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Spotlight – L&T January 2024

Komatsu and L&T reinforce the commitment to sustainable technologies with new cutting-edge technologies

Komatsu India Private Limited (KIPL) and Larsen & Toubro Limited showcased their technological prowess and service capabilities at the Excon 2023 event, demonstrating their commitment to the industry.

The Honourable Minister of Road Transport and Highways, GoI, Nitin Gadkari, visited the L&T Stall and inaugurated the Solar Cart manufactured by Larsen & Toubro and the environment-friendly 20-ton Komatsu Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator.

Keeping sustainability as the primary focus, Komatsu and L&T exhibited hybrid technology in the 20-ton category using the Komatsu Hybrid HB205 Hydraulic Excavator. Komatsu’s Hybrid Powertrain System, which includes a Motor Generator, Inverter, Capacitor, and Electric Swing Motor Generator, is a significant step towards sustainability as it enhances fuel efficiency and reduces emissions.

The display included Biodiesel-compatible machines for the Indian Construction and Mining industry. Notably, Komatsu has introduced India’s first mining truck compatible with biofuel. These machines are designed to work efficiently with B20 biodiesel without affecting performance or maintenance schedules. They can also run on 100% diesel, offering flexibility.

At the show, nine Komatsu Construction Equipment models were showcased, including those with Hybrid Technology and Bio-fuel compatibility. The event showcased machines, including Hydraulic Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Crawler Dozers, and Motor Graders and the models featured are PC81, PC136, PC205, HB205, PC210, PC350, PC500, D85 and GD535.

Komatsu had displayed their newly launched Hydraulic Excavator models PC81 & PC136 for the first time. Both machines are engineered to deliver efficiency, durability, and productivity. They have a ‘More Efficient’ (ME) bucket that reduces fuel consumption and enhances operational efficiency. The HydrauMind hydraulic system incorporated in the Excavator provides precise control, while KOMTRAX enables Equipment monitoring and maintenance.

The introduction of Biodiesel-compatible and hybrid Equipment by Komatsu and L&T is a commendable step towards India’s objective of achieving carbon neutrality. These sustainable technologies conform to environmental standards and enhance operational efficiency in the Construction and Mining sectors. Komatsu’s innovative biodiesel and hybrid technologies contribute significantly to global efforts to combat climate change and demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainability. As articulated by Mr. Yasunori Fujii, Managing Director of KIPL, Komatsu aims to support India’s carbon neutrality efforts with high-quality biodiesel equipment.
Additionally, six Road Construction and Material Handling machines manufactured by L&T Construction Equipment Limited (LTCEL) under the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative were featured. These are L&T 9020 Wheel Loader, L&T S315R Skid Steer Loader, L&T 1190 Soil Compactor, L&T 990HFi Tandem Compactor, L&T 491 Mini Tandem Compactor and L&T 2490 HD Pneumatic Tyred Roller

Attachments were showcased, including Breaker JTHB 120, Breaker JTHB 210 and Quick Couplers from Komatsu. L&T attachments, including L&T CB250 Crusher Bucket, L&T SL230 Slope Compactor, L&T RS250 Rock Splitter and a Padfoot Drum, were showcased.

Additionally, MOVAX showcased its piling solution. MOVAX is a leading manufacturer of excavator-mounted, automatically controlled piling and foundation equipment – and the inventor of the patented, modular side grip technology has been a partner of L&T in the distribution of such solutions. MOVAX offers an optimised way of piling for higher productivity and significant overall savings. The MOVAX products and solutions will be showcased in our stall.

At the event, L&T Kansbahal Business, for the first time, showcased their Aggregate Crushing Solutions, which included Cone Crushers, Vertical Shaft Impactors, and Jaw Crushers. L&T is a leading manufacturer of large-size crushing solutions for minerals ranging from limestone to aggregate and metal ores.

Komatsu machines are digitalised and equipped with KOMTRAX tracking systems that enable users to monitor equipment health and increase efficiency. The integration of KOMTRAX, L&T Suraksha/Vishwas Machine Care Programme, and EquipCare has been designed to provide Customers with assurance and peace of mind. This comprehensive suite of services is tailored to meet the needs of Customers who seek to optimise the performance of their Equipment while maximising uptime and maintenance costs. The Komatsu stall had an audio-visual room for Customers to experience the depth of Komtrax reports and their benefits.

The overarching theme of the stall was centred around the concept of “Connecting People, Technology and Planet Together.” Komatsu aims to showcase the symbiotic relationship between these three elements and their critical role today.

The exhibition provided an excellent platform for both companies to display their latest innovations in the field of Construction Equipment and services and interact with key stakeholders and industry experts.

Komatsu is a leading provider of Smart Construction solutions. The industry is rapidly changing and innovating, where advanced automation and integrated technologies intersect. With its Smart Construction solutions, one can leverage technology to obtain accurate data, comprehensive reporting, and remote capabilities. Komatsu’s introduction of SMART Technologies aligns well with the increasing demand for sustainable technologies in infrastructure projects.

Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis (KOWA) Laboratory is a state-of-the-art Nagpur facility offering one of the market’s most technically advanced oil analysis programs. The Indian Construction Equipment industry is essential for the nation’s economic growth, with aspirations to become the world’s second-largest by 2030. However, the ongoing boom in the equipment population creates significant problems in the machines’ performance due to various failures related to maintenance issues, especially related to engine & hydraulic oils and other lubricants. With Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis, Customers can make informed decisions regarding the operation and maintenance of their fleets.

Lookalikes don’t work alike! The company’s parts team showcased the range of genuine parts and explained to visitors the importance of using genuine parts through a dedicated parts and lubes display that optimises machine uptime. The L&T pavilion also featured a Reman Engine, a Hydraulic Pump, a Control Valve and a Swing Motor.

Komatsu & L&T Construction & Mining Machinery is changing this perception and offering a platform for women to break traditional barriers in the Construction and Mining sector. Its team is committed to promoting gender equality and empowering women. The company takes active measures to ensure that its workplace is inclusive and provides equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender.

Komatsu & L&T Construction & Mining Machinery endeavours to eradicate the conventional perception regarding the limited participation of women in the Construction and Mining sector by offering a platform for them to showcase their skills. Its team is steadfast in its commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering women. The company undertakes active measures to ensure that our workplace is all-encompassing and provides equal opportunities for all, irrespective of gender.

The senior management team, comprising Yasunori Fujii from KIPL and Vivek Hajela, Executive Vice President and Head of Larsen & Toubro, attended the event. Their participation in the event was notable, and their presence was a testament to the show’s importance in the industry. The event was also attended by a gathering of Customers, finance partners, and company delegates, who convened to address the industry’s emerging needs and technology requirements.

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