03 June 2020

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Spotlight-Build My Ghar

Home portal


Buildmyghar, an online platform, offers choice and convenience to individuals to build their dream home.



Having revolutionised the construction industry with its products and the ‘Grey Revolution’ team Magicrete is now taking the ‘Construction Social’ route. Led by alumni of some of the most prominent institutes of India including IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi and IIM Lucknow and armed with an experience of almost 8 years in Innovative Construction Technologies, the Buildmyghar team brings a seamless home building experience to the users of the portal. The portal’s team includes professionals drawn from various areas of home construction to help users realise their home ambitions in the way they want.



Buildmyghar is an online platform for individual home builders (IHB) to select home plans and get their dream home constructed on their existing plot or to buy a plot from the platform in 4 steps CPOB process. The houses are built using prefab construction technology as modular elements in a factory, shipped to site and assembled by certified contractors, all in 60 days’ time. 



Construction goes social: The portal offers a transparent platform to its users to like, share or review the designs they like in the process empowering them to make decisions based on reviews and a rating system. Users can himself review the designs of various architects and write comments or reviews on their walls. A user can benefit from detailed blogs and a forum on home building and designs.



Virtual Office for Architects: This is a platform which enabling architects to reach to a wider audience and showcase their work. It is a ‘virtual office’ for architects to upload their plans thus providing Individual Home Builders (IHB) with thousands of options to choose from and a review/ rating based system to find the best plan suited to their plot size. Architects can publish their plans and get a wider reach and a reliable partner to deliver their clients excellent quality homes in a timely and cost effective manner.



  • Building a home while interacting with the virtual world. Sharing designs online and obtaining tips on home designs   
  • With features like home automation ensuring zero waste discharge and reducing electrical consumption the portal ensures Smart and Green homes
  • One step solution that allows users to accumulate all the resources needed to build  dream home
  • Facility to choose plans as per need, select finishing items as per choice, pay online and submit loan documents, monitor progress of the project.
  • Precast technology enables faster delivery with superior construction quality and values.

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