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Spotlight – APL Apollo

Apollo Box Sections for Railways stations

The Biggest Revolution, Ready to build 500 x 500 mm Box Section from APL APPOLO TUBES

The Indian Government is undertaking several initiatives to upgrade its aging railway infrastructure and enhance its quality of services. The scheme of station redevelopment is in synergy with the Smart City Project launched by the GOI. Currently, RLDA is focusing on the redevelopment of 155 railway stations in various cities in next 2-5 years.


The main concern while redeveloping any railway station is the duration of the project. The project execution needs to be really fast, as the operations of the stations cannot be stopped for too long. To ensure faster execution of the project, easier fabrication and erection is required so that there is minimum disturbance to the regular operations of the station.

How APL Apollo Can help?

To revolutionise the construction industry and to make the construction faster and better, APL Apollo came up with a ‘Nayi Soch’ that can transform the future of building and construction with its exclusive range of heavy structural tubular products. Steel Building Solutions technology and Apollo Column tubes are known as the heart of Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) due to its faster speed of project completion, superior quality, strength, cost effectiveness and eco-friendliness.

With the help of APL Apollo’s wide range of structural steel tubes everything can be built on Tubular sections (Hollow Steel Sections) which saves time and the fabrication gets much easier. Minimal or no on-ground fabrication is required as it is pre-fabricated, precisely engineered and cut to length which speeds up the entire process.

APL Apollo for Railways

Recently, APL Apollo has come up with another innovation, a much needed solution, which is, ready box sections of 500×500 mm up to 20 mm thickness. These box sections were earlier made manually, heavy plates were transported, stored, cut and welded from all the four sides, which increased the overall time of the project. Increase in project duration led to increase in the overall project cost, while compromising the quality. Now, these ready box sections are available in nick of time with APL APOLLO’s cutting edge technology, with no compromise in quality. APL APOLLO’s world class technology has a capacity of producing 500 tons of box sections in a day in cut to length sizes, with better quality, minimum wastage and less lead time.

Project Case Study

In Andhra Pradesh, a railway station is being redeveloped with total area of 1,54,000 sqft which is divided into concourse and roof area (with the larger span of 35 meters). To optimize the structure of the railway station, studies were done in both conventional structural built up steel and tubular steel technology.

According to studies, the total tonnage in the built-up structures was 1700 tonnes; however, using tubular technology, APL APOLLO was able to reduce the consumption to 1477 tonnes. This is 15% less steel which will help in reduction of overall project cost.

Moreover, Built-up sections have harsh edges and require encasing with concrete/gypsum board, which increases the execution time. On the contrary, in case of structural tubes such encasing is not required as they have smoother edges and are aesthetically appealing.

To make the execution of the project faster, APL APOLLO uses its direct Forming Technology which provides customized, cut-to-length sizes to the client, making it more convenient to fabricate and install. This reduces the fabrication time drastically as there is no on-site fabrication required, making the construction easier and faster.


Structural steel tubes (hollow steel sections) have better weight to strength ratio compared to built-up sections. The tubes can revolutionise construction in two ways,

  1. Reduction in steel consumption and project cost
  2. Increase the speed of the construction

Structural steel tubes can be used to build any structure for housing, hospitals, railway stations, warehouses, data centres, and schools.

For more details contact:    

Email: info@aplapollo.com 

Website: www.aplapollo.com

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