10 July 2020

Company Focus- Advandes

Design to Differentiate


Design and innovation have emerged as a market differentiator leading to greater business productivity

Good design can increase manufacturing competitiveness and productivity. The use of design is gaining prominence in this decade with policy makers promoting design for various sectors.

Advandes is a Pune based design engineering services company. It has vast experience in designing off road vehicles, material handling equipment and construction equipment. The company approaches the design problems differently and provides functional and aesthetic solutions which are well accepted both by industry and the end customer.


Traditional product development methods are being replaced with modern tools based on research and innovation to achieve high level of competitiveness. Today with all the other areas of businesses are matured and mastered by competition the only differentiation to engage customers is achieved through design. Design is a powerful tool to translate the management vision into reality.


At Advandes the design process starts with understanding the user, product and technology.


The steps of product development are broadly divided into

  • Design research
  • Industrial design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Testing 


Even though the process is not linear as mentioned it will be always be defined by project goals.

Design research focuses on the user of equipment, usage and competition benchmarks. Research findings will provide inputs for concept design. These insights always pave way for innovative solutions.

Industrial design focuses on providing aesthetic and functional improvements. Design ideas are given a shape and form and are tested for ergonomics and other usability aspects.

Engineering phase goes parallel with industrial design to enable the product to become reality. A well-engineered product is very crucial for success in construction and material handling industry.

Prototyping & testing phasemakes sure the product lives up to the expectation of design and gives insights to mass manufacturing.



Advandes is a multidisciplinary design company with major focus on new product development, transportation design and advanced engineering. It provides design advantage to its customers and helps them build new products and Services. It adds value through design differentiation in the crowded market space.

Advandes’ unique design process focuses on end customer needs and preferences to evolve an innovative, aesthetic, highly usable yet pragmatic solution.

In transportation design, the company’s domain expertise spans buses, commercial vehicles, material handling equipment, defense vehicles, agricultural equipment, earth movers, recreational vehicles and  special mobility vehicles.

In in new product development which includes medical devices, scientific equipment, defense systems, capital equipment, consumer electronics, enclosure design and design for emerging markets.

Advandes’ advanced engineering expertise includes mechanical engineering, CAE and FEA, plastics engineering, composites engineering, embedded engineering and mechatronics. The engineering capability coupled with prototyping facilities enables advandes to create a foolproof product to be launched in the market.




Director –Strategy and Marketing

Satish Komaragiri is a trained Industrial Designer and Architect from reputed Institute like National Institute of Design (NID) and Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU). He is passionate about new product development and has experience of about 10 years in the industryand specializes in Product strategy, design research and marketing.


Sreejith Kumar,

Co-Founder, Head, New Product Development

Sreejith Kumar is a trained Mechanical Engineer and Industrial Designer from reputed institutions like MACE, Kerala and National Institute of Design (NID). Over the years he has built his expertise in total product integration converging many faculties of engineering like Mechanical, electrical and embedded. He has experience of about 10 years. Currently he is heading a team of Industrial designers, mechanicalengineers and embedded Engineers at Advandes.


The success of product depends on several factors and design is a leading contributor. A planned approach in developing new products will save time and money to manufacturers. Advandes works closely with customers supporting them in all product development activities from idea to market launch. Over the years we have many success stories in challenging new product development area.


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