10 July 2020

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We are the first in the world to introduce honeycomb technology in the construction sector


Sustainability is the key ingredient required to be embedded in today’s frenetic pace of construction activity. A world leader in the field of corrosion control services Chemtreat India Ltd entered the business in 1980. MUKUL GUPTA, MANAGING DIRECTOR, CHEMTREAT INDIA LTD, in an interview with VEENA KURUP dilated on the role played by his firm in providing smart and sustainable materials which raise the quality and life cycle of construction projects across the country. Give us an understanding of Chemtreat’s approach towards sustainability in construction, more specifically Eco Earth Solutions? 



Chemtreat India is a worldwide leader in the field of corrosion control services. Driven by the need to be part of the solution rather than the problem, Chemtreat has chosen the path of innovation. This has led us to the evolution of Eco Earth Solutions which are a range of sustainable materials destined to be a game changer in the construction, architecture and interior designing business.  The Eco Earth Solutions range of sustainable materials is a result of cutting edge research, a keen understanding of consumer needs and responsibility towards the environment. These are innovative pathways which set global standards with their aesthetic appeal, exceptional functionality and extreme durability. The products and technologies offered by Eco Earth Solutions focus on addressing the universal problem of depleting natural resources. Furthermore, with its cost effective and energy efficient nature, the products and technologies prevail as ideal solutions for sustainable construction. The use of these revolutionary products can transform the way the construction industry does business.




Tell us of Ecopod’s uniqueness which makes it a first-of-its-kind in the market? How does the product contribute to sustainable construction?

Ecopods are especially designed to suit the sustainable demands involving the construction sector. The house made of Ecopods is constructed without using any nut or bolts and can withstand wind loads of up to 600 km/hour. Similar products – known to be made from ‘space-age advanced composite materials’— are being utilised for years in the aerospace and defence sectors for the last 30 years. We are the first in the world to introduce the concept of honeycomb technology into the construction sector. Our indigenously researched and developed, prefab Ecopods utilises super strong and lightweight magnesium oxide skins which are combined with aluminium honeycomb core panels. The panels also serve a dual purpose of being an infill and act as a structural member at the same time. In addition, ecopods can be easily transported and erected anywhere, in as little as a day. On an average these structures can be installed within 4 hours and completely dismantled in 2 hours. Moreover, these panels for floor walls and roof elements are specially designed to fix into any finish, moulds and can be incorporated with any cladding patterns and paint coatings etc. Also, Ecopods are modular and can be attached to any number of other pods to create a variety of layouts. High acoustic insulation makes the structures fully sound proof, which is a first-of-its-kind feature incorporated in systems utilised for construction activities, especially for the realty sector.



How much can Ecopods contribute towards the construction of energy efficient structures?

The Ecopod construction system is a high tech, sustainable, architect designed, robust, easily assembled and modular building system. The systems are designed with cutting edge details, finishes, unique materials and fabrication systems, which are carefully selected by emphasising on imposing minimal environmental impacts. The magnesium oxide board – aluminium honeycomb composite panels are located right at the heart of the system, which is material of choice as per the requirements for structures with great strength, low weight and high rigidity. The products are fully green in nature and are apt solutions for the construction and development of eco-friendly structures. The utilisation of honeycomb panelled systems avoids the utilisation of plywood, concrete, mortar and such raw materials involved in the construction process. This ultimately helps in saving trees and also in limiting the usage of our perishable natural resources like aggregates and concrete. Moreover, these structures are highly thermally insulated and are equivalent to structures built by using insulation materials. The ability also enables in avoiding the usage of insulation materials and has no carbon emissions. We call this product as a total eco-friendly housing solution.




Which are the major areas for application for your Ecopod systems and which are the sectors that drive demand for it?

The products can support and are ideal solutions for all construction projects requiring fast execution process, green housing and conventional structures. The structures are priced between `3500-`5000 per sq ft, on full completion. We are basically targeting one-storied, ground+3 and ground+4 storied structures. We are also positively seeing opportunities emerging from Smart Cities and Special Economic Zones (SEZ). Products and technologies like Ecopods are ideal in meeting our Prime Minister’s ambitious agenda of creating 100 Smart Cities. The products with its fast installation and dismantling abilities also have an edge over RCC technology. However, as these technologies are the latest entrants into the Indian construction sector, it doesn’t prevail as an ideal choice for mass or affordable housing segments.  Moreover, these can be considered as replacement technologies and are a little expensive in nature due to their technical uniqueness. Hence, our capacities are presently limited only to premium and mid-premium segments. We purposely do not intend to explore into the mass housing section. We have also approached UNO to assist in housing projects which require similar products and technologies to ensure faster and sustainable construction.




Please share with us your views on the availability, acceptability and utilisation of such eco-friendly innovative products and technologies in India’s
construction sector?

Advancements in technology have evidently reformed materials and methods in construction. However, the prevalent trends indicate that the global consumption patterns are still to a large extent unsustainable. There is a dire need to address the loss of bio-diversity, depleting natural resources and climate change. A significant change in the construction process can be brought through effective combination of technological advances and lifestyle changes, which can restore the eco- balance. In the way forward, manufacturers of energy efficient products and services will surely lead to a sustainable future. But, can consumers be expected to choose a product simply because it meets the criteria of sustainability? Quality, value addition and attractive pricing need to be inextricably linked to the idea of sustainability to make the green products a smart choice for the consumer.  Price is a major challenge and can be considered a deciding element influencing the choice of customers towards such products. However, we are hopeful of gaining a wide demand base with increased customer awareness of such products and technologies and the value additions associated with its utilisation.



What are the other energy efficient range of products and technologies offered by Eco Earth Solutions?

We offer 3D glass fiber sandwich panels, a new material consisting of two deck layers bonded together by vertical piles. These piles are woven into the deck layers thus forming an integral sandwich structure. Unlike the RCC panels these products do not use reinforced bars and instead use glass fibres. The product is light-weight, corrosion resistant, has high specific strength and modulus and high impact damage tolerance. We are also specialised in the production and development of epoxy and polyester resins. Apart from this we also have the Foam Sandwich Panels, which is a combination of structural foam core material with various skin combinations such as fire resistant/ fir proof MgO Boards or Polymer Matrix Composite skins and many others. The cellular structure acts as noise and vibration dampener and increases thermal and sound proofing properties of the panel making it highly useful as a partition in the construction and transport industries. Foam sandwich panels have high thermal insulation properties which varies based on the application requirements. Due to its light weight and mechanical characteristics it has diverse application in various industries. They can be widely applied to all kinds of decoration and building construction projects. Other products include Plumplank, an engineered composite thermoplastic board; and Woody Lenosa which is the world’s first composite material of wood and plastic and is a winning  alternative when it comes to  wood and plywood requirements. We also have our presence in the tiles and flooring segment through our products Celeste – a marble and granite alternative and Ecocrete HP – a high performance, leak proof grout for tile bedding and jointing purposes.




What is your approach towards implementing the concept of localisation or Indianisation of products? Please share with us the details about your manufacturing facility?

All our products and technologies are fully developed and manufactured in India. The products, right from its planning, designing and manufacturing stage are being processed by considering the requirements, topographical and geographic conditions of Indian projects. Customer demand and need is given prime importance in our operational strategy, due to which all our products and technologies are fully made to suit the Indian demand conditions. We have our state-of-the-art modular manufacturing unit located at Khopoli, in Maharashtra, spread over a 5 acre land. The unit presently can meet orders of about 200 houses a month. We have patented our technology and hence are proudly supporting our Prime Minister’s ‘Make In India’ campaign.



  • Affordable cost
  • Excellent quality
  • Super strong resistance
  • High safety - Earthquake proof
  • Weather proof
  • Easy to build
  • Quality finish and luxury fittings

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