29 May 2020

Interaction - Shridhar Rao, Sales Head, Elematic India

Elematic in India offers full-fledged Technology and Engineering services



Elematic India is a part of Elematic OYJ, based in Finland, a world leader in manufacturing of precast concrete plants and production lines. With more than 60 years of operational experience, the company has supplied Precast technology to over 100 countries and to every continent. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, SHRIDHAR RAO, SALES HEAD, ELEMATIC INDIA speaks about his company’s focus on R&D and technological innovations and latest launch Elematic Extruder E9.






Briefly give us an over view on the Precast Concrete industry. How widespread is the acceptance of precast technology in India?How are you doing to disseminate knowledge about it among end-users?


The main advantages of precast technology are quality, speed of construction, and Quality of construction at comparable costs to an RCC structure.  India is one of the key potential markets and Elematic’s investment in setting up a large support base out of India is proof of that.


In India, Elematic is the only turnkey solutions provider present in the country, for over 10 years. With a 100 people team, Elematic is truly a technology partner that can come on board, impart on the ground expertise and the knowledge in setting up Precast plant and help client achieve their long-term vision of a successful Precast business.


Overall in India, there are 55 large to small precast plants and Elematic has set up more than 30 plants, with higher weightage to large plants, hence the market has rewarded Elematic with a market share more than 50%.


Precast construction market is growing rapidly in the last 2 years even though this is majorly concentrated in Metros. There is a wide spread interest in adopting technology and we expect this interest and knowledge to percolate to other cities in India.


With our experience and presence of more than 10 years in India,we have made efforts to localize the production and Elematic’s ISO 9001:2015 certified fabrication plant at Alwar, Rajasthan, has met this need by production of all fabricated moulds and elements required in a precast plant. This improves cost-efficiency of these heavy-duty products and significantly reduces their delivery time ad logistic.




What kind of government policy would foster growth of the precast industry in India?


Government intervention and support in adopting technologies shall play a key role in bringing Precast technology into the mainstream. We now know that without technology there is no way to complete the ambitious projects Government has kept a vision on. PMAY or other housing needs can be met efficiently by Technology, by declaring 2019 as a Construction Technology year Government has focused the attention and awareness.


We expect subsidies and exclusivity which will jumpstart the projects using Technology. It would be beneficial if certain number of projects are kept reserved to be complete using Technology and this will give head start for mass adoption. Projects like Light house challenge are essential to get acceleration. Some sops in terms of duties and incentives by way of subsidies may also push the market to move faster.


With Introduction of RERA and expectations of a speedier solution, Precast construction will be propelled into main stream and we expect that to happen in the next 5 years.




Give us a brief background of your company, products offered and also share with us details about your manufacturing units – location and capacities


Elematic is a Precast Technology market leader since 1959 and focus is on Building technologies.


Elematic’s growth over the last 60 years has been characterized by ambitious product development and the constant innovation of new products.


Elematic provides Precast technology solutions for production of all structural elements of a building.


  • Slab
  • Wall
  • Column
  • Beam
  • Stairs
  • Internal Partition walls


Elematic India Pvt Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Elematic Oyj, has its offices located in New Delhi and Pune. The company also has a manufacturing facility at Alwar Rajasthan.


Elematic in India employs more than 100 skilled resources and offers precast machinery and related structural design services mainly needed in fast growing precast market of India.




Give us an understanding of post sale services offered?


One of the important steps in Customer’s journey in adopting Precast technology is in understanding the structural complexities of the building and its design parameters.


Elematic has a team of 25 Design Engineers who have the required expertise in Designing Precast buildings and that gives insights to clients about the costs and design involved. This single factor provides a huge value to client and we also offer full-fledged design services to clients who opt for that, as a technology partner.


Elematic production lines are designed to generate the lowest possible operational costs and the best end products. All machinery in the production line meets the strict requirements of the EC Machinery Directive.


We have a team of 30 + after sales and Projects team who not only help establish Precast plant, but also help supervise the production line, train the client team and help optimize end to end process of Precast production. We also offer AMC and Service agreements,that help run the plant 24x7 with minimal breakdowns,plan spare parts and preventive maintenance so that production runs as desired.




What are the USP of Elematic vis-à-vis competitors.


It’s all about the value we bring to the table. Elematic India offers full-fledged Technology partnership and Engineering services. Not only do we have local presence of after sales service teams, we also have Engineering resources that help clients in executing projects.No other competitor offers such full range of services that help client go through the learning curve with minimal disruption to the project.


We come in the very inception of a project as a technology partner on board and advise client on the best methods to adopt from advising the right building structure to selection of Plant and machinery.


We hand hold customer team and we understand complexities of running the production plant and provide support in areas where customers need such service.


We have Architects and Third-party consultants who have Precast expertise on board and make sure that client gets maximum productivity both from plant and operations.



What is your company’s focus on R& D and technological innovations?


Continuous development and improvement are embedded in Elematic’s philosophy. We believe this the only way to renew our business. With 450 patents and largest yearly R&D investment in the industry, we aim at making even more efficient, safe and user-friendly machines and technologies, that generate true added value for customer needs.


Elematic has the ownership of many original precast concrete production technologies, such as Elematic shear compaction technology, Extruders that are state of the art machines for Hollow core slab production and Acotec partition wall technology. They are concrete innovation examples that have helped our customers in meeting their business challenges.


Elematic R&D is an ongoing process of developing and fine-tuning not only machines, parts and materials but also manufacturing processes, user software, and interfaces.




Details us on the new products launched by your company.


We have achieved many milestones in last 60 years and determined to lead innovations in precast industry and to provide its customers with unique, smart & efficient solutions,


Recently we have launched the all-new Elematic Extruder E9 - the best-in-the-industry extruders. Representing the 5th generation of Elematic Extruders, the machine sets a new benchmark for high-speed casting in hollow-core slab production with low production costs.


The new fully-automated Elematic EDGE wall line optimizes the whole precast wall production from building design all the way to the construction site. The line features advanced software, modern table circulation and state-of-the art production machinery, and its automated functions cover planning, monitoring and controlling the production process.


This year we introduced the Wall MES system which is a part of Elematic’s new, advanced Plant Control solution for precast production. The Wall MES part of Plant Control will cover automatic production planning, work follow-up and quality control of precast wall production. The system can also take panel design information in directly from BIM systems such as Tekla Structures.


Elematic Wall MES optimizes the panel production and gives a variety of tools for planning and monitoring. The main objective of the manufacturing execution system is to achieve smooth, continuous production and low operational costs as well as ensure high quality of precast wall panels.



Your strategy in this price sensitive market.


We have made efforts to bring costs down by having manufacturing unit at Alwar Rajasthan where we are sourcing a lot of components locally. Elematic’s ISO 9001:2015 certified fabrication plant, improves cost-efficiency of these heavy-duty products and significantly reduces their delivery time. By optimizing building design we also help clients choose the right technology.



Could you name a few projects your company has been associated with and the benefits accrued to them?


We have associated with many remarkable projects in term of machines, design & execution. Our clients have built a lot of buildings starting from 2 lakh sq. ftBUA up to 15 lakh sq. ft BUA


In Delhi alone, B.G. Shirke is doing 10,000 apartments every year and handing them over to DDA under the low cost/PMAY/EWS schemes. Katerra, Aurobindo Realty, Shapoorji and Pallonji, Godrej projects are some of the well know names we are associated with.


So, there has been a lot of visibility for precast and the benefits it is bringing. Today, there are 50-60 precast factories in India, out of which Elematic alone has set up more than 30 plants.


It all depends on the project(s) you have in hand. And if you have a fixed timeline, then there can be nothing better than precast technology and construction to help you doing the project in time and within the estimated cost.




Do you offer rentals and equipment financing to prospective customers?


Most of the projects in Precast need customized machinery and run for a long duration, in such scenario rental is not an optimal solution.


Financing options are available from Elematic Finland through Finnish banks at competitive interest rates.



Which segments are the biggest demand drivers for your products?


Commercial and Residential construction have been the biggest drivers of our business


The government plans that will catapult India to the next league are

  • Smart cities-98 to 100 
  • Affordable housing
  • Development of basic Infrastructure planned in a big way in next 5 years
  • Growth due to consumption and movement of people to metros

These targets can be achieved only by use of advanced construction technology like precast.




Future outlook on the industry and from your company perspective.


Elematic is well equipped with the best of Technology, services and people and we look forward to serve our customers and prospects with the best in the Precast Technology. We are market leaders and intend to maintain that in the long run.


You will see that year on year, the number of precast plants has been increasing and they are doing a decent number of projects in varied types of buildings, along with new designs and in new geographies.


We believe that in the next five years, adoption of precast will increase dramatically. The total market for concrete precast products is likely to continue on its relatively strong path of growth in the short to medium term. In the medium-term, annual growth rates of 7-11 per cent are forecast to 2019. Our vision is to have about 75 plants in India in the next 4-5 years.



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