29 May 2020

Spotlight-Putzmeister Concrete Machines

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Putzmeister products will play a leading role in the implementation of national projects


Engineered for success, Solid partnership and Experience paves the way. This vision and message sent out from the concrete and mortar pump giant Putzmeister Concrete Machines Pvt Ltd, has established a very strong footprint in the Indian construction equipment market for concrete machinery and boom pumps. The company is on a roll following its spectacular all digital showing at Excon 2015. Putzmeister, which produces truck-mounted pumps, stationary pumps, and stationary placing booms and accessories, introduced its 30 cu.m and 60 cu.m batching plants during the event for which it received good feedback. Known for undertaking major landmark projects with innovative pumping solutions Putzmeister has developed advanced technologies and high quality services by investing more than `100 crore at its 180.000 sq ft production facility at Verna in Goa.






The company’s, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which first became operational in 2007, produces the entire concrete machine portfolio for local as well as international markets: these include the full range of stationary pumps with a capacity from 20 to 150 m3 output/hour as well as the truck mounted pumps with a reach from 20 to 42 m at an output from 70 to 160 m3/ hour, climbing booms from 28 to 32 m and batching plants from 30 to 100 m3 output. Going forward the company hopes to add more products from the Putzmeister international product portfolio for the Indian market entailing additional investments. The Goa facility not only caters to the domestic market but also exports to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other neighbouring countries and other neighbouring countries as well as South East Asia, Japan, South Africa and the Americas.






With the recent production of its batching plant, the MT-1.0, the company has emerged as a “single stop shop” for all concrete equipment that infrastructure developers and builders need. With a capacity of 60 m3/h the batching plant, which measures 33 by 24 meters, stands apart with respect to design and inbuilt features. The MT–1.0 is characterised by high productivity, functionality, easier operation and maintenance in order to meet the highest standards of commercial RMCs, infrastructure developers, contractors and others from India's dynamic construction industry. It offers the highest of all standards and features in regard to the operation and maintenance of a plant on a day-to-day basis such as Easy Drive Through for trucks and the Easy Access to the Tower. These are the features designed to ensure safety and productivity. Moreover, the MT–1.0 makes sure that there is a consistent homogenous mixture in every batch with shorter mixing cycles. This ensures that the customer’s project can run at its full capacity from day one. A robust design has been put in place for the toughest operating conditions known in the Indian terrain. The plant is not only easily accessible for the maintenance team, but it also creates value for money over the long run as there is less wear compared to the pan or planetary mixers which have been introduced in the Indian market.



Further with the industry emphasis on products which cater to market requirements like less noise, less fuel consumption, better ergonomics and user friendliness, Putzmeister has also introduced its new generation boom pump M36-4 NG. Built using aluminium and high-grade lightweight steel to reduce the weight by more than two tons the boom pumps come equipped with “Big Mouth” delivery cylinders of 230 mm diameter and a reduced hydraulic tank capacity. The company’s truck mounted boom pumps offer great reserves of power, suitability to the most extreme conditions, reduction in mechanical wear and ensure a greater level of operational availability.






As the pioneer of research and development in concrete pumping technology, Putzmeister offers the latest and most comprehensive range of concreting solutions. Putzmeister has achieved landmarks in both vertical and horizontal pumping technologies. Not only does Putzmeister produce the most technologically advanced machines, it also manufactures one of the world’s largest working concrete machines, the M 70. Indeed, there is overwhelming evidence of the reach of the German concrete pump manufacturer, as witness the classic case of the employment of its equipment at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Constructing the world’s tallest building would well nigh have been impossible without concrete being pumped vertically to a record height of 601 meters by Putzmeister’s super high pressure concrete pump. Putzmeister machines have also set other records in terms of long-distance concrete conveying (over 2015 m) at the Le Refrain construction project in France, and for the longest continuous pour in America.






Putzmeister has been at the forefront of various initiatives to protect the environment and has played a stellar role in CSR activities. On the green initiatives side it has set up its own water treatment plant and has been actively been involved in plantation of trees. The company management has also initiated Project Life, a CSR effort which undertook work to help Bethesda Life Centre, a NGO, which offers 3 homes and schooling for children coming from under privileged backgrounds. Putzmeister, besides providing rations, has undertaken to make their lives a bit more comfortable and happier through renovating the girls’s home, providing bunk beds and programmes, especially during Christmas, where a huge party was arranged for all 88 children, inclusive of presents, great food and fun for the children. In July 2015, it inaugurated a remedial school for children in the Baina area. The objective of this non-residential special training centre is to get the children ready to cope up in a normal school. Further to create awareness amongst employees and to enlist their active participation in such CSR projects, the company has formed the Putzmeister Employee Participation Program.






The company’s products cater to requirements of the construction sector in areas like real estate, infrastructure development, housing, mining and solid waste management. Putzmeister pumps have been deployed at various prestigious projects and are the first choice of real estate and infrastructure companies across India. Owing to their unique features and distinct qualities, the machines have been successfully installed on a wide range of prestigious construction projects including metro rail, expansion and modernisation of international airports at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru. The equipment also support the construction of various power plants, hydro electric projects, LNG tanks, refineries, ports, roads and bridges. From high rise concrete pumping at Gati Project, Sikkim of 2 km vertical pumping to the horizontal pumping of 320 m at Palais Royal Project, Mumbai the list of infrastructural achievements for Putzmeister is never ending. The other noteworthy projects supported by Putzmeister include the Reliance Industries’ Petrochemical project at Jamnagar, Gujarat which has utilised 20 concrete boom pumps. The project is presently expanding into Phase-3 which will take a total concrete pour of 24,00,000 cu. m.



With project implementation now on the national front burner Putzmeister India is looking to seize the business opportunities and contribute to the developments. The government’s emphasis on use of concrete instead of asphalt in the roads construction programme, and its increased usage in other infrastructure works, is expected to drive business for the company. The Putzmeister elephant’s appetite for business, no doubt bolstered by the new MT–1.0 batching plant, will see a big pick up in 2016.
Wilfried Theissen, Managing Director, Putzmeister Concrete Machines Pvt Ltd, is led to say, “We are very optimistic on India’s growth momentum picking up.”



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