Sunday, May 26, 2024

Tremco February 2023

We are continuously developing and launching new technologies and high-performance products in market for the benefit of customers Tremco Construction Products Group (CPG) in India is a market leader in the manufacturing of seamless industrial and commercial resin Flooring solutions, waterproofing, roofing with insulation, systems for joints & durable sealants, admixtures, repair products, curing compounds, […]

Assess Build Chem February 2023

The USP of our solutions is that we recommend an entire system as opposed to only a single product Assess Build Chem Private Limited provides Modern construction chemical solutions such as Admixtures, Concreting Aids, Waterproofing, Repairs, Protection, Flooring and Specialty Materials for application in Building Construction, Infrastructure (roads, airports, ports, railways), Water and Wastewater Treatment, […]

Waterproofing Chemical February 2023

A STRONG BOND Construction chemicals have been proving their worth in speeding up the process of strengthening and extending the life of structures in new or current construction projects. These chemicals, such as adhesives, cementitious materials, waterproofing chemicals, sanding grout, and chemicals for structural maintenance and repair, enhance the functionality, effectiveness, and security of a […]