03 June 2020

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Nadhi Information Technologies Pvt Ltd., a company incubated from the IIT Madras Research Park,is a Chennai based enterprise software and solutions company developing analytics based, mobile enabled, collaborative decision support solutions for real estate and infrastructure projects. Their flagship solution nPulse™ is an enterprise solution for managing the information flow between all the stakeholders in a construction project from engineering through procurement and construction i.e., across the construction information supply chain. The solution allows for seamless collaboration between Owner, Project Management Consultants (PMC), Consultant(s), General Contractor and other Contractor(s).


nPulse™ has become hugely relevant in an increasingly collaborative construction environment in which projects are delayed or expensive errors creep in because of gaps in information and latency in coordination among the various stakeholders; something that happens even when individual stakeholders have technology systems in place.


The nPulse™ solution has been deployed both in commercial and residential real estate projects as well as infrastructure projects like power plants, bridges, roads etc. Capital project owners and EPC contractors find tremendous value using the solution even after ERP systems, scheduling systems, document management systems, and BIM solutions are in place when they realise that site execution is still captured in and coordinated via Excel and email. They find nPulse™ to be a glue that complements existing solutions and allows them to meaningfully connect the various silos of information and keep everyone on the loop in near real time.


nPulse™ harnesses the power of the internet and mobile telephony to improve overall execution. The solution centralizes project information from all the stakeholders, be it owners, contractors, consultants, suppliers, and PMC, through the entire life of the project, from inception to delivery. nPulse™ does this by providing plug-n-play connectivity to extract information from their existing legacy systems. The solution allows for data from these various sources (and stakeholders) to be interconnected so that everyone in the project is always schedule aware. One of the unique value propositions of nPulse™ is its proprietary analytics engine that, based on project historical data trends on documents, issues, material issue, and labour productivity, and provides lead indicators as alerts into potential future missteps on schedule milestones. All the project stakeholders can collaborate on the solution using web browsers, mobile applications, or even SMS.


The use of nPulse™ has translated into huge benefits for Nadhi’s clients who now have become operationally more efficient. In one case a user noted after deployment of one of the nPulse™ modules that in a span of four weeks, the time taken to close issues was reduced by 80 per cent and the number of issues closed had more than doubled! Another Owner of a large commercial IT real estate project noted that there was more than a 20% improvement in the productivity of the construction management and decision making team with the use of the solution. All clients have recognised that they have realised more than 100 per cent ROI on their nPulse™ solution investment. End users laud its ability to work in low bandwidth networks in remote site locations, its user friendliness and its versatility in its ability to access and update information through devices of your choice. Having seen its value proposition clients want to adopt it into their other projects.


It is easy to see that nPulse™ has caught the pulse of the construction sector. Nadhi’s clients currently include Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd. (SPCL) (real estate), Afcons Infrastructure Ltd., (port, bridges) Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L&T) (metro, solar, power transmission & distribution, transportation, heavy civil & infrastructure), and EDAC Engineering Ltd. (thermal power plants) on the contractor side and owners like Tata Realty & Infrastructure (TRIL), Allied Housing & Development, Livia Spaces, Lodha Developers, and TCS. Projects with other top notch builders and contractors based out of the Mumbai/Pune area are also on the anvil. The firm has started exploring South East Asia, Middle East, and the


US markets. The encouragement comes from a strong pipeline of interest from potential candidates.


Kalyan Vaidyanathan, Co-Founder & CEO, Nadhi Information Technologies Pvt Ltd., is led to say, “Early signals are that even the large international players are able to relate to the value proposition of the nPulse™ solution and are willing to consider giving us opportunities to explore pilot engagements. We are looking to see what the most efficient way to service these markets is.”


For more details contact:

Email: info@nadhi.in

Website: www.nadhi.in


  • It provides forward-looking lead indicators on potential delays as email and SMS alerts based on past and current performance
  • Its proprietary analytics engine can track deviations (time, cost, quantities, materials, resource productivity) during actual project execution vis a vis initial estimates
  • Its actionable dashboards can visually show the key areas and associated critical issues to management so that they can take prompt remedial action
  • It is completely mobile enabled with sophisticated fine grained access control to allow for all project stakeholders within and outside the organization to collaborate and interact
  • It provides touchless synchronization between physical and financial progress
  • The solution automates routine tasks such as preparation of progress reports, communication with consultants, sub-contractors etc.
  • Is a complementary addition to ERP systems and BIM solutions
  • Closes the information gap between execution teams at site and decision makers in the office
  • Should be an essential part of your BIM execution strategy


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