29 May 2020

Table of Contents for Waterproofing

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Ruling waterproofing


Innovative water proofing solutions from the global leader for the most challenging assignments


MARIS POLYMERS INDIA is an associate of MARIS POLYMERS SA – GREECE an independent privately owned polyurethane systems house and one of the leading European specialists in polyurethane liquid applied waterproofing products and cold curing polyurethane resins for Construction, Marine and Industrial applications, Marine Polymers has a proven global technological leadership. The company offers a wide range of customised products and systems which can be used in new buildings and renovations.


Founded in 1989, Maris Polymers S.A. is one of the fastest developing manufacturers of polyurethane liquid-applied waterproofing membranes and resins in Europe. Its stable growth comes as a result from its innovative and quality products, its highly specialised personnel and the value-added services provided to its clients. Maris Polymers S.A. carries out international sales to more than 50 countries in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas where it operates either by affiliated companies or through close cooperation with local distributors.


Maris Polymers India started its operation in India In 2013.Maris Polymers India has completed many waterproofing assignments in India.


Maris Polymers is synonymous with quality in all water proof sealing applications especially challenging ones. Sustainibility is our motto and our products have been certified for a performance life span of more than 25 years. We have a range of green products which help in green certification of civil structures.


Maris products can be applied on mortar, concrete, bitumen felt, pvc/epdm membrane, metal, wood etc for water proofing.





MARISEAL SYSTEM (polyurethane liquid membrane) is used by professional waterproofing applicators in over 50 countries for demanding waterproofing. Among the reasons for its usage are its simple application, water resistancy, formation of a seamless membrane without joints or leak risk areas, crack-bridging up to 2mm, even at -10°C, maintenance of mechanical properties at a temperature Range of -30° C to +90°C, water vapor permeability, full surface adhesion, conducive to thermo Insulation, anti-root properties, waterproofed surfaces usable for medium to heavy pedestrian traffic, resistance to detergents, oils, and common chemicals, easy local repair in case membrane is mechanically damaged






Mariseal 250 (polyurethane liquid roof membrane) has been tested and approved by the German State Testing Institute for Construction Materials MPA-Braunschweig,according the European Union Directive for liquid-applied roof waterproofing ETAG 005. Mariseal 250 has been tested and approved by the French Testing Institute for Construction Materials BUREAU-VERITAS for French standards. Mariseal 250 has been certified by the German State Institute for Construction Techniques DIBt-Berlin, earning European Technical Approval (ETA) including the CE mark and certification.




For more details contact:

Email: marispolymersindia@gmail.com

Website: www.marispolymersindia.in


Some of the important projects completed in India
  • Hotel Taj – Santacruz Airport – Mumbai.
  • Infosys Ltd – Parking Deck – Hinjewadi, Pune.
  • Akshardham Temple – Dhari - Gujarat
  • Snow World – Four Seasons Mall – Pune
  • Mars Chocklate India Pvt.Ltd – Khed Sez
  • Bridgestone India Pvt.Ltd – Indore
  • Rexam India Pvt.Ltd – Taloja – Mumbai
  • Nestle India Pvt.Ltd – Mogha
and many more ………..

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