05 June 2020

Table of Contents for Industry Focus- Bulk Material Handling

Interaction- S T Rajesh, GM-Sales, TENOVA India



Tenova TAKRAF is able to offer customers the cutting edge solutions they expect and deserve



Formerly known as TAKRAF India, the Chennai based Tenova India Pvt. Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary within the Techint group. It is responsible for open pit mining, material handling equipment and systems falling under the globally well renowned brand TAKRAF. In an exclusive interview, S T RAJESH, GM-SALES, TENOVA INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED speaks to CONSTRUCITON OPPORTUNITIES about the the latest technology trends in the bulk material handling industry, the company’s products and solutions and the future outlook for the industry and from a company perspective.





Briefly give us an overview of the bulk material handling equipment industry, the latest technology trends, and the current business drivers?


The Bulk Material Handling Equipment (MHE) industry has a widearray of products on offer to the industries like Mining, Power, Cement, Steel, Fertilizer etc. MHE may not directly contribute towards production of goods but it practically complements the manufacturing industries and brings the efficiency in handling, transport and storage of solid raw materials. Thus, it is a vital aspect of MHE in any set up cannot be overlooked. Automation of the all possible function of the equipment, efficient consumption of energy reduces the cost of the production and increases the productivity and reliability of equipment. This increases the sustainability of the equipment and makes it environmental friendly The growth in the construction and mining sectors encouraged  the demand of bulk material handling equipment’s. In addition, growing number of ports & cargo terminals and packaging industry are playing a major role in driving the industry to a notable market share.




Tell us about your company’s products and solutions to the bulk material handling industry?


As a major competitor of Bulk Material Handling system in India and international market, Tenova TAKRAF offers customized solutions for handling and transporting bulk materials. Tenova TAKRAF’s product range includes: Stockyard and Disposal Facilities, Stacker, Scraper Reclaimer, Circular Stacker Reclaimer, Bucket Wheel Reclaimer, Stacker Cum Bucket Wheel Reclaimer, Wagon Tippler, Side Arm Charger, Apron Feeder, Wagon/Truck Loading, Belt Conveyors, Tube/Pipe Conveyors, Ship Loader, Ship Unloader, Spreader, Bucket Wheel Excavator, MTC, Sizer etc. Tenova TAKRAF provides full range of services starting from project studies, planning, engineering and design to fabrication, supply, erection and commissioning, technical assistance and after-sales service for plants, systems and equipment’s.




What are the USP’s of your products Vis-à-vis competition ?


Our quality assurance system coupled with efficient project management ensures that the customer receives consistently cost effective equipment’s with top class quality and on time delivery. High degree of our equipment performance, effective problem solving, timely after sales support are some of the key factors of our success. We ensure economical operation of our machines and systems with energy efficient, working reliably under all climatic conditions and with low impact on the environment. Our equipment has proved robust and reliable in adverse geological conditions, in extreme climates with sub zero temperatures, in dust, wind or extreme humidity, as well as in high seismic prone zones, etc.




Could you provide details of your manufacturing units, their current capacities, your main markets, key projects supported?


Tenova TAKRAF operates a top class workshop in Lauchammer, Germany mainly for the production of highly technical oriented and complex mechanical components such as high rating gearboxes, ball race, pulleys for large capacity pipe/belt conveyors mainly for mining industries, sizer and its components, etc. In India, Tenova TAKRAF carry out manufacturing through the sub vendors throughout the country based on project locations.





Please provide details on your emphasis on technology, research, design and innovation?


Technological innovation is the foundation of competitiveness. We pride ourselves upon our engineering, competence and understand that developing flexible, individual and effective design concepts is the key in finding the ideal solution for our customers and their diverse project requirements even appreciating that in some instances this might entail diverging from prevailing design concepts, by embracing innovation. Tenova TAKRAF is able to offer customers the cutting edge solutions they expect and deserve, as well as maintain a leading position at the forefront of Industry developments. To meet and even exceed customer expectations, quality and continuous improvement of services in line with the best Industry  ractices and standards are priorities of Tenova TAKRAF





What are the main challenges to your industry and what are your strategies to expand market share?


Market fluctuations: There is no consistency in the demand owing to the fluctuations in the market thereby making capacity planning is challenging for the equipment suppliers. High volatility in commodity prices, projects decided on EPC mode are some of the basic challenges. Since the market is price cognizant and when the projects takes long duration especially in the power sector and stringent commercial terms, the equipment providers are constrained to manage the cash flows and secure the operating margins. We have diversified our products offering to Cement Industry, Fertilizers, Power& Steel sector in domestic and export markets to have the better mix with the strong focus towards the clients. This helps in the increase of visibility of business in the market and retaining the existing clients.




What are the main projects to which you have contributed bulk material handling solutions?


In the journey of India major Milestones includes the Execution and Commissioning of two Bucket Wheel Excavators (1400L) with an operating capacity of up to 6800 cubic metres per hour for Neyveli Lignite Corporation, India and complete project execution of Coal Handling System of with a capacity of 1500 tonnes per hour for Grasim Industries Karnataka, India. We are also executing a large coal handling system comprising of long distance belt conveyors, stacker and reclaimer, semi mobile crushing plants with Sizers, auxiliaries to NTPC Pakri Bariwadih Mines in Hazaribagh through the MDO Thriveni Sainik Mining Private Limited.




Could you talk of any new products you are planni