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Cover Story April 2024

Interaction – Puneet Vidyarthi, Head of Marketing and Business Development, India & SAARC, Case Construction Equipment April 2024

CASE has always been a technology first brand and it is products are replete with advanced features. The company strives to create products that can ease the work and provide power, productivityand efficiency. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, PUNEET VIDYARTHI –HEAD OF MARKETING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, INDIA & SAARC – CASE CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT, speaks about the latest trends, his company’s motor graders, future outlook and a lot more.

When it comes to infrastructure development, it’s important to highlight various government initiatives that directly impact the demand for construction equipment in India. In 2024, a substantial portion of the demand for motor graders will stem from ongoing infrastructure projects, particularly greenfield long road and widening projects.

The government’s emphasis on programs like Bharatmala and Sagarmala ensures a consistent need for construction machinery such as motor graders. The Gati Shakti master plan is already expediting highway and expressway endeavours, complemented by the expansion of national highways. Amidst the continued implementation of Sagarmala, the initiation of multiple greenfield expressways, and various upcoming projects, there’s a positive outlook for the equipment market in the near term. However, the demand forecast might be influenced by several factors, including prolonged payment cycles from main project developers to contractors and sub-contractors, potentially leading to financial problems for construction companies and affecting their investments in new projects. Additionally, the forthcoming general elections could temporarily slow down the announcement and commencement of new road projects. Nevertheless, there’s a strong emphasis on completing existing greenfield construction and widening projects.

Though there might be a potential impact of rising fuel and equipment import cost which can affect the ongoing infrastructure activities but overall, the favourable growth trajectory in infrastructure projects is expected to drive the utilisation of motor graders in the upcoming quarters.

CASE Construction has a range of motor graders including the C-series models such as the 845C and 865C, these models provide horsepower options from 150HP to 220HP. These graders come with a robust FPT 6.7L turbocharged engine and feature an intelligent hydraulic system with a load sensor for improved operator comfort and productivity. Variable power control allows operators to fine-tune the machine’s output for diverse mining applications, all while maintaining a fuel-efficient engine speed of 220 rpm.

The 845C Motor Grader focuses on enhancing operator comfort with facilities like an adjustable suspension vinyl seat, user-friendly controls, and an electronic information centre for essential data. In response to changing regulations and market needs, CASE India aims to broaden its product range to meet evolving horsepower demands, thereby supporting the construction industry’s growth.

CASE Graders prioritise ease of use, safety, engine dependability, and cost-effectiveness. By integrating cutting-edge technology, these machines boost efficiency while ensuring operator safety.

At CASE, prioritising the safety of both equipment and operators stands as the cornerstone of our company ethos. Our Motor Graders are meticulously engineered with safety as a primary focus, integrating advanced controls, secure cabins with excellent visibility, and intuitive consoles for seamless operation. This commitment to user-friendly design fosters a secure working environment.

Furthermore, our state-of-the-art technology incorporates additional safety features such as remote diagnosis and monitoring. Our motor graders are equipped with a unique trip metre on the dashboard, continuously tracking crucial metrics such as fuel consumption, operational hours, and temperatures. This innovative functionality not only elevates safety standards but also simplifies machine management.

Beyond safety considerations, our motor graders boast exceptional versatility, enhancing productivity and cost-effectiveness across diverse operating conditions. This holistic approach ensures that CASE Graders not only adhere to stringent safety protocols but also deliver peak performance in varied operational environments.

The ‘Make in India’ programme by the Government of India has had a significant impact on the construction equipment sector. It has incentivized companies to manufacture their products locally, leading to job creation, initial independence on import, cost reduction and overall growth of the sector.

The ‘Make in India’ initiative has played an important role in the construction equipment OEMs to invest in local manufacturing operations, thereby improving production processes, and elevating product quality. Consequently, construction machinery manufactured in India has gained global competitiveness by delivering high-quality products that meet global standards.

CASE Construction Equipment completely embraces and supports the ‘Make in India’ program, having operated manufacturing facilities within India for over three decades. Moreover, as part of our business approach, we collaborate with domestic suppliers to procure the majority of components locally, enabling us to consistently maintain a steady and reliable manufacturing presence in India for the global market.

There has been a discernible pattern of fluctuation in construction and infrastructure activities in the country during election periods. The pre-election and post-election phases typically witness bullish trends, while there tends to be a surge in infrastructure projects prior to elections. This surge is often driven by incumbent governments prioritizing road repairs and maintenance to showcase their accomplishments. Such trends have historically led to a robust cycle within the industry.  However, this year presents a unique situation. While one would traditionally expect a slowdown due to elections, there are other factors contributing to the landscape. Notably, the impending transition to Stage 5 emission norms, effective from 1st January 2025, is looming over the construction equipment sector. This transition is crucial for the industry, albeit primarily impacting the tractor industry. In light of this, CASE Construction Equipment’s commitment to innovation, product versatility, and sustainability takes on added significance. Adapting product development efforts to align with evolving infrastructure needs becomes even more imperative, considering the impending regulatory changes. Integrating cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices not only enhances productivity and efficiency but also ensures compliance with the upcoming emission norms.

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