10 July 2020

Volvo Sucess Story

A partnership as strong as concrete  


“There was no road for us, so we paved one. And this journey has been smooth and fulfilling, thanks to a reliable partner like Volvo. We are the first customer in the country to invest on Volvo Excavator - EC220DL”

Kadaieswari group of companies is one of the leading aggregate and ready mix concrete manufacturer in South India, with more than 35 years of experience and expertise in the quarry aggregates field and 30 years in road construction segment. Operated from Karnampettai near Coimbatore, they are the most preferred aggregate slurry and ready mix producer with a turnover of more than 75 crores.

Driven by unswerving quality, excellence and a dream to build a stronger India, Kadaieswari is recognized as the spearhead of quarry aggregate business and has diversified its portfolio to the entire spectrum of infrastructure activities in South India including mass earth evacuation works, earth filling works, mining development works, road work and infrastructure, canal works, quarry works, packing, loading and transporting of cement and other general civil engineering projects.

Kadaieswari’s activity index includes aggregates, manufactured sand, infrastructure contracting and construction. Apart from this, high voluminous earthwork, back filling and all types of roadwork and building works like construction of bridges, industrial, commercial and domestic buildings, etc. Their long list of projects for private, public, state and central government organizations stand testimony to the fact that Kadaieswari is a name to reckon with.

Talking about the ever-growing success graph of the company, A. Venkatachalam, Chairman, Kadaieswari group of companies reminisces “Looks like yesterday when we started off with only two things in mind concrete values and a business vision that aimed to redefine the aggregate industry.  There was no road for us, so we paved one. And this journey has been smooth and fulfilling, thanks to a reliable partner like Volvo.”

He adds, “We are renowned to offer top quality and correct quantity. To know how we do it, you should see the tenacious Volvo machines we have deployed to execute every single job to perfection”.  Our love for Volvo is not fortuitous. We tested and researched all the machines for unmatched productivity and unparalleled fuel efficiency before investing. We are the first customer in the country to invest on Volvo Excavator - EC 220 DL. This machine has given unmatched fuel efficiency and productivity without a breakdown. And since then, we have not looked for any other brand; such is the trust for Volvo machines. Today our fleet includes Volvo excavators, rock breakers, blue metal crushers, sand plants, etc. Having the same Volvo DNA we originally had four EC210 machines and one EC240 machine, which were joined by two EC210 and one EC220DL machine over the time.

He says, “We rely on Volvo machines for a variety of tasks. Loading and breaking aggregates, overburden removal and surface cleaning in the quarry are few of the major tasks Volvo machines prove their mettle everyday. Volvos offer the same efficiency and excellence from day one to the last day of use. No other machine comes close, when reliability matters.” Add to that with 20 per cent more productivity, zero breakdowns, operator comfort and safety and a brand that is recognized world over for its strength and endurance. In this connection, I must appreciate the support  from Advanced Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd. round the clock.

I am sure; nobody would even look for other brand but Volvo, because they are worth the investment.


How Volvo CE added momentum to an equipment rental company’s growth 


“If you go and build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful, and that is not just about us but Volvo CE as well.”

Customer background

Gaurav Enterprises was founded in 1985 upon a commitment to provide the highest quality products and absolute excellence in service to customers. The goal was to build lasting customer relationships and ultimately, to be the equipment rental company of choice in every market they served.

“As an equipment rental organization, our business thrives on multiple factors such as maximum fleet utilization and uptime, efficient customer service, strategic rental terms, and cost-effective solutions to clients. It is a large canvas to work on, and unless you have an efficient fleet of machines, it is difficult to survive, let alone succeed. We were looking for a construction equipment company that understood these dynamics.” says Rishi Gupta


Knowing when to switch gears

As someone said, growth is life and no one believes this adage more than Gaurav Enterprises. During the last decade, they have focused on building their fleet of rental equipment and believe that by adopting the best of technology to provide the right solutions for their clients, growth is assured. Thankfully they found an ideal partner in Volvo CE with its advanced fleet of construction equipment machines. With the right equipment and machinery, safety training, genuine spares and well trained service personnel, Volvo CE provided the flexibility and muscle power that Gaurav Enterprises needed to improve customer service through flexible rentals.

It will be only appropriate to mention here that Gaurav Enterprises was introduced to Volvo CE by Suchita Millenium, an authorized dealer of Volvo CE in East India.


The Volvo CE solution that altered everything for the better!

At Volvo, we understand that no one is more important than the customer and nothing pays as much as true customer delight. A lot has changed for Gaurav Enterprises since the company starting purchasing and renting Volvo construction equipment because of the superior technology Volvo machines provide. Today we own a fleet of 15 Volvo machines comprising of EC290 & EC210 Excavators, SD110 Compactors, G930 Graders, which have proved to be a great investment and has helped the management in scaling up their operations effectively.

“Volvo CE has enabled effective control over costs and operational parameters like equipment availability, operational expenses, equipment run time, etc., which has in turn led to improved equipment utilization and profitability. As it has become possible to perform real-time analysis of key parameters, the management is never short of adequate information for strategic decision making,” avers Rishi Gupta

With an aim to diversify in to large scale infrastructure projects, Gaurav Enterprises is now confident of moving forward because they know that when they buy a Volvo, they get one of the most reliable machines on the market. With ready help on all the products, services and knowledge customers need to optimize their machine’s profitability and productivity along with a global dealer and service network, well-trained service personnel and the right parts, Volvo CE is the friend to have when it matters.


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