25 April 2019

Interaction- Crushing & Screening TEchnology Forum 2018

We always wanted the entire industry to come together


Last month, around 40 quarry owners came together for the Crushing & Screening Technology Forum – Mumbai Chapter, which was a a successful meeting. This forum is an initiative of Baton Consultants Private Limited. The Mumbai chapter meeting was sponsored by BHS Sonthofen, Germany & Etrack, a Keestrack company, Belgium. On this occasion, MANDAR CHITRE, MANAGING DIRECTOR, BATON CONSULTANTS, TOPOR BASU, GM- SALES, ETRACK CRUSHERS PVT LTD AND NEELESH DESAI, MD, BHS SONTHOFEN (INDIA) spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES.



How will the technology forum benefit the individual & corporate business entities from the Crushing & screening technology sector?


Mandar: We always wanted the entire Crushing and screening community to come together and share experiences. More than 25 lakh crores worth of infra projects, generating a robust demand of augmented technical equipment is what inspires me to reach for such initiatives. In this event, we actually witnessed two quarry owners who are only a hillock apart, who met for the first time. Besides the formal panel discussion, lot of informal business chat was observed across the tables. We also had some guest from major infrastructure and cement companies who shared their views.




Keestrack is the new player in a very competitive industry of crushing & screening. How do you plan to compete with the established players?


Topor: Keestrack is a family owned company from Belgium and is rapidly growing business across the globe. They have entered India recently with plans to set up a manufacturing facility in Rajasthan. We have one of the best products in track mounted jaw, impact and cone crushing, producing at the lowest cost per produced ton. Our equipment can operate plugged-in on electricity, or hybrid via the diesel engine. Additionally, our conventional diesel/hydraulic drives are also available. We have some very unique functionalities like the drop-off engine.  The engine/generator compartment is placed away from the abrasive, dusty and vibrant environment resulting in a safer workplace with better maintenance access and less maintenance because of less dust. The hybrid engine/generator compartment can also provide extra power to other machines, like a screener, stacker or other electric machinery and tooling.


We can see a strong demand for mobile track mounted units coming up with rise in infra projects. The quarry face will keep changing, thus giving superior advantage to mobile units. Besides the application, speed of installation & savings in civil cost (which can be up to two crores) is the side effect of mobiles. 




BHS is an established name in concrete mixing. What can you tell us more about your brand.


Neelesh: Along with the top presence in concrete mixing & filtration processing, BHS is also a manufacturer of world class Vertical Shaft Impactors (VSI) & Rotary Mills for production of sand for the concrete & dry mix industry. In our VSI, we offer both rock-on-rock & rock-on-metal options. Switching between the two options is very easy and can be done by just changing the chamber. Our VSIs are extremely friendly on maintenance. The patented design of  BHS two-port rotor is such that no hard facing is required. This feature eliminates the need of keeping a spare rotor in stock. The rotor is also capable of taking a larger feed size input in comparison with other brands. We also offer the RPM1513, a rotary mill, which has the potential to produce a particle shape more rounded than the VSI, thus bringing it even more closure to natural sand. This product uses the rock-on-metal principle, in a technologically modified manner. The anvils are horse shoe shaped which ensures grinding action. This product is a perfect fit in medium and less abrasive rocks to make sand.




Baton is a rod which is exchanged by runners. It is a double edged word. How difficult is to survive the competition?


Mandar : Baton is all about giving, directing & disciplining. We are a professional techo-commercial consulting company. We support our clients in procurement, project report, troubleshooting, branding & channel development. Baton has the right resources & has tie-ups with the top industry experts, who are called in to generate exponential benefits for our esteemed clients. We shall work in the crushing, screening & dry mix industry to be the baton in transformation of our clients.




The discussions were full of energy and information. Each session fell short of time.


Mandar: Many important points were discussed in this forum. Power shedding, manpower, wet & dry screening, manufactured sand etc were on the main agenda. The session was blessed with experts from Panvel, Vasai, Badlapur, Padgha, Nashik & Pune. I am sure as individuals, they will gain by implementing what others have,in saving time, money & effort. As a forum, our learnings are that we need more such gatherings.




How often do you plan to host such events.


Mandar: It is certain that we will have our next meeting in another city. Discussions have already started and most of our guest have expressed their desire to meet up again to continue the discussion and express benefits of the changes that they have carried out because of this event. Myself, Neelesh & Topor look forward to come together again very soon.


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