29 May 2020

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Market transformation with digital experience is key to bridging energy gap

Dassault Systèmes Energy, Process and Utilities industry division addresses four main sectors: Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Process and Chemical. It digitally enables innovation and sustainable enterprise on a single platform designed to optimise synergies between products, people and the planet. STEPHANE DECLEE, VICE PRESIDENT, INDUSTRY ENERGY PROCESS & UTILITIES, DASSAULT SYSTÈMES, offered SHRIKANT RAO an understanding of his company’s offerings and plans for the India market



Tell us about your offerings to the energy sector, how they work and the benefits accruing from their use?

The solutions we offer in the Indian market are not fundamentally different from what we offer globally. In fact, we see a higher demand for solutions in fast growing economies where there’s a high demand to increase power supply capacities. Dassault Systemes delivers advanced engineering and manufacturing software solutions for power and energy equipment suppliers – there are many power systems manufacturers in India. Our solutions improve management of large capital projects like nuclear power plants to deliver on time and on budget, following requirements and specifications. We facilitate operation and maintenance of these businesses more efficiently with high level of safety. Our differentiator is our 3DEXPERIENCE platform which connects, models, manages and optimises every stage of the business cycle, delivering a source of competitive advantage to organisations operating in the energy, process and utilities industries. We digitally enable innovation and sustainable enterprise in a single platform that is designed to optimise the synergies between products, people and the planet.



What are the important projects in which these technologies have been used and with what advantage?

Our solutions have been introduced in various sectors in India, especially nuclear power and oil and gas. Our customers focus mainly on achieving sustainable collaboration, process efficiencies and control, facilitated through digitisation and alongside carefully managed innovation. Capabilities to refine more precisely follow-up status of large project help to deliver products, processes and plants on time, to budge, enabling to meet precisely all specification, minimising waste and maximising process efficiencies. The resulting time and material savings alongside rapid time to market provides our customers with sustainable competitive advantage.

Cairn India, one of the 20 largest independent oil exploration and production companies in the world, had deployed Dassault Systèmes’ Optimised Plant Construction industry solution experience for Integrated Project Management System (IPMS). The deployment of the Web based Integrated Project Management System was to enable Cairn India achieve key performance metrics comparable to the best in the global exploration and production industry and align its processes to the best in class in terms of overall project execution and performance



Are you looking for collaborators for promoting 3-D technologies in India? Which are the projects in India in which these have been applied?

Dassault Systèmes is working with 4 key partners in India -- IDA, TVASTAR, GEA and EDS. They promote solutions in Energy Process and Utilities industries. These partners are key to our deployment strategy for small and medium companies, and are currently particularly active in the process and chemical sectors. We continue recruiting industry skilled partners to expand our presence.



What is your understanding of the level of 3D technologies employed across India particularly in the utilities sector?

3D design is already a standard usage in all countries, despite the fact that design project legacy deliveries are still always 2D drawings – they are extracted on demand from the 3D design. Only very few products or plants are still designed from scratch in 2D. 3D designing helps avoid and address many design errors. However there are still  issues that remain using ‘only’ 3D design when it come to capital projects in the construction field mainly due to the fact that all disciplines are not designed with the same software, such as piping in one tool and civil engineering with holes in walls to pass the pipes in another. So cross discipline 3D synthesis is required and that is why an integrated platform like 3DEXPERIENCE platform is key for such big project involving many stakeholders. When a 3D design synthesis is available the next step of preparing an optimised construction schedule becomes easy thanks to 4D simulation (3D + time) of part assemblies, crane movements and even worker handling.  3DEXPERIENCE solutions providing design synthesis + 4D simulation help workers very significantly to what we call ‘construct 1st time right’.


What is the size of the market visualised by you and what are the concerns that will eventually lead to its growth?

It is huge, certainly, especially in growing economies like India, where there is a lot to do to align supply and demand. Business enterprise solutions will support the energy transition, offering benefits at each step of the plant life cycle. If we look at projects of new power plants coming from different sources of energy, to support energy mix growth between renewable and non-renewable, as well as the targets that the country has to reduce CO2 emissions, we can say that there is a lot to do to build, operate and supply power safely and efficiently.

At a worldwide level these concerns will lead utilities and governments to invest massively in solutions supporting this energy transition. Safety, compliance and sustainability, are the main concerns of utilities. If we can simulate, model, and provide all stakeholders with access to a same platform of data, allowing to monitor what is happening in real-time on the grid, or a construction field, we can definitely prevent the population from black outs, explosions, or even accidents that could occur on a construction field. We’re talking there about different customer profiles: EPCs, owner operators, power systems suppliers, utilities for all type of energies – the field is huge. We do believe that market transformation with digital experience is key to bridging the energy gap.


Tell us of your current presence in the country and your ambitions in India?

Dassault Systèmes has consultants and sales across of India, as well as distribution partners qualified in the sectors we cover. They are already collaborating with several major players, as well private companies as governmental institutions in order to boost the adoption of advanced technologies in India.  We aim at being a leader providing end to end solutions in the Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities and Process sectors.


Who are your major users in the EPC segment?

With Dassault Systèmes’ Optimized Plant Construction industry solution experience, real-time accurate project status are available for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) phases during project lifecycle and will also give real time dashboards across heterogeneous systems, including SAP’s ERP using information intelligence. As an example Cairn India deploys a Web based Integrated Project Management System (IPMS) which objective is to optimise utilisation of resources, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, with real time communication and systematic data management of the overall project activities. Targeted benefits for deploying IPMS are to enable single source of information for all the projects, project audit and traceability. It will improve productivity by seamless coordination with internal and external stake holders and give a realistic project forecast.”



What will be the biggest challenge for you to push your technology in India’s energy and utilities space?

Our technology, like all changes linked to innovation and way of working, takes time to be implemented because it requires a fundamental transformation in the whole company organisation, and this transformation goes beyond corporate boundaries. Today, we can say that our biggest challenge is there. It takes time to make people change their mindset, and understand that these changes, representing an initial investment, will help business to observe a significant improvement in their daily business activities which will be reflected in their overall profitability.



India has unveiled its Smart Cities programme. Tell us how Dassault Systèmes can contribute to that space?

Dassault Systèmes has developed solutions for Smart cities projects. Our  3DEXPERIENCity is already being experienced on several projects at a global level, including the one at Singapore. This project called Virtual Singapore is a collaborative platform with a rich data environment and visualisation techniques which will be used by Singapore’s citizens, businesses, government and research community to develop tools and services that address the emerging and complex challenges Singapore faces.  This project is built upon Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCity to create a dynamic, 3D digital model of Singapore and connect all stakeholders in a secure and controlled environment.  The model will employ data analytics and simulate modeling capabilities for testing concepts and services, planning, decision-making, researching technologies and generating community collaboration. Our experience in that field can definitely support Smart cities programs in India.



Going forward tell us of your strategy to expand the scope of your influence in India?

To expand our influence in India, we are working on several axes. First of all we rely on our professional and dynamic local team, which is at the front-line of the market to explain the benefits of our solutions and support our customers in their industrial challenges. Then, we have a multiple go-to market approach which allows us to have several axes to develop our influence and awareness: we work with partners as well as with direct big accounts. Then, we also have co-engagement with worldwide partners such as NIAEP from the Rosatom group for the Power sector, or integrators or consultant companies such as Capgemini, Accenture, that can help us to grow our influence sharing our solutions to address some challenges that can face their own customers. Finally, from a pure awareness perspective, we have been doing some seminars, forums with dedicated Energy, Process & Utility tracks to show the people the value of the 3DEXPERIENCE.

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