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Cover Story March 2024

Interaction – Shalabh Chaturvedi, Managing Director, Case Construction Equipment – India & SAARC Region March 2024

Our firm offers a robust range of advanced road construction equipment

CASE India is a pioneer for its full line of powerful and robust equipment for road construction, innovative technology and customer service in India. The company has an extensive network of 70 dealers and 200 touch points spanning the length and breadth of the country to support the products with spares and service even in remote locations. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, SHALABH CHATURVEDI, MANAGING DIRECTOR, CASE CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT – INDIA & SAARC REGION, speaks about the status of the road construction equipment industry, product offerings, emphasis on technology, after market services and a lot more.

As we are steering towards Viksit Bharat, government-led infrastructure project serve as diverse pathways to achieve our goals. Developing multi modal connectivity, including highways will not only increase the scope of businesses, but also will help in job creations. Both the factors are very essential for a developed country. Furthermore, the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat can also be fulfilled by increasing the scope for trade.

Despite the growth opportunities in the construction sector, addressing the shortage of skilled workforce is crucial. The valued workforce’s skill gap can lead to project delays and potential damage to machinery and accidents. Prioritizing the resolution of this deficit is essential for ensuring a smooth flow of work on mega projects.

Our vision at CASE, seamlessly aligns with the vision of the government. We have taken several initiatives on skill development, notably ‘Hunar’, which helps the labourers to enhance their skills and add value to the continuous effort of the government to make India a developed nation.

The construction equipment industry is flourishing with the time. The large ongoing government projects, increase the scope of the business, resulting in growing demand of the same. An ongoing trend in the CE sector is the continuous integration of new technologies in equipment to make it smarter and customer-driven. Starting from advanced Telematics in the construction machineries to Automation, the sector is expanding its variations and upgrading day by day. Furthermore, the latest emission standard, BS (CEV) V is also adopted by the leading players of the construction equipment industry. We are proud to mention that CASE is at the forefront in this adoption. We are optimistic and ready to welcome the upcoming tech-driven and sustainable industry.

Our firm offers a robust range of advanced road construction equipment. This includes the CASE 952EX Tandem Vibratory Compactor, boasting an electronically turbocharged engine. With variable horsepower options and advanced emission control technology, it excels in road compaction. The 770 NXe Loader Backhoe, featuring an Electro-Hydraulics pump and FPT S8000 engine, ensures remarkable fuel efficiency, catering to diverse needs in three operating modes. The CASE EX Series Loader Backhoe (770EX and 770EX Plus) with an H4C4 electronic engine delivers potent performance, fuel savings, and structural robustness. CASE India also offers a range of motor graders, including the C-series models such as the 845C and 865C, which provide a wide horsepower range from 150HP to 220HP. These graders are designed to handle various terrains and grading tasks effectively. Each machine reflects our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and operator well-being.

CASE’s 770EX Loader Backhoe, represent a pinnacle in construction equipment, prioritizing key features to elevate safety, operator comfort, and environmental consciousness during road construction operations. Dedicated to safeguarding both operators and the surrounding environment, our machines are fortified with advanced safety measures, including an extensive audio-visual warning system with 10 audible and 9 visual warning system and cutting-edge telematics for real-time monitoring. Furthermore, CASE’s 845C Motor Grader is thoughtfully designed to provide operators with a comfortable working environment. The ROPS/FOPS open cab features an adjustable suspension vinyl seat and user-friendly operator controls, all aimed at improving accessibility and ensuring unobstructed visibility. The electronic information center provides crucial data, including tachometer readings, transmission modes, engine cooling temperature, fuel levels and consumption, and engine and transmission diagnostics.

Moreover, our commitment extends to environmentally conscious practices, featuring Eco Mode and Auto Idle functionalities in our some of the machines. Eco Mode not only optimizes fuel efficiency but also reduces the environmental impact of our equipment, while Auto Idle contributes to a quieter working environment. This comprehensive approach to safety, operator comfort, and environmental responsibility not only sets new industry standards but also ensures cost efficiency through reduced downtime, enhanced fuel efficiency, and prolonged equipment life.

At CASE, our Aftermarket services have been significantly bolstered through the strategic incorporation of cutting-edge technologies. With a network comprising 70 dealers and 200 touchpoints, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional support to our valued customers.

The implementation of digital connectivity and monitoring solutions allows for real-time assessment of machine health, facilitating proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime. Data analytics plays a pivotal role in predicting maintenance needs, ensuring timely preventive measures and reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns. Our advanced inventory management systems optimize the availability of replacement parts, contributing to faster turnaround times for repairs and services. Engaging customers through digital platforms enhances communication, allowing for seamless scheduling of services and access to pertinent information.

The recent launch of FLEETPRO, a brand exclusively catering to existing CASE customers for Parts and Service demands, further exemplifies our dedication to providing comprehensive aftermarket solutions. These technological advancements collectively reinforce our position as a leader in the industry, ensuring that CASE continues to deliver exceptional support and peace of mind to our customers throughout India.

Understanding the financial considerations our customers face, we offer various financing options through our in-house retail finance company, ‘CNH Capital.’ These flexible financing solutions are designed to alleviate economic strain and make acquiring our equipment more accessible. In line with our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions, we have introduced a dedicated value line platform under CNH Industrial. Furthermore, all our equipment come with a base warranty of 1 year. To further support our customers, we have implemented programs such as ‘CASE Protect’ and ‘CASE Care,’ which provide various extended warranties and service packages. These initiatives are designed to give our customers peace of mind, knowing that they have additional layers of protection and financial support throughout the lifecycle of their equipment.

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