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Report – Wirtgen India August 2023

Vögele – Two steps ahead: the Vögele Dash 5 road pavers

The future in road building is here with Vögele’s latest-generation SUPER 1900-5(i) and SUPER 2100-5(i) Road Pavers. These Highway Class pavers are the best in class whether on highways or handling other demanding large-scale projects. The SUPER 1900-5(i) manages pave widths between 2.55 m and 11.5 m, the SUPER 2100-5(i) up to 14 m. Both Dash 5 pavers are convincing products featuring a flexible, modular system which takes particular account of economy and sustainability as well as of ease of use and process automation.

More convenience and safety for users

Vögele has made user requirements a key focus of development, resulting in further optimisation of the ErgoPlus operating concept which, with its touchscreen and smartphone shelf, delivers even greater convenience for digital road construction. The control unit positioned on the screed allows all the initial steps – such as switching on lights, starting the diesel engine, booting up the machine control system, putting up the hardtop and locking it in position, as well as lowering the screed – to be performed safely and conveniently from ground level. This promotes safety and saves time, as the paver operator cannot forget to lock the hardtop in position and can start heating the screed as soon as he has arrived on the paver operator’s platform.

Into the future with automation

The automation of processes has been intensified in the SUPER 1900-5(i) and SUPER 2100-5(i) road pavers using assistance and control systems. Process automation not only prevents paving errors, it considerably increases efficiency as well as paving quality.

Quickly ready for operation, profitable whilst being economical

Given the rise in raw material prices, economy is also becoming more and more of a factor in the success of road construction, which is why with its Dash 5 pavers, Vögele has ensured reduced setup times, improved logistics and increased machine availability. The new material handling control prevents load peaks and facilitates an optimum head of mix in front of the screed throughout the entire paving process. The hydraulically extending limiting plates for the auger tunnel ensure an optimum level of material in front of the screed, even with hydraulic extensions fully extended.

Optimised Vögele EcoPlus low-emissions package

Both pavers are equipped with a powerful, liquid-cooled 6-cylinder diesel engine from John Deere. This ensures that in line with our motto “Close to our customers”, road construction companies get services from a single source. ECO mode, which is adequate for many jobs, reduces costs and facilitates particularly low-noise operation. The new Dash 5 pavers are also equipped with a further optimised Vögele EcoPlus low-emissions package. The tried and tested functions of the Dash 3 generation, such as the splitter gearbox, the energy-optimised tamper drive and the controlled hydraulic oil temperature circuit, can still be found in the Dash 5 machines.

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