29 May 2020

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The election fever is high in the country and so is the urge to connect India via roads and highways. As of January 2019, India has a road network of over 5,903,293 kilometres, the second largest road network in the world. With that kind of massive road network and with more being brought up by the government, the market for roads and highways is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 36.16 per cent during 2016-2025. It has been reported that almost half of the 1,531 PPP projects awarded in India until March 2018 were related to roads.


Of the various construction equipment used, it is the loader market that is expected to grow the most until 2020, contributing more than 44 per cent of the total market review. The Asia-Pacific region is thus expected to dominate the global construction equipment market during the period 2015-2020 on the basis of an increase in industrial and residential construction activities. Our story on wheel loaders takes you through the rise of wheel loaders as a formidable player in the construction equipment domain.


Massive amount of road projects mean that there is a huge demand for the construction equipment market. Over the next five years, anticipated growth in the construction sector, small medium enterprises (SMEs) and mining sector is expected to boost demand for commercial and OTR vehicles, which would consequently augment commercial tyre sales in India.


The success of any project is a result of the perfect blending of management and implementation. This has opened the gates for software technology companies catering to the project management sector. Over the next five years, The Global Construction Project Management Software market will register a 7.9 per cent CAGR in terms of revenue as the global market size will reach US$ 1620 million by 2024, from US$ 1030 million in 2019.


One of the major industry directly impacted by the road sector is the concrete industry and with the second half of May already playing host to the Concrete Show India (CSI) in Mumbai, we are presenting an overview of the industry including the challenges, latest advances in concrete design and construction. An article by Satish Jain, on Ultra High- Performance Concrete (UHPC) is full of information about the new form of concrete that can change the very face of Indian contruction industry.


Before you put this issue down, don’t forget to read about ‘Spenta Corporation’ under Realty Biz as we take you through one of the upcoming real estate projects in Mumbai. With a lot happening and set to happen, this month is full of reading material and we are certain that you will have a wonderful read!

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