03 June 2020

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BORG Energy India has introduced a new series of solar powered energy generating systems in India that are highly cost-effective and can be widely used for both domestic and commercial projects to generate environment friendly free of cost electricity. Branded the Vega Series, the devices are specialised designed Solar on grid string inverters with the best invention patented topology globally, which provide more optional choices for photo voltaic power systems ,including small PV applications like residential roof projects, commercial projects and carports. The Vega series has been proved to be outstanding for its features like portability, leading edge efficiency, high cost-effectiveness, modern appearance, friendly interface, and ultra long quality warranty. The daily power generated is free of cost (apart from the cost incurred in installation) and its long-term durability means a purchaser can make a one-time investment and continue to use free electricity.

For more information see: www.borgenergy.com






The Gujarat State Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd (GSFC) has launched two products GUJCON-CRF/PRF with the aim to increase the strength and durability of structures. A breakthrough in secondary reinforcement the development is based on extensive research and application trials. The virgin Nylon-6 fibres for secondary reinforcement in concrete and plaster are considered unique state-of-the-art next generation products for rendering long lasting solutions to some of the teething problems of construction and infrastructure industries. They are superior to other secondary reinforcement fibre products and a reliable secondary reinforcement material. As per the company just 100 gm of Gujcon CRF and PRF per 50 kg bag of cement will enhance the strength of the structure besides helping in reducing plastic shrinkage, cracks and water permeability.

For more information see: www.gsfclimited.com


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