10 July 2020

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Dr. Fixit, the waterproofing expert, from the house of Pidilite Industries Ltd, a pioneer in consumer and specialties chemicals in India, has announced the launch of Dr. Fixit Blueseal. This product provides fool proof waterproofing system that is leak-free and guarantees a superior performance on the roof in comparison to Brickbat Coba. Blueseal also bagged the prestigious Design Wall Award 2014 for its extraordinary innovation.  Dr. Fixit Blueseal is a unique Spray Applied Polyurethne Waterproofing System with no joints, is less labour intensive, has 3 times more life expectancy and has no critical failure points of most conventional and some modern roofing systems. It offers 2 ½ times better insulation and the manpower required is just 1/10th as compared to brickbat.  It also adheres well to concrete, masonry and variety of other substrates.



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Panasonic India has introduced its range of solar LED lights with the objective to help resolve lighting issues in non-electrified regions. The solar LED light, fully rechargeable in 5 hours, and emitting light unidirectionally (120 degrees) is convenient and practical as a light source as well as a power source in areas without electricity. This is a continuation of the Hundred Thousand Solar Lanterns Project - an initiative by the company to donate a total of 100,000 solar LED lanterns. Panasonic’s solar LED light with a 1.25-watt output solar panel and a mobile charging port offers a clean and safe alternative as a light source, as well as a power source for people living in such areas. The portable light can be used in homes and various other locations including hospitals, schools, shops and outdoors. The light can be fully charged in five hours to provide up to six hours of light at the maximum brightness setting. The LED solar lights will play a huge role in minimising the dependence of rural households on fire wood and dung cakes, which in turn will contribute to environmental conservation



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