03 June 2020

Interaction-Sanjeev M Nimkar, VP & Business Head, Power, Industrial and Services

We will continue to gain and retain customers with robust tech solutions



In line with the government’s emphasis on clean energy gensets, the Pune based market leader Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd has, following its rebranding as KOEL Green, launched its unique market offer of delivering a DG set within 7 days of the order.


SANJEEV M. NIMKAR, VICE PRESIDENT & BUSINESS HEAD, POWER, INDUSTRIAL AND SERVICES, KOEL responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries on the response to his company’s marketing campaign.



From a marketing perspective could you talk of the tangible benefits achieved in the engines and generators segment since the brand transformation to KOEL Green was undertaken last year ?


We have given a colourful and vibrant look to the brand in this transformation process. The new tag line is ‘Efficiency. Integrated.’  It has been our motto to provide best efficiency at every touch point with the customers. After this brand transformation KOEL is talking about delivering any DG set within 7 days from the date of order. This is a first for the industry. KOEL is the only brand which offers this benefit to customer at no extra cost. These customer-centric changes are the outcome of the brand transformation which we undertook last year.




Tell us of the market response to the 7-days delivery package being offered by KOEL?


It is a huge benefit to the end-customer. There are quite a few of them who have stopped advance planning for DG sets now. KOEL offers its entire range of 15 to 750 KVA products with a 7 days delivery promise.  With this benefit customer gets delivery when he needs without investing money in advance. For the last 6 months there are many orders which KOEL has received due to guaranteed deliveries. A lot of project managers have given a positive feedback of our delivery service. It has helped in avoiding the revalidation cost and time involved and thereby reducing the total project expenditure.




What are the new technological developments and new green products we can expect from KOEL in the New Year?     


You will see the launch of 1010 KVA product from KOEL in the current FY. We will further attempt to improve fuel efficiency of the KOEL products which are already best in class.




In terms of business opportunities what will be your areas of focus through 2016 and the outlook?


In this FY KOEL will continue to focus on both ends of the spectrum with LHP and HHP range. We will also promote AMF (Auto Mains Failure) and KRM (KOEL Remote Monitoring) technologies for the masses.




With the country on an economic revival mode what are the projects on which you see utilisation of your products growing?


The infrastructure sector will be the prime consumers of the KOEL product range apart from existing customers from the banking, telecom, industry and ITES segments.



Briefly tell us of your strategies to expand the reach of your products in India and overseas? What is the addition you foresee in your market share? 


KOEL is the largest range offering brand in back up DG segments from 2 KVA to 750 KVA. We have more than 300 dealers attached with us for decades and the numbers are expanding every year. KOEL has enhanced the service outlets close to 500 now. We do not believe in aggressive market gains by destructive means. We will continue to gain and retain customers with robust long term technological solutions. After all a DG set is a 15-20 years type of investment which is similar to buying a house. We want customers to take a judicious long term purchase call rather than with a short term outlook.


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