29 May 2020

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Spotlight-Ultratech Concrete

Brand leader


Being a key contributor to national infrastructure growth, UltraTech is looking to maintain its prime position in the manufacture of ready-mix concrete.

Indian ready-mix concrete (RMC) demand is primarily driven by the real estate sector, accounting for 76 per cent of sales supported by the infrastructure and industrial segments, which represent around 17 per cent. Greater awareness of the benefits of RMC usage and a higher concentration of large-scale projects, coupled with demands on quality, timely delivery and limiting waste are expected to drive demand levels going forward. In addition, space constraints at construction sites, together with pollution control measures by municipal authorities are also encouraging the use of RMC. New methods of construction and fast adoption of foreign technologies will bring in new and innovative concrete products in the ready mix market.



UltraTech Concrete is the largest RMC manufacturer in India with a nationwide presence established in less than two decades. With their first plant in 1998 in Hyderabad, the company had 20 RMC plants in the next year and added 35 more the following year. This coincided with the onset of the global financial downturn, but the slowdown spurred the company to foster innovations that would meet the requirements of its larger customer base. For instance, some customers only required expertise in mixing concrete; others only wanted equipment, while some needed dedicated units to produce concrete. As such, UltraTech focused on providing customized solutions. Fiscal year 2011-12 marked the launch of the company’s 100th RMC plant, situated in Marve, Mumbai. UltraTech Concrete now operates more than 100 RMC plants in 35 cities across India, all of which are capable of manufacturing the company’s entire range of products. Expert dispatch and tracking systems ensure optimum order booking, visibility and status of deliveries being made to the customers. All transit mixers are equipped with vehicle tracking systems, which maintain the quality of concrete in transit. Being a division of India’s leading cement producer enables UltraTech Concrete to source quality cement. Moreover, to ensure the availability of quality aggregates that meet international standards, UltraTech has developed integrated mining and crushing facilities.



State-of-the-art technology and innovation are the key factors behind UltraTech Concrete’s success. The company’s teams of Engineers deep dive into their customers’ requirements and come out with the right concrete solutions that would suit their needs. UltraTech’s vision of being India’s preferred concrete solution provider is based on three pillars, differentiation in product through value added concrete differentiation in services through ‘Concrete on Call’ backward integration in aggregates to ensure sustainability.



UltraTech Concrete has developed an array of products to support innovative design and construction trends. For example UltraTech Concrete provides ‘white-topping’ for the construction of durable, aesthetic roads. White-topping is the covering of an existing asphalt road with a layer of Portland cement concrete. It can be used on surfaces where traditional asphalt surfaces have failed due to rutting or general deterioration. The technology is considered sustainable due to its long life, while the reflective surfaces mean it is more energy-efficient. Moreover, white topping is 100 per cent recyclable after its service life, making it a green choice. It also enables the conservation of nonrenewable resources such as fossil fuels and quarry aggregates. UltraTech recently supplied white topping concrete for Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE) Road in Bangalore, Karnataka, and has successfully showcased its performance on a road approximately 50km in length.



UltraTech’s Duracon, Thermocon and Pervious products have been designed with sustainability in mind. They are designed for specific construction needs such as increasing strength post 28 days, improving the durability of structures and making them more impenetrable and resistant to chemical attacks. UltraTech through its efficient concrete designs uses more and more supplementary cementitious materials thereby putting into use environmentally polluting material.



UltraTech is India’s first concrete company to meet the requirement of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental

Design) and other green building rating systems as recognised by the Indian Green Building Council. It is also the

first commercial RMC manufacturer in the country to adopt concrete recycling technology.



Increasing awareness of the benefits of RMC is helping to drive market development in India. As a result, market penetration has almost doubled from five per cent in 2007-08 to around 10 - 11 per cent in 2015-16. However, compared with developed economies such as the USA and China, where this figure is as high as 65-70 per cent, market acceptance in India remains low. UltraTech recognizes the need for innovation and the importance of R&D to meet an expected increase in domestic demand in the years to come. The company’s drive to innovate and meet customer requirements will ensure UltraTech maintains its position as the leading brand in ready-mix concrete in the country.




Plus: UltraTech Plus is a superior concrete with enhanced performance with respect to slump retention, early age strength and plastic shrinkage. It is a finely engineered concrete made with special admixtures which reduces plastic shrinkage, cracking and improves structural durability.

Litecon: A lightweight concrete for non-load bearing structures of construction such as roofs, architectural facing works and levelling course without adding to the dead weight. It provides excellent heat and sound insulation with better fire resistance.

Duracon: A concrete made by careful proportioning of binder in order to control heat of hydration thus reducing micro-cracks and enhancing the durability of the structure. Excellent workability, superior surface finish and durability makes it ideal for concrete road and mass concreting jobs.

Fibrecon: 'UltraTech Fibrecon' is an enhanced crack resistant and relatively ductile concrete produced by using different types of fibres like polyester, polypropylene, glass and steel which minimises problems of plastic shrinkage cracks and improves flexural and tensile strength.

Thermocon: 'UltraTech Thermocon' overcomes disadvantages arising from higher concrete temperature like faster drying of concrete, loss of workability, formation of cold joints, excessive plastic shrinkage cracks and rapid evaporation of curing water

Hypercon: 'UltraTech Hypercon' overcomes the disadvantage of standard concrete, columns and beams of larger size and depth which result in lesser usable area per floor. It is produced by blending different cementitious materials along with advanced quality superplastisizers.

Pervious: A special concrete with high porosity which is used for concrete flatwork application that allows water from precipitation or other sources to pass through, thereby reducing the runoff and ensuring recharge of ground water. It is ideal for pavements, alleys and parking areas.

Décor: UltraTech Decor is coloured, textured and imprinted concrete, available in different shades. It is relatively maintenance-free. Even customised shades can be made available as per customer's requirements. .

Free Flow: It is produced by using high-quality ingredients including the latest 4th generation acrylic based super plasticizers and viscosity modifying agents. It avoids disadvantages of ordinary concrete like voids which lead to leakages and reduction in strength.

Stainless: To overcome the ill effects of corrosion of the steel reinforcement, UltraTech Concrete has introduced a special concrete called 'UltraTech Stainless' which uses high quality, corrosion inhibiting agents. These agents impart protection to the steel reinforcement.

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