03 June 2020

Interaction-Farrokh Cooper, CMD, Cooper Corporation

We are confident the Make in India campaign will be a big boost for Cooper Corporation

Cooper Corporation is one of India’s leading engine manufacturers with an entire range of 2, 3, 4 and 6 cylinder diesel engines from 15 HP 20 280 Hp which are designed for industrial applications. The company’s engines power applications for diverse sectors including automotive, marine, defence, construction equipment and agriculture.FARROKH COOPER, CMD, COOPER CORPORATION responded to SHRIKANT RAO’s queries on the company’s business and market prospects at the company’s headquarters and state of the art plant in Satara.



How has the performance of the industry and your company been in recent times?


We have been fortunate to witness 8 to 9 per cent growth year–on-year despite the industry being in doldrums. Some of the key sectors like heavy commercial vehicles, real estate, mining, construction, agriculture was down due to various economic and environmental factors. However, our long standing association with our existing customers and the recent collaborations has provided us the necessary boost.



Which are the areas to which Cooper Corp is currently catering?

Presently we are catering to all segments in our power sector. However, the key segments in these are real estate, financial services, infrastructure and hospitality. Our engines, gensets and components find utility in the power sector, defence, aerospace, marine applications, banks, agriculture, railways, auto manufacturing



Considering that you are a player in the engine market who do you consider as your competitors?

All businesses in today’s date are highly competitive and can’t be controlled by one single player, it offers ample space and opportunity for everyone to survive provided one is geared up for offering consistent innovative solutions to its customers. Instead of concentrating on the competition, our focus is to offer maximum choices to our customers and capture a large share in the marketplace through constant innovation and better reach & distribution.



The existence of your business presumes that there will be a problem of power supply. If there is a dramatic improvement in the power situation what will it mean for your business?

Chronic power problems have been observed since 1960s or early 1970s. In the opinion of noted SL Kirloskar, the demand for power would always increase and there would never be a time when the demand for a genset would decrease. His words still hold true! There is no thing as complete freedom from power shortage. The demand is ever growing. Today, gensets are largely becoming a part of any infrastructure facility be it building a house, a factory, an office or a hospital. It is no more a matter of choice but certainly a necessity.



Has there been a decline in the usage of generators?

Apart from uninterrupted power, people nowadays want gensets for running each and every electrical equipment in the household including air conditioners. All of this can be attributed to the extreme weather conditions and lifestyle needs. A lot of truck transporters are buying it as they are now constantly tracking their trucks on the GPS and the internet. Banks also want it for their daily operations since they can’t afford to have their information systems down.



Could you name some of your main clients?

Bajaj Auto Ltd., Endurance Technologies Pvt Ltd., Indian Railways, Maruti Suzuki Ltd., Cummins India Ltd., India Yamaha Motors, Mahindra Two Wheelers, Suzuki Motor Cycle, Renault Nissan Automotive, Ford Motors, Escorts Ltd., and Ashok Leyland Ltd. On the international side, we have clients like NemakDillingen Casting GmbH & Co., Nemak Ford, S.A., KJM Custom Components LLC, Waukesha Engine Headquarters, General Electric Company, Kawasaki Motors Mfg., MartinreaHonsel Spain, S.L.U., Bocar S. A., Jaguar and the Wartsila Group.



Which have been your main export markets?

USA, South America, Japan, Germany, Austria, Finland, Spain, Italy, UK, China, Netherlands, Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam... The export percentage and growth year on year has been 60 per cent and 20 per cent respectively.



What is the market size of gensets currently and what is Cooper’s share and installed capacity?

The current market size for gensets is 1,20,000 units annually in the 10 KVA to 1000 KVA range. Our present market share is 5 percent with a planned target of 10 per cent for the coming fiscal. We have an installed capacity of 36,000 engines and 24,000 gensets per annum.



Which are the new sectors in which you see great prospects and what is your outlook for the company’s future?

We are making strong inroads into defence, telecom and see a renewed growth in the health and hospital sectors as well. Our exports are also growing exponentially and newer markets are opening up every month. We are confident the Make in India wave will be a great boost for Cooper Corporation and are extremely excited about the future.



Name: Cooper Corporation
Head:  Farrokh Cooper, CMD
Growth Percentage Y-O-Y:
2012-13 – 12.73 %
2013-14 – 21.65 %
2014-15 – 21.84 %
Total Company turnover in 2015:
As on 31st March, 2015:
Close to Rs.500 crore
Investment done in 2015: As on 31st March, 2015: Rs.100 crore
Expected Growth rate in 2016: 25%
Investment planned for 2016:
Provisional Investment: close to Rs.75 crore
Expected turnover in next 3 years:
2015-16 – Rs.600 crore
2016-17 – Rs.1100 crore
2017-18 – Rs.1500 crore
Total Land Size: 100 acres
Revenue contribution from different business verticals:
Engine components: 85%
Genset and engines: 15 %

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