15 July 2020

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Tall Expectations



The last two months have been filled  with a lot of movement with numerous events of national importance taking place in India. August was a month of mixed feelings on the national front. After decades of lingering on the topic of abolishing Article 370 and 35A, the current government has been successful in eradicating the special status to the state of Jammu Kashmir. However celebrations of this historic decision were cut short due to the passing away of India’s two former Ministers- Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley. The entire team of Construction Opportunities salutes these tall leaders for their immense contribution in developing India.



Currently, Indian economy is in a slowdown. This might have put off the mood and spirit in the construction business, but with the subsequent mend in the doing business atmosphere, the Indian real estate skyline seems to be showing a renewed northward drift. Our Cover Story on Tall buildings will tell you how India is experiencing unprecedented rapid urbanisation.



Vertical habitation isn’t a new trend. It’s one that has been driven by urbanisation and bustling, overpopulated cities for centuries. While the high-rise buildings that we know today became possible with the invention of elevators, newer building materials and structural engineering systems, multi-storey construction dates to the Roman Empire and vertical cities have been around for centuries. Our story on Highrise Handlers details  on how there is a call for a totally different kind of equipment, especially that which will construct accurately at heights, because tall building technology relies a lot on precision. 



In all tall buildings, Elevators & Escalators are a must. In India, continuous construction of high rise buildings and growing government expenditure on infrastructure development have spurred wide installation of elevators & escalators. Read more about how the recent Inventive ideas in the vertical transportation technology space are altering our very perception of physical mobility. The demand for precast systems is rising day by day as developers have felt the necessity of completion of projects faster and pass on benefits to the customers early as well.


Today the construction and infrastructure industry  looks up to the government with tall expectations to fine tune its focus on the sector and its equipment segment in particular, and position it as a growth engine capable of leading a recovery from India’s current economic crisis and falling GDP rates.


With a lot happening and set to happen, this month is full of reading material and we are certain that you will have a wonderful read !


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