29 May 2020

Interaction-Igor Palka, CEO, Bauma Conexpo

We expect to welcome about 750 exhibitors and 30,000 plus business visitors


The fourth edition of Bauma Conexpo India, the International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines and Construction Vehicles, a joint brand recently established by Messe München and AEM, is slated to take place from December 12 to 15, 2016 at the HUDA Grounds in Gurgaon near New Delhi. IGOR PALKA,CEO, BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA offered CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES a view of the prospects of the exhibition at the new venue.


Bauma Conexpo 2016 is to be held at a new venue—Gurgaon.  What has dictated this choice?

The shift to Gurgaon was based on several factors, mainly due to the availability of an open air ground. We do need approximately 1 lakh square meters of open air exhibition space, which was unfortunately no longer available in Greater Noida as they have erected new halls. We are looking forward to occupy the full 150,000 square meters of space at Sector 29, Gurgaon.


From both an exhibitor and visitor perspective what are the advantages of this new venue?

It is located much closer to the domestic and international airport, around 20 minutes away. Besides, the new venue has numerous hotels at a very close distance and is very well connected by road and public transportation. The metro station IFFCO Chowk is just next to the ground.


Could you provide details of the size of the exhibition area, the facilities available and the   expected number of exhibitors and visitors?

Similar to the editions in Mumbai in 2011 and 2013 at BKC, where we had the event on a plain field in temporary structures with non-existing infrastructure beforehand, we will again be planning and building everything from scratch at the venue in Gurgaon. Whoever has seen the first editions of bC India can be assured that we have managed to transfer a huge lawn area into an organised exhibition venue. We are already in the process of finalising the hangar constructions, measuring the load bearing capacity, compacting the grounds and will take care in the future further logistics like electricity, water and internet supply at this temporary ground.

The first few dozen companies have already applied for the exhibition in December this year and we are expecting around 750 exhibitors and 30,000 plus business visitors to welcome at this year’s BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA.



What are the areas of exhibition conduct and preparation you would like to see improved as compared to your last edition?

We have a new name, a new logo and new venue but we are not comparing with the previous edition too much. However we are working on the number of big players taking part in the exhibition, on more international pavilions coming to India, therefore automatically expecting a higher turnout in visitors due to the interesting list of participants. Eventually improvement in terms of reaching the exhibition ground and the closer distance to the city and hotels has already been achieved by relocating to Gurgaon.


What are your expectations in terms of business volumes?

I think we are witnessing for a few months now a slight upward trend built upon the positive sentiment and an increased demand in certain sectors like the road equipment industry. Forecasts predict an increased demand in earthmoving equipment, concrete equipment, material handling equipment and a modest growth of around 6 per cent in terms of equipment sales and up to 10 per cent growth in revenue terms. As exhibitions are usually the mirror of the industry our show will certainly grow with the respective sectors and therefore will welcome more manufacturers, component manufacturers and eventually potential buyers or contractors.



What is the support you are receiving from the government and the construction equipment industry?

I believe that the strongest global brand in terms of international construction machinery shows is with its Indian chapter BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA which is very well established and known to all industry players and associations. We do receive continuous support on that front. I do also remember my meetings with the Union ministers Nitin Gadkari and Manohar Parrikar visiting the exhibition last year and hope for such a continuation and close cooperation with the ministries.

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