29 May 2020


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With India being the fastest growing economy in the world excavator firm Kobelco remains firmly anchored to the market.        



Kobelco is in India for less than a decade but it has followed a path of long-term presence with a sound base capable of meeting customer expectations across the country. Towards this end, the company has focused on building a strong support network covering even the remote areas of the country. Today, this network of well over a hundred touch-points ensures a healthy and fast response to all site locations. The outlets are well supported by a vibrant logistics arrangement which ensures quick availability of critical spare parts thereby facilitating high machine availability and uptime. It is not surprising that customers’ confidence in the Kobelco team has scaled high levels.                    



During the same period, Kobelco also implemented its “Make-in-India” plan by establishing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at SriCity in Andhra Pradesh, barely 65 km from Chennai. The fact that the Indian market experienced a sort of downturn did not deter the company from going ahead with its India plans.  Kobelco not only developed a facility with quality standards and processes at par with its manufacturing units elsewhere in the world, but also added capacity to fulfil future demands. It is a matter of pride that Kobelco’s India factory is actually exporting excavators to well-developed markets in South-east and West Asia as also to some parts of Africa. This is an endorsement of the quality standards being maintained.



Like many products introduced in the Indian market, Kobelco too went through the rigours of the tough and challenging conditions in India. Customers realized very soon that Kobelco was a company with a long-term vision in which they could fully trust.



Kobelco is a preferred brand in many areas and applications. Kobelco’s USP continues to be its Best-in-Class Fuel economy but the list of value additions keeps growing. Kobelco products have numerous features which provide excellent practical benefits to users in terms of productivity, reliability and longer service life of main components. No wonder, Customers acknowledge it as the best Value for their Money.


Kobelco currently offers five models of hydraulic excavators ranging from the 14 ton SK140HDLC to the 80+ ton SK850LC. Since its inception in 2011, the Sri City factory has already taken up manufacture of three models. It started with the SK210 in the most popular 20 ton segment, followed by the SK380HDLC in the 35 ton segment and last year, it commenced the manufacture of the SK140HDLC. The current range of Made-in-India models targets over 60 per cent of the total Indian excavator market.



In the last couple of years, Kobelco has become the preferred choice in neighbouring Nepal. The demand for Kobelco excavators is on the rise. This is an outcome of the exemplary performance of the machines with its higher fuel savings and output when compared with others.



Kobelco has been increasing its market visibility by actively participating in events like EXCON 2015 as well as the STONA 2016.



The company is also focused on training its manpower at all their dealerships to ensure a high level of service and support to its customers. Kobelco is also actively supporting the Skill Development initiative of ICEMA (Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturer’s Association) through IESC (Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council) to improve the overall availability of trained and skilled manpower including Operators, Mechanics and Supervisors.



As is being reported at various forums, India is expected to be the fastest growing economy in the world. This augurs well for the construction equipment industry. Many of the actions taken by the Centre in the last year and a half have now started showing some results. The last few months have certainly shown an upswing. Kobelco has been showing steady growth despite market hiccups and has been able to achieve better market share over the years. As one of the leading global brands Kobelco aims to achieve a leading position in the Indian market.

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