10 July 2020

Company Focus- Ispat

Advantage Ispat



Ispat Infrastructure India Ltd has emerged as a multi-faceted, multi-dimension company with a leading presence in various segments of the industry. It has built up specialised competence by blending a unique confluence of technology and creative managerial perspective in tune with the changing trends of globalisation and Indian infrastructure demands.




The company is the first to introduce a large variety of improved construction equipment especially in vertical logistics and rebar solutions. Being pioneers in this field and also being passionate about newer and better technology, Ispat has a wider range of products that are yet to be introduced to the market. Its principals GEDA, MEP, GOIAN, ICARO and Europa will be putting up stalls in the upcoming BAUMAConexpo 2014.




The company is the sole distributor and service provider in India for world class construction equipment from top international companies in their respective fields. It has several firsts to our credit, like introduction of:

  • Rack and pinion mast climbing work platforms,
  • Passenger and material hoists,
  • Preston Superdeck
  • Automatic bar cutting and bar bending machines
  • Reverse Drum Hydraulic Skip,
  • Concrete Mixers




To provide a safe, cost effective, productive and good environment for the engineering, construction industry and infrastructure development projects.

Ispat Infrastructure has contributed significantly to the rapid progress in the construction industry. Ease of operation and low maintenance of modern equipment have revolutionised construction and helped change the skyline across cities. Ispat imports standard equipment from European companies which adhere to strict international quality standards and norms. The company has an all India presence which is solidly backed by technical and service teams which provide excellent after sales services. Even with stiff competition, the company is able to deliver both technical excellence and great quality taking it from strength to strength. The company offers different schemes to cater to a variety of client requirements. The products are available on sale, rental schemes and even buy-back options are provided.



Ispat Infrastructure India Ltd, since its very inception, has adopted highly aggressive marketing strategy to capture its market niche in a highly competitive environment. The company’s Marketing Department is being managed under the expert supervision of Kapil R Ghai, Chairman and Managing Director. He has been a dynamic planner in drafting strategic market plans having carried impressionistic study of India’s top class construction companies. He is the driving force behind the company’s new approach to marketing policies.


Some of the products and their application areas:

  • Mast Climbing Work Platforms: Brick laying, cladding, painting, glass and window installations, renovation work, façade work etc.
  • Men & Material Hoists: Different capacity hoists for various vertical logistics in the construction of all heights of buildings and other structures.
  • Tower Cranes and Luffing Cranes
  • Superdeck: An easy way to load and unload equipment and material to higher floors with cranes.
  • SuperBarrier and SuperAccess: SuperBarrier is used a barricades in a variety of cases or as safety railings. SuperAccess provides a completely enclosed safe way to create access pathways both vertical and horizontal.
  • Rope Suspended Platforms: For façade work, cleaning and renovation
  • Building Maintenance Units: Permanent installations that can be deployed for maintenance work.
  • Automatic Rebar Cutting and Shaping Machines: Complete Rebar solutions involve all sorts of rebar shaping, stirrups, meshes and cages for construction




For more detail contact:

Email: sales@iiipl.in

Website: www.iiipl.in


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