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Cover Story March 2023

Interaction – Vishwesh Rai, GM, Dynapac Road Construction Equipment

Dynapac is the first manufacturer to offer the first optimized design of eccentric system for rollers

Dynapac started manufacturing of soil compactors in India in 2008 and has since expanded the range to a full line of soil compactors and asphalt rollers to support the Indian and export markets. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, VISHWESH RAI, GENERAL MANAGER, DYNAPAC ROAD CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT (INDIA) PVT. LTD, speaks about the latest trends, his company’s offerings, major demand drivers and a lot more.

Briefly give us an overview of the road construction equipment industry, the latest trends, current business drivers? What are the road equipment currently most in demand? 

Considering General election 2024, I expect that there will be a demand for equipment sales due to new upcoming projects like 6-8 lane expressways, greenfield projects, airport expansions etc.

As compactors are the most basic equipment required for road building, this segment is expected to grow with higher productivity machines with higher tonnage of soil rollers of 13 ton – 15 ton range.

Owing to the accelerated spending by means of government for high class roads and highways for rapid movement of products and passengers , smart city initiatives are creating demand for Compactors & Asphalt pavers.

How do you expect the market to shape up for the compaction equipment industry. What sort of government policies or measures will foster growth for the infra industry at large thereby propel the growth of CE industry.

Yes emerging demand of compaction equipment clearly shows the effort of government initiatives towards building a World class infrastructure. Government initiative puts greater focus on all transport infrastructure improvement with a master plan to build world class infrastructure. This plan wants to build national highways and expressways that will propel greater need for quality equipment with world class service.

We also see the government commitment towards technology to deliver more energy efficient solution, where we also see initiatives in our group to create development in this area with Z. ERA products.

Please provide details on your emphasis on technology, research, design and innovation?  What are the advancements you have introduced or plan to introduce?

In current scenario it is demand of time that we need innovations for speedy and quality road construction. Dynapac has inherited culture of continuous improvement & innovation for superior performance & reliability. Our equipment is designed to perform and built to last in terms of low cost of ownership, quality results, high productivity, Jobsite confidence & excellent serviceability. In compactors we have optimized eccentricity for better fuel efficiency & economy. Dynapac was the first to introduce the efficient eccentrics system to the market in 2016. Dynapac equipment are equipped with high degree of intelligent compaction system.

In compactors we have optimized eccentricity for better fuel efficiency & economy. Dynapac is the first manufacturer to offer the first optimized design of eccentric system for rollers. This design is optimized for maximum performance, low fuel consumption and minimum environmental impact. Almost 11 kW less power is required to initiate the vibratory action, reducing energy consumption at start-up by 50% and thus using less fuel. Dynapac equipment are equipped with high degree of intelligent compaction system.

Parallelly, we provide compaction meter which reduces the inspection period of checking density, eliminates the chances of double bouncing and over compaction. Compaction Meter can also be used as initial proof if the compacted area is homogeneous and there is no organic material in the lower layers.

Dynapac CompBase software bases the selection of machine and method on the material to be compacted. The software provides information on the expected depth effect and degree of compaction after any given number of passes. Accordingly compactor is designed with a higher static linear load and optimized engine power which reduces fuel consumption and desired density is achieved in fewer passes.

Dynapac Seismic technology automatically detects the frequency of the soil characteristics, works together with it, and applies the correct amount of energy exactly when required.  Dynapac Seismic will reduce fuel consumption, eliminate any unnecessary wear and tear and even reduce the number of passes required to reach the optimum compaction.

Dynapac equipment also comes with best-in-class static linear load. Higher static linear load plays a significant role in achieving desired density and stiffness earlier with low number of passes. Hence providing an advantage of saving time and fuel.

Aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator.

Dynapac Aftermarket focusing to achieve highest uptime for all the pavers & compactors through our wide range of dealer network across India. We also have central warehouse located at Pune to support the Country,  followed by dealer warehouses spread across each state within India.

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