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Cover Story June 2024

Spotlight – Wirtgen Group June 2024

KLEEMANN machines exceptional performance and productivity at Pirana landfill site, Ahmedabad.

The total waste generated by any country is calculated on the basis of per capita waste generation. As per the latest estimate by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change, we generate more than 1 lakhs of waste in India per day considering 0.3 kg per capita per day for small cities and 0.5 kg per capita per day for large cites.
As per the latest Swachh Bharat Mision Dashboard for Urban (, more than 1.32 lakhs of waste is generated under Solid Waste management calculation. These numbers are stageering and hence there is a lot of scope for waste management in India.

Kleemann MOBISCREEN MS 952 is double deck classifying screen equipped with 9.5 sq.m. screen casing. It has the best in class feeding capcity of up to 500 tph.
It is assembled in the WIRTGEN INDIA Pune manufacturing facility and is also exported across the globe.

  • Large Screening Area (9.5 square meter). Helps in good quality segregation and high productivity.
  • Dual Power Option to operate with electricity if available.
  • Short planning and installation time.
  • Four different screen inclination angles for operations between 20 to 35 degree is available for selection provides flexibility.
  • Service: – Low maintenance and service friendly operation.
  • Amplitude: – Flexibility to change the Amplitude as per the applica-tion demands.
  • Control System: – Intuitive, Simple and Operator friendly.
  • Cleaning: – Good Accessibility to both top deck and bottom deck along with punch plates on top helps in quick and easy cleaning.
  • Transport: – Quick and easy folding of conveyor helps in quick setup time.
  • Discharge Height: – Wider Conveyor Higher Discharge heights help in making bigger stockpile & eliminates the frequent loader usages.

Ahmedabad Pirana landfill site is one of biggest dumpsites in India. Locally known as “kachre ka dhakla (hill of garbage)”, it’s a massive mound of gar-bage spread over 84 hectares (207.569 acres) of land and reaching a height of over 200 metres. It has been the city’s sole repository of garbage since the 1980s. Legacy waste accumulated at this site is around 1.24 crores MTs. It had 40 trommels installed and it is running in one shift. Total combined output of the trommels is 4000-4500 MTs. per day.
Last year from November 5, KLEEMANN machines were deployed at this landfill site. Kleemann mobile screens have increased the processing capacity from existing 4000 MTs per day to 10000 MTs per day, since then, these 5 KLEEMANN screens in 9 months have helped to process 1.35 million MTs in just 9 months while running in single shift.

We have been using four MS 952 EVO mobile screens for Biomining Application since Feb. 2021 at Pirana dumpsite, Ah-medabad. These mobile screens have been exceptional in performance and productivity. By August 2021, we were able to clear 7,20,000 MTs of waste with the help of these four screens at an av-erage of 1000 TPD per screen. These machines have passed the test of time and conditions with flying colours and are worth of every money invested as they helped us achieve our target well within the stipulated time. We are very pleased with the exemplary service provided by the customer support team. We are very honoured with our association with the Wirtgen Group. Neelraj N. Varsani, Owner, Neel Steel

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