Thursday, June 20, 2024

Guest Article – Shamrin Jalal, Marketing Manager, Conmach Solution

Conmach Solution: Elevating the Precast Concrete Industry with Cutting-Edge Lifting Equipment As the precast concrete market continues to grow at an impressive rate, driven by investments in infrastructure development projects, the demand for high-quality lifting equipment has become crucial. The Asia Pacific region, in particular, is witnessing significant growth in infrastructure investments, leading to increased […]

Spotlight – Elematic July 2023

Mega project showcases the potential of precast in India Asia’s tallest precast towers with a total planned Built up Area of 3.7 million square meters are stretching toward the sky in Hyderabad, Telangana State, India. My Home Construction chose Elematic as its structural design partner and equipment supplier for this monumental Hyderabad’s two 43-story, 180-meter […]

Interaction – Kapilesh Bhate, MD, Precast India Connections July 2023

The PIC will SAVE our customers money, Directly, as well as Indirectly. Precast India Connections is a new venture from the team of Precast India Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. Precast India has conceived, innovated and patented a method of achieving a dowel sleeve connection even in the horizontal direction and launched the Precast India Connector (PIC). […]

Precast Concrete & Equipment July 2023

Precast Concrete & Equipment – Imparting Strength & Longevity Owing to its inherent properties including preparing, casting, and curing concrete using a reusable mold in a controlled environment, precast concrete is more economical and practical in nature as compared to in-situ concrete and offers easy installation, transportation, and modification. It also offers dimensional accuracy and […]