07 June 2020

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Spotlight- Elematic India



Digitalization of Precast Concrete Production



Elematic, a global leader in precast concrete production technologies, will introduce several digital solutions to precast production at Bauma 2019 trade show in Munich, Germany in April.  At the Elematic stand (Hall B1, 323), visitors to the show will get familiar with an all-new flagship model of Elematic’s best-in-the-industry Extruder models, the new E9, for hollow-core slab production, as well as dive into the secrets of precast wall panel production in the form of a 3D virtual factory model and a presentation of an advanced manufacturing execution system.




For precast wall panel production


Plant control: Wall MES (Manufacturing Execution System)


In Bauma 2016, Elematic introduced a manufacturing execution system for floors.  In the upcoming Bauma 2019, it’s the turn for the same in wall panel production.  The WallMES system is a part of Elematic’s new, advanced Plant Controlsolution for precast production, and will cover automatic production planning, work follow-up and quality control of precast wall production. The WallMES system can also take panel design information in directly from BIM systems such as Tekla Structures.



Elematic WallMES optimizes the panel production and gives a variety of tools for planning and monitoring. The main objective of the manufacturing execution system is to achieve smooth, continuous production and low operational costs as well as ensure high quality of precast wall panels.




VR modeling for precast wall panel production lines


3D virtual modeling is becoming an essential part of planning new precast production lines. At Bauma 2019, Elematic offers precast wall producers a possibility to take a virtual look at an example production line. In the near future, 3D virtual models will be used for the engineering process right from the very beginning. Understanding the big picture, how everything will work as a whole and seeing even the smallest details at the same time will make successful plant layout design easy.




For precast floor production


New Extruder E9 for hollow-core slab production


The all-new Elematic Extruder E9 is the flagship of best-in-the-industry extruders.  The new Elematic Extruder will offer high casting speed aided by individual feed screw motors,  2nd generation automatic compaction control and sophisticated bouncing prevention.  In addition to the standard hollow core slabproduction, the new design of the machine will enable casting of a variety of precast slabs such as filler slabs, wing slabs, solid slabs and piles and poles.



Equipped with an advanced touch screen user interface, added intelligence and a smart concrete recycling option, the new Extruder will also offer a new kind of modern user experience and significant material savings without any slowdowns to production.



With the new launch, Elematic Extruder family now consists of three different models: S5, P7 and E9.




About Elematic


Elematic Oyj is a world-leading manufacturer of precast concrete plants, production lines and the related machinery. During the 60 years of operation, the company has supplied precast concrete production technology to over 100 countries and to every continent. Turnover is approximately 65 million euros, of which exports generate 95%. The company employs roughly 300 people. Elematic has subsidiaries and sales offices in the USA, Germany, China, Russia, India, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates, and agents in over 20 countries. The company headquarters is located in Akaa, Finland, with production units in Finland and India.



For more details, visit : www.elematic.com/en/

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