03 June 2020

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Interaction-R K Sharma, ED, AMCL Machinery

Thrust in areas like smart cities, housing, industrial complexes will boost our business. 


AMCL Machinery Limited is a group company of Hindustan National Glass Industries Limited, a leading manufacturer of container and float glass in the country. The Mumbai headquartered firm is a complete solutions provider in optimisation and upgradation of projects related to cement plants. The company is in the business of design, manufacturing, supply and installation of Vertical Roller Pre-Grinding Mill, Tri-Lobe Blowers. R K SHARMA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, AMCL MACHINERY LTD offered CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES an understanding of his company’s performance and plans going forward.  



Give us an overview of how AMCL products in the cement and concrete machinery segment fared through 2015 (company performance) and the expectations out of 2016?


AMCL is providing complete solutions in the field of cement and raw material grinding.  We are undertaking expansion projects and split location grinding units.  AMCL is supplying Vertical Roller Pre-Grinding Mill (VRPM) to reduce power consumption and increase the production for small capacity grinding mills. It is manufacturing state of the art Three Lobe Positive Displacement Blowers as per technical knowhow from Unozawa Gumi Iron & Works, Japan.   Our Three Lobe Blowers are known for their high efficiency, long service and uniform pressure.  The blowers are commonly used for cement kilns firing system. Besides that AMCL is offering a wide range of solutions for the pneumatic unloading and conveying system for power material. We are also manufacturing loose cement bulkers and transit mixers as per knowhow from Shinmaywa Industries Limited, Japan. The year 2015 had been sluggish as the overall installed capacity of cement production far exceeded the cement consumption in the country.  The situation is likely to remain the same in 2016 as well.  The improvement is expected beginning 2017 onwards.



AMCL has been a major contributor to the requirements of various RMC segments. How has the market for bulk handling systems and transit mixers performed?


Over the last 2-3 years, the market has been sluggish since RMC segment is dependent on housing and infrastructure projects.  We expect the situation to change somewhere by the end of this year or early next year when it is expected that work on large infrastructure and industrial projects will commence. The housing sector will also get a boost.




Tell us of your new products launched, order book position for machinery, and investments to raising capacities, export market geographies and position?


AMCL is now focusing on the projects business and we are quite active in the energy conservation segment.  In view of the oversupply situation, many of the cement manufacturers are trying to bring down variable cost by installing our equipment. We are also looking at the export market especially in South East Asiaand Africa.




Tell us of your company’s strategies to improve your business going forward?  Could you talk of new tie-ups and collaborations to raise your business profile?


We have tied-up with CNBM (Hefei) Group from China who is the No.1 supplier of Roller Press system in the world for cement, slag and raw material grinding. Once the market picks up, we hope to get good business in this segment. 


India would need a lot of cement sector related machinery going forward…




What roles does AMCL anticipate to play as project implementation gathers more momentum? Which are the sectors of the economy which will drive your business volumes?


As cement machinery manufacturers, we are hopeful that with the change in government policies giving boost to infrastructure projects, demand for cement will go up.  There is a lot of thrust in areas like smart cities, housing, industrial complexes etc. which will also boost cement consumption.  There are certain mega projects like bullet trains infrastructure, big ports, power plants etc. to give boost to consumption of cement and steel.




What is your outlook for 2016?


We are expecting a moderate outlook in the year 2016.  We hope that the infrastructure projects will pick up at the end of this year or early next year.  We, therefore, would like to focus on the core business at this juncture and reduce our costs to stay afloat.

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