10 July 2020

Table of Contents for Project Management

Sangam Case Study

Empowering Nahar’s Sarvodaya Heights

Sangam Project Management Consultants’ dedicated team of professionals supported Nahar & Seth Enterprises in developing the prestigious Sarvodaya Heights

Sarvodaya Heights a twin multi-storey residential project is developed by Nahar & Seth Enterprises. The project, 158 m high, spanning over 3,75,000 sq. ft. area involved 152 flats and four penthouses. The project sports amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium, club house, Landscaped Gardens, indoor and outdoor utilities. As in any construction projects, Nahar Group aimed to successfully execute the project after gaining approvals from the High-Rise Committee. However, due to the delayed approval process, the situation involved immense pressure from flat holders and investors alike for possession over the apartments. The scenario thus demanded for effective assistance and expertise of a project management consultant in delivering professional and planned approach towards easing and fastening the project’s execution process. Nahar Group opted for Sangam Project Consultants as their Project Management Consultant solely with an objective of completing the project within the stipulated timeline and maintaining work quality as well. The task before Sangam was indeed magnum opus. However, the dedicated team of professional experts from Sangam adopted the planned approach for effectively implementing the project.


Modus Operandi

Soon after the appointment of Sangam, detailed discussions were held with the developer Ar. Ajay Nahar over a period of 2-3 weeks and a Snag list was prepared by Sangam team members. A site meeting was later organized with Ar. Ajay Nahar and other stakeholders of the project, wherein the timeline was finalised. The discussion focused upon drawing decisions upon distinct facets involving:

  • Scope of the project
  •         Key objectives of the project
  •         Aim and timeline of the project
  •         Resource available for the project
  •         Roles and responsibilities within the project

Based upon the decisions gained through the detailed interactive meetings, a series of steps were implemented gradually by Sangam with the help of Ar. Ajay Nahar for effective project completion. The measures involved:

  •         Crafting micro and macro project schedules
  •         Reducing schedule to a set of daily manageable tasks
  •         Prioritizing the activities
  •         Obtain appropriate and necessary resources – materials, equipments, labour and tools required etc
  •         Review, analyse and plan teams to perform the unfinished tasks/ activities
  •         Obtain quotes, negotiate and prepare bid comparison to gain approvals on balance work
  •         Prepare relevant PO’s and WO’s as necessary
  •         Lead the team and set individual objectives of team members
  •         Motivate the team
  •         Plan the daily work and allocate the resources as per respective tasks
  •         Monitor and control the work through bi-weekly meetings
  •         Weekly and fortnightly review meetings
  •         Updating and reporting the progress of the project to partners and Ar. Ajay Nahar

Additionally, with the project inching towards its phase of completion of bare necessities and outlined project works, the situation demanded for incorporating new set of activities, ultimately increasing the scope of work. The timeline for the project however remained unchanged. The effective expertise and contribution from Sangam’s project management techniques enabled in incorporating new series of facets involving landscaping, cladding, interiors etc. The project paced through effective execution process witnessed ease in execution and qualitative results due to the adoption and implementation of project management principles.


Series of Benefits

In a nutshell, Nahar & Seth Enterprises benefited productively in its distinct constructional functions due to the employment of project management consultants. Control over time, cost and resource remained as the prime benefit attached with the effective practise of project management techniques. The other benefits attached through the adoption of project management principles included resource scheduling to prioritise and complete activities, budget formulations and periodic review, expenditure reporting and monitoring, consultations on deviations and alternative methods to control cost in upcoming activities, analysing emerging trends, devising remedial actions on time and cost overruns, contract management and management of diverse stakeholders, co-ordination over design, personnel, material, procedures and facilities etc. Furthermore, Sangam also enabled Nahar & Seth Enterprises in gaining inventory management over materials being utilized, ensured qualitative control and monitoring of work practises, management of workforce after evacuation from premises and contract closure.


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