29 May 2020

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Interaction-Sominder Singh, VP-Domestic Sales

We see enhanced business in areas of construction, mining and infrastructure


Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Daimler AG, Stuttgart, Germany. It currently produces and sells a range of 9 to 49 ton trucks for the Indian market, as BharatBenz, and FUSO trucks for exports to markets in South East Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.


SOMINDER SINGH, VICE PRESIDENT, DOMESTIC SALES, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT & NETWORK responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries on the plans and prospects of his company going forward.




Could you briefly talk of Daimler’s range of products which offer support to India’s construction and infrastructure sector?


The DICV portfolios for construction and infrastructure includes a comprehensive range from 12 tonne to 31 tonne (GVW) and a power range from 170 to 430 hp catering to every specific requirement of this industry. All our heavy duty trucks come with a bogie suspension and a 9 speed gear box as standard for better durability and gradeability. We also provide varied tipper body options that are available in box and scoop model. The box model carriers range from 6.5 cu.m – 23 cu.m while scoop range from 8.5 – 19.5 cu.m and we also provide 32 cu.m coal carriers thereby catering to suit various material handling. In addition, all our trucks have an option of AC cabins which help in better comforts and increased driver productivity.


Daimler India Commercial Vehicles also launched India’s first indigenized deep mining tipper – BharatBenz 3143CM comes with 430 hp and a 19.5 cu scoop body with an option of 32 cu.m coal carrier. This is set to revolutionize the Indian deep mining segment with its advantage of total –cost-of ownership in a segment that is currently dominated by European players.


 With the impetus on infrastructure projects, BharatBenz is set to transform the way of work in the construction and infrastructure segment. The customers are looking towards efficient and productive machines with high reliability. Completing the high power portfolio is the BharatBenz 4940TT for transporting heavy-lift project cargo in areas of construction and infrastructure projects that include turbines, heat exchangers, windmill propellers and various industrial equipment. These are powerful workhorses that provide maximum productivity, superior power and torque that make them capable of handling any tough terrain condition.



Give us a sense of the current market for your products -- including trucks and tippers and the market position in various categories? How do you see prospects for your trucks and tippers in view of the opening up of the mining sector? What are the areas where you see enhanced business prospects in 2016-2017


The key differentiator that BharatBenz offers in this segment is higher payload, better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs. In addition, the high localization of the parts translates into a very high availability of spare parts. All BharatBenz trucks and tippers offer the best total- cost-of-ownership, this result in reducing the overall cost of running and maintenance of the trucks and allow the customer to focus on his business. A hallmark value position of BharatBenz trucks has helped us achieve a dominant position not only in the market place but also in the minds of the customer. Looking at the overwhelming response we have received for the 3143CM we are confident of consolidating our market position.


With the impetus in the mining segment, India’s first indigenous deep mining truck- BharatBenz 3143CM is a natural progression towards high powered, cost efficient mining trucks that will bridge the gap in the industry that currently offers premium trucks and trucks that are underpowered. The truck is capable of operating in challenging terrains and can efficiently operate in deep mining conditions, making it an unbeatable value proposition.

The areas of construction, mining, infrastructure etc., will see enhanced business prospects with the Government initiative on the infrastructure developments and introduction of Smart Cities project. Also, with the ecommerce business beginning to flourish the express cargo and transport business is also set to see a good growth.



What are the challenges you face as a manufacturer to meet market requirements?

There needs to be a regulation to replace old vehicles which will thereby enhance safety and enable increased market acceptance for efficient and greener vehicles with better technology and ensure the success of Make- in- India campaign. Few other factors include


  • Strong economic expansion
  • Making Investor friendly policies
  • Significant incentive package with clarity in case of GST implementation
  • Rapid implementation of Infrastructure projects
  • Creation of power adequacy
  • Creation of urban infrastructure at par with other Asian countries
  • Time bound completion of assurances given to industries under the MoUs



Tell us of your manufacturing facilities and their capacities and current investments in keeping with the market demand? Any new product launches on the anvil?


We recently launched our new generation of medium duty trucks with enhanced performance and features. Featuring new generation medium duty BharatBenz models in 9, 12 and 16 tonnes (the new trucks are launched each in a base and a premium variant. An industry-first in India’s MDT segment - is the Multi Drive Mode (MDM) which allows drivers to optimize engine settings either for urban traffic or highway trucking with the push of a button. At DICV, we are constantly listening to the customers’ requirements and will strategically infuse products as needed into the market.



We have a state-of-the-art test track and manufacturing plant in Oragadam, Chennai set up with an investment of `4.400 crore and have recently inaugurated our bus plant within the premises with an additional investment of `425 crore.


Our truck plant has a capacity of 36000 units scalable to more than 70000 units. The bus plant has a capacity of 1500 units scalable to 4000 units.



With the Indian government looking to up its development ante what is Daimler’s specific strategy to contribute to the growth story?


India is an important market for Daimler and we are continuously introducing new products which will transform the Indian commercial vehicle industry. With top quality products from our world class factory in Oragadam, we have not only made a mark with our Indian and International customers, but also convinced other Daimler brands and entities to source parts from us and our supplier network. Today, DICV is exporting India-made trucks under the FUSO brand to 20 countries, and it will increase its market presence in 30 countries within the next two years. It has also already exported more than four million parts from its plant in Oragadam to Daimler entities in the world.




Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Daimler AG, Stuttgart, Germany and a fully fledged commercial vehicle player in the Indian market. It currently produces and sells above 9 to 49 ton trucks for the Indian volume market, under the brand name BharatBenz. BharatBenz stands for Indian engineering with German DNA. Under its bus division, the company produces and sells BharatBenz buses and Mercedes-Benz buses from its manufacturing plant at Orgadam. Bharat-Benz products have been engineered to serve all major customer segments with a focus on total-cost-of ownership, safety, reliability and comfort. Under the umbrella of Daimler Trucks Asia, DICV and MFTBC (Mitsubishi Trucks and Bus Corporation) are optimising research activities, product development and sourcing. The DICV built FUSO trucks are exported to markets in South East Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The state-of-the-art production plant at Oragadam, near Chennai, is spread over 400 acres. It includes a modern test track designed to simulate Indian conditions making it one of its kind in Asia. DICV has made an initial investment of `4,400 crore and an additional `425 crore for the bus plant facility. Sustainability being a core of Daimler’s corporate culture, DICV will focus on creating efficient, reliable and ecologically friendly products.


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