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Spotlight – Putzmeister Group

Putzmeister Group Showcases the Today, the Tomorrow and The Future of Concrete Construction at bauma 2022

Putzmeister Group showcased a range of innovations in concrete construction equipment at the recently concluded bauma 2022 in Munich, Germany. Putzmeister Group showcased a range of innovations in concrete construction equipment at the recently concluded bauma 2022 in Munich, Germany.

Concrete pumping with zero emissions – with the innovative hybrid iONTRON Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

The iONTRON makes it easy to work in an environmentally friendly manner: Simply unwind the cable, plug it in and utilise the power supply on the construction site (125 A). Machine operators only need to a brief instruction and can then connect the power supply themselves. Switching from the familiar diesel drive to electric mode is also very simple and can be done during operation. Simply press a button to utilise the full power of the electric motor – from the support configuration right through to pumping concrete. Depending on the local electricity mix, this makes it possible to reduce emissions by up to 100 per cent. Operating the truck-mounted concrete pump remains just as intuitive for the machine operator, whether the machine is running in diesel or electric mode.

Efficient and economical concrete walls from the 3D printer KARLOS

A highly innovative combination of a mobile concrete pump and precise robot technology, KARLOS can help build concrete wall without any conventional formwork and with classic standard concrete. KARLOS allows for a quick set-up on the construction site and a highly automated creation of walls. This not only reduces manual labor and safety risks on the construction site, but also enables more efficient and time-saving construction compared to conventional construction methods. In addition, the use of standard concrete with a maximum grain size of 8 mm, which can be supplied from conventional ready-mix concrete plants, creates considerable potential in terms of the cost-effectiveness of the manufacturing process. KARLOS operates fully electrically and with low emissions on the construction site and creates the possibility to use CO2-reduced concrete formulations.

Precast Automation 4.0

In recent years, Putzmeister has focused on developing future-oriented, resource-optimised, modular and efficient system concepts for the precast industry. The company presented solutions that can be tailored exactly to the needs of the customers. A wide variety of pumpable concretes can be processed into prefabricated elements with a consistently high concrete quality – and this can even be automated to the greatest possible extent. The Putzmeister range extends from systems with stationary placing booms, systems for filling battery formwork using formwork adapters to systems in which the pump delivers into the concrete distributor. Putzmeister also offers the mobile Autocor solution.

100 % electric iONTRON eMixer

The iONTRON eMixer is based on a SANY electric chassis and is 100 % electrically powered. The battery charge of the iONTRON eMixer lasts a whole working day in urban areas – with around 5-6 tours! The innovative battery technology with a capacity of 350 kWh makes this possible. If more trips are planned, it can simply be charged in between. The mixer recovers its full power overnight by charging at a DC charging station (63A-125A, CCS Combo2 charging pistol).

For more details contact :

Email: marketing.india@putzmeister.com

Website: www.bauma.putzmeister.com

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