29 May 2020


All round benefits


Cat® dealers GMMCO, which is part of the CK Birla Group, and Tractors India Pvt. Ltd (TIPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of TIL Limited, have launched the CAT® 360° ADVANTAGE special purchase bundle.





The CAT 360° ADVANTAGE is a point-of-sale program designed to give customers the ability to match purchase offers to specific customer needs such as increased productivity, reduced cost and lower risk.

Based on research with equipment customers from around the world, Caterpillar was able to identify the most preferred types of services, which include:

  • Equipment Management Services
  • Preventive Maintenance Parts and Services
  • Extended Warranties
  • Financial Offers


Based on this direction from our customers, Caterpillar worked with a global team to define a wide range of services dealers could select from to create offers that were best-suited to the customers in each region. Specific offers that align with dealer services would also be a part of the CAT 360° ADVANTAGE.



What does CAT 360° ADVANTAGE mean?


The name 360° ADVANTAGE was built from inputs from customers who were looking for new ways to add value to their business. They wanted partners who could help them look at every angle—a 360 degree point of view—so that every improvement would come full circle to the bottom line. The ADVANTAGE is a reminder that the company’s services help customers improve their business in terms of productivity and profit.






When economic conditions are uncertain, equipment owners get the most value from products, technology and services that are reliable, easy to understand and are backed by a 100 per cent commitment. Because technology-enabled equipment and services are providing access to more actionable information than ever before, they are the ideal source for identifying and validating customers’ needs. Technology also gives the company ability to measure results and track business improvements. With the continued introduction of highly efficient equipment and the deep expertise of the Cat dealer network, Caterpillar and Cat dealers are uniquely positioned to provide customers around the world with more value and the confidence to keep it growing. The CAT 360° ADVANTAGE promises to deliver that value.





GMMCO and Tractors India Pvt. Ltd (TIPL) are introducing the CAT 360° ADVANTAGE on the purchase of any Cat 320D2 with below offers


The Equipment Management Solutions offer includes:


Fleet Reports


Monthly fleet reports are sent to customers from the EM Solutions champion at their dealer. CatProduct Link™ technology, part of Cat Connect Technology, hardware is provided free. A VisionLink® user account to view the data is provided with a free subscription for three years.




Customer Support Agreement (CSA) Options


Under the different options of CSA, Cat dealers will provide Preventive Maintenance Kits to suit the tailored needs of the customer. In addition, certain number of visits from maintenance technicians will be provided with no charge for labour.


A Powertrain + Hydraulics Equipment Protection Plan       


This extended coverage is designed specifically for new Cat equipment and gives customers the highest level of repair cost protection available for 2 years/6000 hours, whichever is earlier.


Special Cat Finance Offers

Exclusively for Cat 320D2, customers can take advantage of attractive offers on Interest Rates, Higher Funding and Extended Payment Periods provided from Cat Financial and Cat dealers.



Parts Availability Guarantee


Cat 320D2 comes in 2016 with a Parts Availability Guarantee up to 6000 hours for a fixed set of analysed part numbers to make sure there is no downtime on our customer’s machine. The Promise of Parts Availability Guarantee is within 72 hours delivery at address provided in purchase order or else redeemable 15 per cent discount voucher on value of non-shipped parts.



Service Response Time Guarantee


Cat 320D2 comes in 2016 with a Service Response Time Guarantee up to 10000 hours by Gmmco and TIPL. This exclusive CAT 360° ADVANTAGE bundle will enable owners and operators to realise added value, reduced risk and lower operating costs — which result in higher profitability.



31 SOS Samples free for 1 Year 


Customer will provided with 31 SOS Sample test reports free for 1 year to reduce downtime and increase all avenues of preventive maintenance on 950GC wheel loader.




Additional customised offerings


These include transportation, parts kit etc depending on commercial agreement between dealer and customer.



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