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Comansa the Pioneers of Flat Top Technology in Tower Cranes

Indian Tower Crane Industry has witnessed a cyclic growth in recent past years with the total crane market close to yearly 450 Tower cranes in pre covid years and is inching close to reaching  almost  same levels in post covid year 2022. These figures shows the Tower crane usage returning to normalacy indicating the rise in demand in Indian real estate market which is the main driving force for growth of Tower Cranes Industry in India.

Since Pre cast construction & composite strutures concept gaining popularity & acceptance in building construction over the years. These concept   has inevitably increased demand for  bigger capacity tower Crane in Indian market. Precast methodology has the capacity to meet the demand for rising commercial as well as housing space and timely handover of the projects as required by RERA.Even the rise in composite building construction trends, the demand for Tower Cranes in higher capacity range has gone up as heavy prefabricated structure requires bigger capacity cranes to install.

In recent trends  Indian Tower Crane market has witnessed shifts towards bigger capacity Tower cranes with Luffing Jib features specially in metro cities where in limited space restrictioons, precast or composite building construction challenges are to be addressed. Luffing Jib cranes in the capacity range of 18-24 Tons are in demand to meet the construction challenges in restricted spaces specially in congested Indian Metro cities.

Recently Comansa expanded its Luffing Jib cranes range by  launching new hydraulic luffing Jib Tower Crane model LCH 300 in recently held BAUMA at MUNICH, GERMANY from 24 Oct to 30 Oct 2022. LCH 300 is available in various verions embeded/Cross base & Travelling having capacity range of 16 Ton with a jib reach of 60 meters. With the introduction of this model, Luffing mechanism is optimised to offer greater performance.

Recently Indian Tower crane industry has been witnessing a paradigm shift towards rental crane rather than to purchase.This shift is largely attributed to load dynamics especially in precast construction & composit construction. The load dynamics requires cranes with different capacity which is becoming difficult even for corporate companies to procure new cranes for new projects which are of shorter duration. Hence even the corporate companies are resorting to rental option firstly because of reduced project timelines & projects cost limtations which helps customers to meet the targets with in project  budgets.

Comansa has achieved another milestone by launching a new system  called Telematics which enables  crane owners to monitor & manage their fletts effectively , hence help them  improve safety & productivity of the cranes. This sytem has been highly useful for those crane owners who owns larger fleets of the cranes where real time monitoring of the cranes operatuon is needed, This sytem enables crane owners to monitor crane data on real time basis.

Escorts Kubota Limited (Formerly Escorts Limited) have partenered with Comansa,  a  globally renowned Spanish Tower Crane manufacturer in 2009 who is pioneer in Flat top Tower crane Technology.  Comansa Tower  Crane has a very strong presence in India in last few years where demand for bigger capacity cranes is on rise. Comansa Cranes with manufacturing standards compliant to European FEM 1.001 and EN 14439 are very robust and reliable catering to customers needs. Comansa’s fleet of Tower cranes in capacity range of 18 Ton to 50 Tons are very much in demand as this range of products are most suitable to latest precast concept trends in Indian Construction Industry.

Comansa cranes offers highest degree  of operational standards with all operations  controlled by Variable frequency drives where speed controls and transitions are very smooth and jerkless. Comansa uses drives from Bonfiglioli, Germany in all its drives which not only ensures safe operations of cranes but also optimum efficiency of the machine. Modularity of components is one unique feature where crane capacity is upgraded with minimum cost hence highly beneficial for rental companies. Power lift  is another unique feature of Comansa tower Cranes which improves the moment and load curve by 10 % more, hence offers customers extra flexibility in terms of outwards movement  of loads over jib but with lower speeds. Level Luffing is exclusive features of Comansa tower Cranes where load movement is locked and Jib Luffing is allowed to desired level which is very much in requirement at ship repair facilities and high end repair workshops. Hoist rope fall autochangeover makes Comansa tower Cranes different from its competitors as this mechanism is excellent feature which is highly beneficial for customers where lifting loads are varying and this feature ensures crane efficiency is utilised to its optimum as this ensures lighter loads are lifted at higher speed and heavier loads at slower speeds. Crane operator can effect this  rope fall autochangeover with just a  click of a button sitting inside the cabin itself.  Crane telescoping from all directions is special feature available in Comansa tower crane. This cutting edge design of the telescoping feature places comansa tower cranes in a special category to meet customers needs for changes in building planning at later stage of the construction.

Comansa Tower Cranes are designed for safe operations of the crane. Hoisting movements are controlled by limit switches mounted over dynametric rings which compress and decompresses with the load movement and ensures crane operations manuevers with in adjusted safe working parameters. Visual display in operators cabin with all crane parameters displayed ensues the operator of safe operations of crane. Variable frequency drives with PLC controls not only  reduces complexity  of electrical circuits but also ensures crane attains maximum possible speed depending upon lifted load and ensures smooth operations of mechanism. Slowdown and cutoff features in all  limit switches operations ensures to overcome human error to avoid extensive damage at some point of time if there is any possibility of human error.

Since Tower Cranes being highly specialised field and hence challenging job to have trained and experienced Engineers to extend aftermarket support. But we at Escorts believe in  concept of train , retain and grow and based on our this concept we have engaged a team of very highly skilled engineers to support our product. We also keep updating our Engineers by imparting training with the latest development in tower crane features.

We can’t deny the fact that India is a very price sensitive market but at the same time Tower crane being a very special product which requires highest safety norms , we succeeded to great extend to convine customers about the possible outcomes of unsafe product.

Since implementation of RERA, pressure is mounted over developers to complete the project in time frame and hence project duration is reduced. Also a paradigm shift in thinking of the developers is seen where they think about the short term rather than long term prospect of product life cycle. This change has paved way for rental options of the machines rather than purchase, hence in the recent past we have observed a phenomenal growth of the rental Industry. Future of rental Industry seems very bright in India.

With the stable Central  Government  in place in India, we expect a phenomenal growth momentum in the field of infrastructure, power, energy  and this growth is expected to be visible in tier II cities where we have observed previously unseen levels of development and Tower Cranes market  is expected to grow by 20% from existing nescent stage.

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