03 June 2020

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Cost control coup


A growing number of users across the world have profited from using two leading software products of CCS, Candy and BuildSmart, as an integrated cost management solution


Construction Computer Software, better known as CCS, has been developed by contractors, for contractors to provide specialist software solutions to the construction industry – and has been doing so for over 35 years. With a global presence of 9 offices in 8 countries and an extensive network of distributors and call centers worldwide, over 900 contracting companies and 15,000 users are serviced and supported on a daily basis. Users, from small and medium construction companies to some of the largest construction entities in the world have implemented CCS solutions on some of the biggest and most prestigious projects on the planet.


Having spent many years in construction, CCS has defined and refined a computerised construction management solution that allows construction organisations to evaluate, monitor and control their spend in real time – effectively integrating their cost management and reporting with their books of account. The solution makes use of the web to allow for the accumulation of daily costing data, from remote locations to a central server. The information gathered is used to compare with budgeting information prepared during the bid phase of the project. The distinguishing factor separating the CCS system from others is the fact that the software has been produced by construction professionals, was written specifically for the industry and addresses all the budgeting and cost elements in the course of the construction phase of projects.




CCS solutions are used in over 50 countries by more than 1000 contracting and consulting companies, to minimise risk, increase accuracy and maximise profit. Users, from small and medium construction companies to some of the largest construction entities in the world, have implemented CCS solutions on some of the biggest and most prestigious projects on the planet. CCS has been used on typically large jobs such as highways, dams, airports like Dubai and Heathrow, sports stadiums, waterways like Panama Canal extensions and high-rise buildings like Burj Khalifa.






CCS’ two leading software products include BuildSmart, a Cost Management System and Candy, a Construction Estimating and Project control system. These form an integrated solution from first estimate to final accounts. Candy provides integrated applications for construction project budgeting and budgetary control through modules of Estimating, planning, Forecasting, Cash flow and Cost control while Buildsmart is a web based, ERP solution facility to record the actual costs and expenditure of a construction project (and business) through its integrated modules of construction orientated and specific Procurement, Accounting and Payroll. Its target users are construction contractors and subcontractors – i.e. general or building contractors, civil or infrastructure contractors and MEP contractors






CCS products assist by providing an industry specific solution for controlling costs of a construction project by providing tools to aid in establishing, monitoring and managing the budget or allowable versus actual costs of a construction project for a contracting entity from inception to final account.


A large number of CCS clients use both Candy and BuildSmart as an integrated cost management solution (ICMS) because using one of them in isolation allows them to only have half the picture. To take the project from the estimate to the final account with accurate cost control Candy and BuildSmart are the solutions to have. It has been found that large groups in the region cover a multiple number of industries with construction being only part of their portfolio. CCS being construction specific, can only target and meet the demands of the construction leg of these groups. CCS has recognized this and has the functionality available to completely manage the construction business interests of these diverse groups though its unique software and at the same time incorporate or merge the BuildSmart financials into or with, the legacy/ERP systems maintained by these groups, thus increasing the number of Users using both Candy and BuildSmart.






CCS products are continually evolving in line with industry and technology trends. Candy, the Estimation & Project control software offering, is not sold but rented on a monthly basis and new releases and upgrades are made available free of charge to users on a regular basis. BuildSmart, the Construction Costing and Management solution is web based and regular upgrades are made and done centrally on the client server. CCS has a rather unique approach of adding modules or enhancements to the existing software rather than developing and releasing separate “new” applications.


The firm has an active development and research team of highly qualified construction industry experts concentrating on producing focused and tailored products that ensure the integrity of data in all phases of the construction process and beyond. From the production of quantity take-offs from 3D models, Estimates, Planning, Cash flows, Sub Contract Management, Budget Production and Cost and Allowable reporting to the complete Procure to Pay cycle and the timeous daily cost information covering all cost elements in real time – Labour, Plant and Equipment, Materials and Sub Contractors, right through to the final books of account.


CCS prides itself as being a “one stop shop” for contractors and considering the interconnectedness of all the processes and functions within a contracting organisation is essential. The company’s products and solutions are designed and developed from the bottom up and continuously updated. It may well be said that users constitute its R& D - listening and interacting with them, evaluating their requirements and enhancing or developing the software accordingly, leads to shorter implementation times.






With an increasing number of companies turning to Building Information Modelling (BIM), the question often asked is: Has CCS software been upgraded to integrate with BIM? The most important aspect of a tender is to quantify it. If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it, hence the quantification of work being crucial. BIM done properly can provide an excellent and easily accessible source for electronic quantification and the company’s Candy product integrates with both 2D drawings and 3D models to provide a seamless integration between quantities and the items or work.




With over 35 years’ worth of development in construction specific products and the ever changing challenges faced the industry, the system is continually being enhanced and extended to meet and comply with these changing conditions - not only in the industry, but in new computer technology and user requirements.
CCS is less about new features and more about extending existing features. New features in Candy include extending the forecasting ability to include Time Based Costing, which allows users to apply the productive resources available and required to the remaining forecast of work. Other new features include the new Worksheet, which is the make-up sheet in Candy that will allow all the current functionality and facilities and whole lot more. Another feature the company is working on is the JV Merger that will allow multiple contractors or estimators to effortlessly merge and combine large estimates that may have been split into parts for specialist pricing by various parties – usually the case on large consortiums and Joint Ventures







Interacting with clients, prospective business and employees has now become a critical and integral component for any successful business operation. CCS has a many pronged approach with tailor made presentations geared at prospective clients as well as the enrichment and continuous up-skilling of existing clients. The company holds executive management seminars and roadshows for users with the team expertly leading them through existing, advanced and new features of Candy to maximise and enhance their experience and to introduce them to the seamless integration to BuildSmart. CCS also holds sales seminars for prospective clients and participates in select exhibitions and trade shows as speakers and sponsors, through press releases, editorial coverage, advertising and social media.






Candy provides the industry’s most effective link between Budgeted Cost and Time (using interactive Estimating & Planning), Candy will produce a detailed Cost, Activity and Time project model. The cost and time savings are a direct result of what can be termed “Upfront control of costs” – which in effect means controlling the costs before the actual spending and not trying afterwards. “The Candy ‘shopping list’ changes business parameters and adds a whole new dimension, giving the client complete control of what they purchase. The system restricts and red flags differences between tender and actual requirements and once a full measure has been carried out after the engineering phase of works has been completed, there is little room for error when procuring materials and issuing allowable amounts to the contract teams or sub-contractors. It has been well established that by implementing and utilising both BuildSmart and Candy, it is possible to have systems that control all of the processes from the estimation sheet to the final deliverable. Candy & BuildSmart together provide the most powerful tool in the construction industry today to provide critical real-time management information to users to take timely management actions to control project costs and to increase margins. Separately, these are available from a myriad of suppliers, but what sets CCS apart from them is the interconnectedness of the modules…one company and solution for the entire contracting business.



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Peter Cheney,
Founder of Buildsmart and Joint MD, CCS,
feels the biggest challenge lies in “educating the construction industry about the unique processes behind the Candy and BuildSmart systems and the application and analysis of accurate real time construction budgeting and costing information as vital to organisations”

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