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Cover Story May 2024

Interaction – V. G. Sakthikumar, CMD, Schwing Stetter May 2024

Schwing Stetter India is well known for introducing path breaking products, the company with its “Customer-first” approach to doing business keeps churning out technologically advanced products that are robust, fuel efficient and full value for money. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, V. G. SAKTHIKUMAR, CMD, SCHWING STETTER INDIA PVT LTD, gives an overview on the latest trends, his company’s range of mini excavators, after market services and a lot more.

The current market dynamics facilitate the sale of approximately 1100 to 1200 units of mini-excavators in 2024. We believe that with the rising market trends and requirements the number of units can go up to 1700 by 2025. The mini-excavator market is purely a product and performance-oriented market that receives most of its consumption from the demands of the rural construction sector. The major consumer of mini-excavators is the South Indian market but with the wide range of applications of the product, we are receiving more and more attention from the Pan-Indian market.

SCHWING Stetter India recently introduced the ‘U’ series of mini-excavators, which includes the 20U, 28U, and 38U models with payload capacities of 2 tons, 2.8 tons, and 3.8 tons respectively. These machines cater primarily to the agricultural, rural construction, and landscaping sectors. Each model is designed for specific applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Our continuous innovation and understanding of market demands have led to these latest additions, reinforcing our commitment to providing state-of-the-art construction equipment.

The modern revolution in the construction industry demands the integration of telematics, IoT, and other Industry 4.0 components. Our mid-range and standard-sized excavators are equipped with these advanced features, and our mini-excavators can also be customized to include these technologies based on customer requirements. This capability distinguishes our equipment from competitors by offering superior performance, real-time monitoring, and enhanced operational efficiency, ensuring our customers stay ahead in the construction landscape.

Safety, operator comfort, and ease of operations are paramount at SCHWING Stetter India. Our newly launched ‘U’ series mini-excavators include features such as a canopy or cabin, rear camera, and other add-ons designed to ensure operator safety and comfort. We focus on ergonomics and integrated performance backed by safety measures, ensuring a secure and productive work environment for operators across all job sites.

At SCHWING Stetter India, we believe that service is the key to success. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated through our extensive service network of over 25 dealerships across the Indian sub-continent. These dealerships provide prompt and efficient aftermarket services, ensuring our customers receive the necessary support to maintain peak operational efficiency. This strategic approach to aftermarket services sets us apart in the industry, fostering long-term relationships with our clients.

The major demand drivers for our mini-excavators are the agriculture, rural construction, and landscaping sectors. These sectors are increasingly recognizing the versatility and efficiency of mini-excavators for various applications. Geographically, we have seen significant demand from the South Indian market, but interest is growing across India as the benefits of these machines become more widely known.

Understanding that the mini-excavator market is highly application-oriented and price-sensitive, SCHWING Stetter India has tailored its product portfolio to offer the best value for money. Our ‘U’ series excavators are designed with premium features and advanced technology to provide exceptional performance at competitive pricing. This strategy ensures that customers receive high-quality, efficient machinery that meets their budgetary constraints, enhancing our market appeal.

SCHWING Stetter India is dedicated to skilling operators through a comprehensive training program. Our training department provides both online and offline training, utilizing state-of-the-art simulators to offer a realistic experience. Over the past year, we have trained over 1000 operators, equipping them with the skills needed to handle our machinery safely and efficiently. This initiative not only supports our customers but also contributes to the overall growth of the construction industry.

The rental market for mini-excavators is experiencing exponential growth. As demand for versatile and efficient construction equipment rises, more businesses are opting for rental solutions. SCHWING Stetter India has observed a significant increase in rental inquiries and expects this trend to continue over the next 2-3 years. Our mini-excavators’ reliability and performance make them an attractive option for rental businesses, promising continued market expansion.

To propel the growth of the mini-excavator market, we would like to see government support in the form of favorable policies and incentives. This could include tax benefits, subsidies for modern equipment purchases, and infrastructure development initiatives. Additionally, streamlined regulatory processes and enhanced focus on rural development projects would further drive demand for mini-excavators, facilitating industry growth.

The future outlook for the mini-excavator industry is positive, with significant growth potential driven by increasing demand from various sectors. SCHWING Stetter India is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, with our innovative ‘U’ series and ongoing product enhancements. We are committed to continuous improvement and are prepared to launch new models to meet evolving market needs. Our focus on customer satisfaction, advanced technology, and strategic market positioning will ensure sustained success in the years to come.

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