29 May 2020

Case Study-Volvo Construction Equipment

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Volvo Construction Equipment has played a major role in the success of Patel Infrastructure road projects



India has the second largest road network in the world. The statistics do all the talking: 5 million km of roads which include 93000 km of highways and 1000 km of expressways. What makes this achievement interesting is the fact that the growth in roadways has opened the way for development in infrastructure, employment, tourism and the economy in general. If one looks back today, it's one of those journeys which can be called arduous, exhilarating nonetheless.






Coincidentally, the story of Patel Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (PIPL) is similar to that of the Indian roadways. A 6 lane road project from Vadodara-Halol in Gujarat in 2000, sub-contracted from Punj Lloyd, was the first step the company took towards the development of the country and a brand. Arvind Patel, Managing Director, Patel Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. recalls, “Soon, with time, these little steps turned into a giant leap. Today 70 per cent of our turnover comes from road infrastructure and there's no looking back.”


Patel owes his company’s success to the immense role played by his father Vitthalbhai in realising the dream. “It was he who took PIPL to great heights – from a construction company in 1972 to a pioneer in infrastructure development with a turnover of `825 crore. Besides my father's blessing and my dedication, what has helped is the synergy and energy of all 5 directors, the team, partners and all those involved with PIPL”.


The company has been at the forefront of innovations in the roads sector by introducing new models of business introduced by the State and Central governments like Operate-Maintain-Transfer (OMT) and Output and Performance-based Road Contracts (OPRC).






Patel Infrastructure’s association with Volvo CE was established through the dealer West India Equipments Pvt. Ltd. in 2012. “They have been with us on the journey ever since. Which is why, we can count on them any day. Great service, understanding, timely delivery of spare parts and being well informed is how I would define them. Whether it is PIPL or Volvo, we've taken the same path to grow - both companies believe in employee satisfaction, CSR activities, ethical work standards and quality.”



Speaking about the role of Volvo CE in the success of his projects he says “Milestones are achieved only when you partner with the best. And when it comes to infrastructure development, the journey is long and sometimes arduous but what makes the journey fairly simple is Volvo CE. At work Volvo CE offers so many benefits, some major and some trivial. Sometimes it's hard to remember all that it does for us.”






PIPL’s journey into the future could not have been possible without understanding and exploiting avant-garde technologies. For needs in equipment the company partnered with Volvo CE. Its Volvo CE fleet includes Hydraulic Excavators, Asphalt Compactors, Wheel Loaders, Soil Compactors, Tandem Rollers, Pneumatic Tyre Rollers and Pavers.



For the Ahmedabad-Vadodara National Expressway 1 resurfacing project, three Volvo L90F Loaders were used for aggregate feeding at the asphalt plants. These loaders were instrumental in laying 5 lakh tonnes of bituminous asphalt. This milestone was achieved in a record time of 6 months.



The advantage derived by the company from using Volvo construction equipment has been immense. Patel recalls “The presence of Volvo CE has added stability to our work. When compared to other equipments it has a longer shelf life and a higher rate of production. We conducted an on-site comparison of Volvo DD100 Asphalt Compactor with its competitor, and the compactor from Volvo CE was at least 50 per cent more productive. The result was both surprising and refreshing.”



It is easy to see why the Patel Infrastructure – Volvo CE partnership has proved to be such a hit.


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