29 May 2020

Interaction-Anil Banchhor, MD & CEO, RDC Concrete India

RDC Concrete has a proven reputation for delivering cost-effective and innovative building solutions


Established in 1993, by Unitech Constructions Ltd in collaboration with RDC Concrete (Singapore), this company has emerged as India’s largest non-cement RMC company. In an exclusive interview ANIL BANCHHOR, MD & CEO, RDC CONCRETE (INDIA) PVT LTD, talks to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, about their customer-centric focus and his company’s technological innovations.



The government has plans to concretize major chunk of roads and highways in India. How do you view this opportunity?


It is a welcome move of government of India as the life cycle cost of concrete roads are lower with better visibility at night, lesser maintenance cost, lower fuel cost, lesser import of crude for bitumen and better riding comfort to the travellers. Professional RMC players are now penetrating in these sectors which would lead to better quality of concrete roads, as the core competency of the RMC companies is superior quality at lesser cost due to effective use of cementitious materials and chemical admixtures supported by continuous focus on R&D in concrete technology. Many projects are now making it mandatory to use concrete from QCI certified ready mix concrete plants and this will help those who have better compliance than uncertified small time mixing contractors, who somehow make concrete with their untrained quality control staff. Hence there is a good opportunity for professional RMC players for concrete roads.




How has your company performed in the last four years?


RMC market is growing at a rate of 8 per cent YOY in India, while RDC concrete is growing at the rate of 53 per cent YOY.Our CAGR is 28 per cent in the last four years. Our footprint is also improving in pan India.




With the focus increasingly becoming environment centric with ‘Sustainability’ as the buzz word, where do you see your company and the products placed in this wave. Please share your views.


Sustainability in manufacturing, by “reduce, recycle and reuse” concepts is the mantras strictly followed in the company’s manufacturing plants. The recycle plant at the manufacturing sites recycles any material that come back from the client sites. We have installed beton wash and filter press in our plants. With these facilities, coarse and fine aggregate is separated and reused, bringing down the cost for procuring fresh aggregates as well as the disposal hazard and cost of dosposal.


In fact, In India most ready mix concrete for the construction industry use fly ash from 20 per cent to 30 per cent of cementitious material. Using Canadian technology, we have introduced high volume fly ash concrete (HFC) that replaces OPC by 50 Percent. It is an environment friendly, High Performance, durable concrete designed to build sustainable structures.


By using Flyash in products,  the organisation not just minimises the use of cement in concrete but reduces CO2 emissions as 1 tonne of OPC contributes to 1 Tonne of CO2. Moreover, embodied energy of the concrete is decreased by reducing the production and transportation footprint of cement. Likewise, the use of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace slag(GGBS) which is a waste product of steel industry is usedto replace Cement by as much as 70 per cent. It is beneficial in harbour construction, underground construction, underground structures, civil water conservancies, road bridges and high rise buildings, owing tohigh resistance to sulphate and reduced chloride-ion penetration. Another product, Thermocrete is designed to provide thermal comfort in building. A layer of this product is usually applied over the top layer of the roof slab to prevent external heat of cold from penetrating into the building. It reduces the energy consumption required to keep rooms at a comfortable temperature.



There is a paucity of skilled manpower. What are the steps you have taken to increase skill manpower?


The problem to overcome is of addressing the issue of Talent Crunch. Since this industry requires 24/7 presence, capable and competent people refrain from joining this industry. Getting Right People with Right Mindset is tough to get in this industry as it is an extremely disorganized segment. We are having campus recruitment from renowned colleges and better growth opportunities are given within company to the performers in their respective field, thus creating talent pipeline for future.



What are the key challenges ‘policy as well as operational’ faced by your organization and how are you overcoming these challenges?


Today’s key challenge is the traffic restriction in cities with very limited time available to supply concrete in the main consumption centres. RMCMA has also approached concerned department to reduce the restriction time. Paucity of trucks and pumps is another area as many infrastructure projects are in full swing in various parts of India. We are increasing vendor base for these equipment operators and also looking at Lorry own drivers for trucks for improved efficiency.




What are the latest technological trends evolving and how receptive are the customers to this technology?


We have a huge product portfolio & tailor made solutions to cater the customer’s very specific requirements. RDC is known to offer various business models for the long term association with the customers. We are now offering crack free concrete, exclusively developed by RDC’s R&D team for our customers. We are planning to come up with the dry & wet concrete bags to address the small repair work requirements. These bags will satisfy the need of quality concrete in remote locations and inaccessible construction sites.




What is the total market size of concrete equipment and machinery in India?


Concrete equipment is mainly used for mixing, transporting and placing of concrete, These include batching plants, concrete pumps, transit mixers, trucks, aggregate crushers, floaters, tower cranes etc. India is currently in the midst of biggest ever infrastructure growth asGovt. is launching various schemes like Smart Cities, Bharatmalaetc, and our country is becoming one of the key market for concrete equipment. The emergence of concrete handling and processing equipment has been one of the most important happenings in the recent decades in the construction industry. The market for concrete Equipment is estimated to be growing at an estimated 30 per cent. In next three year or so, it is expected to continue at the same growth rate thus creating hige opportunities for more innovation and technology development in this area.




How are your concrete Plants addressing the ‘green’ requirement in terms of fuel efficiency, productivity and minimal downtime?


Company actively promotes the use of alternative fuels and raw materials and offer total solution for waste management including testing, suggestion for reuse, recycling and co processing. RDC aims to have non pollution, Zero waste manufacturing plants by using advanced technology and equipment like filter press.


In terms of per plant productivity, we are among the best in the industry that is only possible with continuous monitoring of all energy parameters. By focusing on efficient use of energy and reducing the idle time of plant, our aim is to be the leader in green requirements.




What are the latest features incorporated in your concrete equipment and machinery?

RDC Concrete has a robust fleet management system and has the most efficient distribution and supply chain management in the industry. All Transit mixers & Concrete Pumps are GPS enabled which helps us in  real time tracking, on time delivery and better customer satisfaction. We have launched RDCTrak.com in which all the fleet at 40 plants can be monitored on a single platform. Clients are being given tracking link for monitoring the transit mixer once it is dispatched from the batching plants.




What would be the company’s growth agenda for the next three years? Are there expansion or product launches in the offing?


We are growing at 53 per cent YoY and our vision is to continue this growth rate for next three years. Our expansion in brownfield and greenfield projects would continue with addition of new footprints in various cities particularly tier II and tier III cities. Product launch is continuing with new innovative products and also to meet specific customer needs, e.g. like high early strength concrete, roadwork which can be opened for traffic in 24 hours, lightweight concrete, stamped concrete and coloured concrete etc.




There is an intense competition in this sector. How are you planning to increase your market share?


Our vision comes with a tag line – “We promise, We deliver” which is ingrained in every employee’s psyche, who in turn sells it to customers, thereby acting as a brand ambassador of the Company. We are successful in making all our employees understand and internalize Company’s vision as part of their existence by conducting DISHA Workshops all over India every year, in March.


RDC Concrete has a proven reputation for delivering cost-effective and innovative building solutions to meet diverse concrete requirements of customers. We meet customers to understand their requirement and offer solutions, creating a win-win situations.


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