Automated Car Parking Systems. As a trusted provider of innovative solutions in the construction industry, the company is excited to extend its offerings to Builders & Developers.

Spartan Engineering Industries has always strived to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of its clients. With the increasing demand for efficient and secure parking facilities, the company recognized an opportunity to leverage its expertise and provide a comprehensive range of car parking solutions tailored specifically for the construction industry.

The Car Parking System division specializes in designing, implementing, and maintaining advanced parking systems that maximize space utilization, enhance security, and improve overall efficiency. Whether you are working on residential, commercial, or mixed-use projects, we have the expertise to deliver customized solutions that meet your unique requirements. Spartan has all kind of Car parking Systems with customised solutions too.

Type Of Parking Systems

  • Stack Parking
  • Puzzle Parking
  • Tower Parking
  • Car Lift
  • Bike Stacker

For last 3 years, Spartan has successfully spread its wings beyond India. Spartan has signed dealership agreements with renowned brands in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, etc. for construction equipment and plans to expand it’s presence in around 25 countries.

Spartan has always been aggressive & dynamic when it comes to capturing the market share. After being a national Indian leader in the construction equipment manufacturing industry, it is now eying the international markets. Spartan aims to have its presence in 25 countries till the year 2027. Starting in the year 2022, Spartan now boasts of having its own office in Dubai. A highly experienced professional and expert of this industry is now heading our UAE market. He would be responsible for all the business growth in UAE and Spartan is sure to attain leadership in coming few years in this region.

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