25 May 2019


First Truck with AMT in 16T Category



In an industry first move, Eicher Trucks & Buses, part of VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, introduced state-of-the-art AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) technology in the 16T category- Eicher Pro 3016 AMT.




This industry first 16 ton GVW AMT truck-The Eicher Pro 3016 AMTis equipped with an Intelligent Shift Control Actuator that automatically performs clutch and shift operations which completely eliminates the need to use the clutch and shift gears manually. The Pro 3016 AMT comes with Auto and Manual modes along with Transmission drivability features, that is, Power mode for time bound deliveries and Eco mode for Fuel Efficient operations. With this new development, Eicher’s further reinforces its vision ofdriving modernization in commercial transportation in India and developing world.




The biggest advantage of Eicher Pro 3016 AMT is that it comes with additional driving comfort over manual transmission-equipped models. The elimination of a clutch pedal frees drivers from gear-shifting, reduces their stress & fatigue and minimizes performance gap between skilled and less experienced drivers. Pro 3016 AMT has been equipped to address challenges around driver safety, comfort and protection of cargo, thus ensuring fast and efficient movement of goods. This makes the vehicles apt for variety of applications such as ecommerce, consumer goods, parcel &courier, pharmaceuticals, industrial goods, agriculture produce, poultry and dairy products.




Commenting on this development, Rama Rao A S, Executive Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Aftermarket, Heavy Duty Trucks, VE Commercial Vehicles said, “Eicher has always been a pioneer in providing technologically superior solutions to its customers as permarket demands Today, we are introducing AMT in the value truck range for 16 tonnes.Pro 3016 has successfully made a unique position for itself in the competitive 16-tonne segment. With Pro 3016 AMT, we aim to launch a technologically advanced truck that will be a  game changer for the commercial vehicle industry.”




Further, he added, “Fuel efficiency is a plus in the all new Eicher Pro 3016 AMT. However, factors such as comfort, safety, driver efficiency and total cost of ownership of the truck are also critical aspects of buying trucks these days. Eicher Pro 3016 provides additional comfort and fatigueless driving, so that the driver can clock more kilometers per day so and focus on driving with more attention to the road. AMT allows optimized gear shifting that contributes to a fuel efficient and comfortable drive and low maintenance, thus improving their overall turnaround time, eliminating shocks to the driveline and allowing smooth movement of cargo.”




The Pro 3016 AMT trucks are being manufactured in the Eicher Trucks and Buses facility in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, where Eicher produces its complete range of 4.9T to 55T commercial vehicles.




Eicher Pro 3016 AMT- The next generation truck
  • Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) with Auto and Manual modes
  • Equipped with features like Crawler mode, Hill start assistance, manual override, launching kick down and running kick down
  • Proven4-cylinder engine with high combustion efficiency; equipped with fuel injection technology
  • Max. power output is 165 HP@2600 rpm and 520 NM Torque @ 1400-1600 rpm
  • Cruise Control and Fuel Coaching
  • Intelligent Driver Information systems (IDIS) and Eicher Live
  • Next Generation aerodynamic cabin with modern styling- 6 way adjustable seat and sleeper cabin






About Eicher Trucks & Buses


Eicher Trucks and Buses has the lineage of three decades of operations in India. Adopting the most professional and holistic approach to modernize the Indian trucking industry, their brand philosophy, “Go Pro”, promises to deliver best-in-class fuel efficiency, higher loading capacity, superior uptime and overall vehicle life time profitability. Eicher Trucks and Buses (ETB) is present in the LMD range with a strong presence in the 4.9T-16T truck segment and an ever increasing market share in 16T-49T heavy duty trucks segment. Eicher Pro Series buses also have a strong presence in the Light and Medium segment along with a leadership in the school bus segment.







About VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV):


VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) is a joint venture between the Volvo Group and Eicher Motors Limited. In operation since July 2008, the company includes the complete range of Eicher branded trucks and buses, VE Powertrain, Eicher’s components businesses as well as the sales and distribution business of Volvo trucks within India. VECV’s vision is to be recognized as the industry leader driving modernization in commercial transportation in India and the developing world.







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