05 June 2020

Event Focus- Concrete Show India




Concrete has been an integral part of the construction industry for decades. With players and equipment manufacturers coming up with newer variants and hi-tech machines, the landscape is transforming in the country. With fast paced changes shaping up in the infrastructure space, this is the most opportune time for companies to broader their horizons and strengthen their presence in this burgeoning space before anyone takes up the share reports Prerna Sharma.


Concrete is the most vital material in modern construction. The latest developments in concrete technology have made it possible to use it in intricate and architecturally complex structures, requiring high degree of performance and aesthetic appearance. The advent of commercial RMC in India is about a decade old, but in recent years it has become the preferred choice of architects, engineers, and consumers.Increase in number of smart cities has been one of the major factors to positively impact the fortunes of concrete & allied segments, highlights Technavio’s market research and analysis. This will be draw a large population to the urban areas and major metropolitan cities, which will increase the congestion in the cities. The increasing urban population has put a strain on existing urban services, such as public transport and road networks. This has led to the increase in number of smart cities to accommodate the increasing urban population. The majority of road networks in these smart cities are expected to have concrete paved roads since they can reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles. This will in turn, fuel the market’s growth prospects in the coming years. Technavio’s market research analysts predict that this market will generate a revenue of more than US$4 billion by 2021.


Owing to the presence of large and small-scale vendors, the concrete and road construction machinery market appears to be fragmented and is competitive. The manufacturers of concrete and road construction equipment are focusing on increasing R&D investments and are setting up new manufacturing facilities since the development of these heavy-duty devices requires a substantial amount of time and workforce.


UltraTech Concrete is India’s largest and the world’s 10th largest concrete manufacturer, powering some of the biggest infrastructure projects across the country. UltraTech Concrete is committed to providing customised high-quality RMC which has versatile properties such as easy mouldability, high compressive strength, and long lasting durability for ensuring speedy construction. UltraTechFreeflow is a special concrete, produced by using high-quality ingredients including the latest 4th generation acrylic based super plasticizers and viscosity modifying agents that lend it a unique self-compacting feature, which in turn allows complicated, intricate and elegant designs without leaving any voids.



  • The global market for concrete and cement is anticipated to grow steadily at a CAGR of nearly 8% by 2020.
  • Global Concrete Admixtures Construction Chemicals Market revenue is expected to reach $16,324 million by 2023, from $11,027 million in 2016, with a CAGR of 5.7% from 2017 to 2023.
  • The global polymer concrete market is expected to witness an incremental dollar opportunity of nearly US$ 370 Mn between 2017 and 2027.
  • The decorative concrete market size is projected to grow from $9.26 Billion in 2017 to reach $12.78 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 6.66%.
  • The self-leveling concrete market is estimated to be $4.93 Billion in 2017 and is projected to reach $6.22 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 4.7% from 2017 to 2022.


Similarly, Hypercon is defined as a High Strength concrete meeting special combination of performance and uniformity requirements that cannot always be achieved routinely using conventional constituents and normal mixing, placing, and curing practices. UltraTechHypercon is produced by using multiple blends of cementitious materials along with advanced-quality super plastisizers. This results in refinement of the micro-pore structure of the concrete, leading to very dense, impervious and long-lasting structures. It is a boon for modern constructions that call for innovative sleek designs with maximum space utilisation.


In line with this, ACC’s pioneering efforts in introducing Ready Mixed Concrete (RMX) coupled with the promotion of bulk cement handling facilities have been responsible for redefining the pace and quality of construction activity in metropolitan cities and in mega infrastructure projects.RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd is the largest independent ready mixed concrete company in India. The company manufactures and supplies Ready Mix Concrete (RMC). At RDC Concrete, ready mixed concrete is produced in its fully automated and computerized concrete batching plants at multiple locations across India.


For producing quality products, RMC-India employs state-of-the-art crushing and processing technology. Depending upon the parent rock and the market requirements, a combination of different types of crushers are employed. The hi-tech crushing and processing plants are procured from world-renowned manufactures. The company ensures that the systems in operation are the best in the business, capable of producing the right quality materials in the most cost-effective manner.


The Construction Materials business of Godrej has set up a fully automated manufacturing plant for recycled concrete blocks and pavers. The manufacturing facility is capable of producing blocks & pavers of varying shapes and sizes by using construction and demolition waste as a major ingredient, thereby helping address the rising concern of construction waste generation in the city.The TUFF range of concrete products are designed to suit every need. Each product is specially engineered in the company’s modern facilities, to provide ready mix concrete that is manufactured to clients’ specifications. The Tuff range of blocks are weather resistant, high-strength, energy-efficient, and help save both time and cost of construction. Tuffblocks are available in the form of AAC Blocks, different types of Recycled Concrete Blocks. TUFF Pavers offers a range of pavers of different shapes, sizes and colours.


Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd. (formerly Lafarge India Limited) has been a part of the Indian construction landscape since 1999; through its cement business. It currently has six cement and close to 65 ready mix concrete plants in India. Agile is a complete range of self-consolidating concrete and screed. Its free flowing property eliminates the need for vibration and allows easy placement; thereby reducing the number of pour points on a worksite. Agile’s easy fluidity allows for the perfect filling of all shapes; with high quality surface finish.



“UltraTech RMC has been a preferred partner with major construction companies with our pan-India concrete and cement presence. Our relentless drive in providing consistent quality, high performance and reliable concrete is valued by our customers. Similarly, our technical support team and superior execution capabilities strengthen our relationship with key customers. In other words, we make ‘Good Concrete Better’. ” Sanjay Mathur, CEO, RMC & Key Accounts, Ultratech Cement Ltd




“We were the first to introduce Ready Mixed Concrete in India, but our pioneering efforts do not stop there. The quest for customer excellence motivates Ready Mixed Concrete to engage in a continuous process of product development that is customer oriented leading to the introduction of a host of new products, services and solutions. ACC Ready Mixed Concrete is armed with a wide portfolio of Value Added Solutions & Allied Products which we believe, shall be a game changer for modern construction in India. Our wide range of product solutions caters the needs of challenging Indian construction industry.” Pralhad Mujumdar, CEO – RMX & B2B Business, ACC Limited




Precast concrete


The global precast concrete market size was estimated at $78.44 billion in 2016 and is projected to register a CAGR of 6.1% over the coming years. Rise in construction activities around the globe is expected to drive the growth of precast construction.Growth in urban population is a major megatrend, which is transforming the construction industry in most countries. In addition, demand for affordable housing is increasing, along with soaring demand for transport and utility infrastructure. This, in turn, is anticipated to propel the market over the coming years. Precast concrete has been used in water and waste handling products for many years. Water handling products are used to carry water from dams to cities and waste handling products are used to transfer sewage from cities to sewage treatment plants. Expansion of cities and creation of new smart cities are expected to trigger demand for these product types.


Short construction time and low cost are the major advantages offered by precast concrete. This renders it popular among builders and contractors. Temperature, stripping time, and mix designs, which is a very important factor for manufacturing of strong concrete products, can be monitored and checked in a factory setting. Hence buildings made of precast concrete are stronger in comparison to those made with conventional concrete. Despite cheap manufacturing prices of precast concrete products, their transportation from factory to construction sites requires specific resources. The industry requires skilled labor as the use of precast concrete for construction of buildings is entirely different from traditional methods of construction. This, in turn, is likely to restrain the growth of the market over the forecast period.Structural building components are expected to form the fastest growing product type segment in the precast concrete market owing to extensive use in residential and nonresidential buildings.


Transportation is also one of the major segments owing to various projects undertaken by governments around the globe. OBOR and CPEC are some of the projects undertaken by the Chinese government to improve the country’s logistical capabilities.Residential is the largest end-use segment in the market. Increasing middle-class population all over the globe is generating significant demand for affordable housing. Government initiatives to support housing for the poor and for middle-class population are expected to further spur the market.The nonresidential segment is expected to register the fastest growth rate due to increasing use of precast concrete in construction of nonresidential complexes, malls, offices spaces, education institutes, universities, hotels, and hospitals.


As far as region is concerned, Asia Pacific is anticipated to be a major regional market over the next few years. Rapidly growing population in the region has led to massive demand for affordable housing. Increasing disposable income in developing countries, especially in China and India, is also expected to trigger a rise in residential and nonresidential construction.


“Our vision comes with a tag line – “We promise, We deliver” which is ingrained in every employee’s psyche, who in turn sells it to customers, thereby acting as a brand ambassador of the Company. We are successful in making all our employees incorporate the Company’s vision as part of their existence by conducting DISHA Workshops all over India every year in March.  RDC Concrete has a proven reputation for delivering cost-effective and innovative building solutions to meet a plethora of requirements of customers. We meet customers to understand their requirement and offer solutions, creating win win situation. ”Anil Banchhor, MD & CEO, RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd





“With the slogan of being "Closer to your business" Putzmeister India is on a fast pace track to build on the steady growth of the last 10 years. Our major focus going forward will lie on customer needs; especially in customer centric service and in further building on their efficient supply of genuine parts.” Wilfried Theissen, Managing Director,  Putzmeister Concrete Machines.






“We are a ‘change ready’ company and the process of responding to market is continuing seamlessly. So even for next year and year after next, what will be required in the market, will be ready in our product stable.”  V G Sakthi Kumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter Sales & Services





“In our batching plants we have different levels of control systems, depending on the customer’s requirement. A customer would like to use this machine at a particular site & hence he could opt for a basic control system which helps him to operate the machine, compute all the data, also have data base of history of the concrete produced on that machine, types of mix designs, various quantities. RMCs would like to have much higher end control systems, where they are in a position to collate lot of statistical calculations, based on which they do analytics in understanding their feasibility and details of concrete produced and materials consumed. Some companies want to have higher end control systems where they will have different plants also tied together. They would like to have all the data centralised into their SAP ERP function. So we have different  levels of control systems which get to all these requirements. ” Jagadish Bhat, CEO,  Ajax Fiori Engineering India



“Universal is offering a wide range of concrete batching plants from capacity 15 cum/hr. upto 240 cum/hr. We are offering the various types of batching plants like mobile batching plants fitted on a trailer, skid mounted batching plants, stationary batching plants. These batching plants are supplied with different options for aggregate feeding systems, different types of mixers, and controls. In case of higher capacity batching plants we offer customized solutions.” Rajesh Kawoor, Sr. Vice President, Universal Heavy Engineering Division, Universal Construction Machinery & Equipment Ltd. Equipment expanse



Precast concrete is one of theworld’s most common building materials. It is adaptable and affordable – and saves a significant amount of materials and resources. Production saves up to 50 per cent in concrete compared to cast-in-situ floors. And with Elematic’s shear compaction technology, consumption is reduced even more. Combining looks and economy, Precast can be both beautiful and cost-efficient – like sandwich panels produced with Elematic technology. The panels are insulated, which reduces energy consumption for cooling and heating. And the outer layer of the façade can have a variety of looks, such as brickwork, polished marble or granite.


Elematic’s EDGE production lines and machines are especially designed for precasters seeking very high capacity, a wide productrange, and highly automatedprecast production.The EDGE plant is the most advanced inthe world. It is the ideal solution for the experienced precaster in markets where precast is a well established building method and demand is high. EDGEincludes state-of-the-art machinery andthe highest possible level of automation,which also increases safety. And finally,what makes this the most cost-efficientsolution for large scale precast production – ELiPLAN ERP. Software thatenables optimized production control,real-time production flows, secureduptime, controlled material consumption,amongst other things. Additionally, BIMsoftware can be connected to ELiPLAN, thus extending control from structuraldesign all the way out to theconstruction site.


Precast construction is setting new trends in residential and industrial buildings worldwide and shows what is architecturally possible nowadays. From one-family homes to multi-storey apartment buildings, through to multifunctional industrial buildings and high-quality, sophisticated façades – the sky is the limit. Moreover, precast constructions are considerably less expensive and, above all, faster to build than conventional construction technology. Vollert provides broad engineering expertise with regards to current technologies for plane and structural precast concrete parts and the most cost-effective production processes.Prefabricated architecture not only guarantees a higher quality of construction and lower construction costs, but, more importantly, shortens construction times significantly. In all highly developed countries, prefabricated architecture is today the preferred method of construction.


In addition, the CO2 footprint can be reduced by 25 per cent and water consumption by 50 per cent. Residential buildings in prefabricated construction have excellent thermal behavior, are weather and fire resistant and even earthquake resistant. Vollert offers solutions for the production of 2D and constructional precast concrete parts. It develops a system concept tailored to customers’ needs – from the first 3D simulation and calculation models to the factory design with the latest machine technology.


SPANCRETE, the pioneer & loader in hollow core production systems worldwide for over 70 Years has recently launched EX120 extruder. It has high productivity, outstanding compaction, individual auger speed, low maintenance cost, minimum moving parts and soft drive system for improved consistency.



Ready-mix concrete


Ready-mix concrete is customized concrete, which has several advantages over traditional concrete due to its durability and sustainability. This helps to speed-up construction, reduction of cement usage, increasing versatility and reduction in dependency on human labour. Furthermore, ready-mix concrete can be delivered at any destination where a truck can travel and can be fixed directly to the workplace or handling equipment at the point of use. Moreover, it saves storage space requirement, reduces noise and air pollution. Additionally, the emerging concept of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Public Private Partnership (PPP), projected for the construction of infrastructure projects, is anticipated to spur the demand for the RMC over the coming years.


The development of a smart city program in response to creating cities with good infrastructure through the smart solution by the government will favour the growth of the ready-mix concrete market. In order to reduce wastage and inventory costs along with the concern over efficient utilization of resources and diversification of the economy, ready-mix concrete is being used increasingly, thus enhancing the growth of market overall.


Currently, infrastructure is the fastest growing application, which is driving the market of RMC in emerging economies. Besides, the creation of manufacturing facilities and power plants to meet the growing demand for energy on a global scale will further stimulate the RMC requirement in the near future. Also, increasing budget for infrastructure development by governments will provide an additional push to the growth of the market. In line with this, the Ultimate Batching Plant MT – 0.5 by Putzmeister, comes with an optimum capacity of 30m3/hr. It’s is the perfect power package for captive project requirements and start-up RMCs. It comes with a PAN Mixer – Resetting Industry Standards with German Mixing Technology, compact design and impeccable technical development ensure that the Panmixer will re-set the industry standard for reliability and performance. The Mixer is supplied by PEMAT, one of the most renowned German suppliers in this field.Features of the MT – 0.5 Pan Mixer include: robust design; easily accessible for maintenance; less wear; build up prevention; no lumps; high degree of mixer discharge; remote Operation through tablet; plant monitoring through App; preventive maintenance and interlocks, etc.

Additionally, Putzmeister Batching Plant, MT – 1.0 comes with a twin shaft mixer for the fastest quality mix, easy drive-through of Transit Mixers, automatic greasing system, inbuilt calibration for water and cement, low maintenance cost and reliable and accurate batching.The plant offers a wider frame of the support structure and hence ensures that truck mixers need not drive in reverse mode, guaranteeing an optimum output of the plant which saves time and cost.


India has the second largest road network in the world with 43 lakh km of road divided into National highways, State highways, Major district roads, other district roads and village roads. It’s been 72 years of manufacturing Stetter batching plants for all concreting applications including concrete road construction. Schwing Stetter India manufactures concrete batching plants for concrete road construction and supply Gomaco pavers and XCMG graders to pave and grade these roads. Its concrete truck mixers and truck mounted concrete boom pumps also play an important role in transporting and pouring concrete.


The On-Wheels concept has been introduced by Schwing Stetter India, keeping in mind the easy transportability of the batching plant between sites. This design is available in the 18 m3 segment, which is also known as the ‘CP18 on Wheels’ which can be a trailer or a truck-mounted batching plant.The compact plants in 30 m3 category is designed as such that the customer move it from one place to another. So, for this purpose, it has designed the compact plant CP 30 in a containerized format. Even a customer can ship it out of the country easily in a 40 ft container. So, it reduces the tremendous cost on transportation. Besides, the customer can re-erect the plant in a quick fashion. The compact plants are design houses, which includes the Model CP30 (30 m3 productivity rate) and CP45 (45 m3 productivity rate).


SANY batching plant is knownfor its high quality, high efficiency, ease of operation and high profit. For the concrete mixing plant, SANY provides full set of solutions to customers include installing, training, operation guidance, maintenance and financing. The 30 cu.m concrete batching plant uses the new and improved Twin Shaft Mixer, which outputs an even, high-quality mix at high efficiency and low maintenance cost. The centralized lubrication system for the twin-shaft mixer has a patented closed self-lubicating end shaft design. It is easy to maintain, and the mixer unit operates for an extended service life.The control cabin is spacious and even air conditioned! The built-in superior control system gives you complete control over the batching plant SBP30.


10/7 Concrete Mixer cum Hoist from Universal acts as a hoist and can transport the concrete up to 60ft high. It has 10HP air cooled diesel engine and comes with a lifting Height of up to 60ft. It has heavy duty drum with bearing and MS blades.Loading hopper is mechanically operated wire rope type.


Simem offers a wide range of products for ready mix and it is considered the full liner in the sector.The most important characteristic is that Simem designs, builds and assembles all the components of its plants allowing an integrated development of its products.Mixers, the heart of the plants, are studied and built internally and integrated into the plants in order to grant the highest performance.Modularity of structures and flexibility of components allows the company to answer in real time to the market requirements with the proper product and in very short time. Eagle is the semi mobile batching and mixing plant, with 4 to 6 horizontal bins, completely pre-wired and pre-plumbed, they can be moved from site to site with standard trucks or stored into containers.‘Nexus’ aggregates device is a bolt together structure that can be modified at any time with regards to the number of aggregates and storage capacity. MSO mixers are available with different capacities from 1 m3 to 9 m3 of concrete output and different versions, suitable for standard wet& SCC concrete, RCC concrete, MASS concrete (with large aggregates).


KYB-Conmat has come up with a whole range of i-Pump technology machines, which includes the SCP 5000 and SCP 7500. The stationary concrete pump with intelligent controls has many features like S-Valve technology, robust electronic operation controls and management with manual overdrive. Also, it is suitable for high pressure pumping and Indian ambient conditions and that’s why it’s one of the most compact pump in its class.The i-Pump technology concrete pump makes transfer and placement easier and faster for casting of civil structures. It also reduces manpower requirements at the site and also avoids human errors in the process. This makes the i-Pump technology machines very economical to run and are environmentally friendly.


Maxmech Equipments is one of the leading manufacturers of construction equipment, which includes different types of concrete batching mixing plant, wet mix macadam plant, concrete transit mixers, concrete lining pavers for road and canal, and concrete block making machines. The company launched the Concrete Boom Pump from KCP Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., South Korea at Excon last year.This concrete boom pump is radio remote controlled with robotic arm, which enables the smooth operation of opening and closing the boom in minimum height at less time. In this category, right now, Maxmech is dealing in 37- and 42-metre capacity boom pump that are in huge demand in Indian market.


Its unique features include good working and longer life as it comes with steel chrome coated delivery cylinders; easy operation through radio remote; it has electrical panel board, which is fuse and relay type, so operator can easily find out the electrical problem; high fuel efficiency, etc.


Concrete roads are extremely durable. Their tremendous compressive strength prevents the formation of wheel ruts even when used by a high percentage of heavy vehicle traffic. Such concrete pavements, which need to withstand exceptional loads each and every day, are paved and smoothed by the Wirtgen slipform pavers at working widths of up to 16 metres. WIRTGEN concrete slipform pavers place heavy-duty road pavements and other traffic areas, such as airport runways or taxiways. Additional fields of application include the continuous production of poured-in-place concrete profiles, such as water gutters, safety barriers or kerbs in road construction. Texture curing machines create the specified surface texture of the finished concrete slab.


The smaller slipform paver models work in offset application, which permits the production of a nearly limitless variety of concrete profiles. The slipform can be mounted either on the left or on the right side of the machine to adapt to the specific paving situation, such as accommodation of traffic in the area of the construction site. Fitted with an intelligent quick-change system, the pavers are capable of completing various different jobs on a single day, which enhances both their flexibility and degree of utilisation.


Akona is a manufacturer of the heavy construction machineries, which include concrete batching plant capacity 20 – 240 cu.m./hour, Hot Mix Plant capacity upto 150 TPH, Wet Mix Plant capacity upto 250 TPH, Stone Crusher upto 400 TPH, Concrete Mixer Self Loader 2- and 4-cu.m. capacities and other related construction equipment. Akona is focussing mainly on concrete mixing technology as present planned projects in India are more demanding of concrete mix compare to hot mix. Present states and Central Government have the target to connect each village with town in turn with major city and even though to develop each village path with concrete mix to have batter rural connectivity mainly to provide best road service to each Indian village with longer life compare to hot mix.


Headquartered in Italy, Vortex Hydra S.r.l. is one of the global leaders in designing, building and installing manufacturing plants to produce concrete roof tiles. At EXCON 2017, Vortex introduced its concrete roof tile-making machine in India in partnership with Columbia Machine Engineering (I) Pvt Ltd. According to company officials, concrete roof tiles are much better than any other pitched roof system. Widely used in European countries, concrete roof tiles offer complete resistance to extreme climates, withstands the ravages of weather and hazards of fire, permanent colour is assured, unique strengthening reduces breakage during handling and transportation, good insulation characteristics and permeability with age.


AQUARIUS Stationary Plants are designed for ready-mix producers, contractors, precast manufacturers and special applications. Furnished mainly with twin shaft mixers from 1.0 m3 to 6 m3 capacity, the plants are also available with Planetary mixers upto 2.0m3 batch size upon request. The Stationary Plants are available in various capacities ranging from 30 m3 to 240 m3 per hour of compacted concrete output. With high precision load cells for electronic weighing of cement, aggregates & water and a digital display, the SP series plants are the most compact stationary batching plants from AQUARIUS range of products.



Ultra-high performance concrete


Ultra-high-performance concrete is an advanced cement material with a strength of 150-200 Megapascal (MPa). It displays properties such as high strength, energy capacity, and excellent durability compared to other conventional concrete products.The analysts forecast the global ultra-high performance concrete market to grow at a CAGR of 6.91 per cent during the period 2018-2022.


The latest trend gaining momentum in the market is increasing demand for reactive powder concrete. RPC is an evolving composite material, and it is expected to witness the highest growth rate in the global ultra-high performance concrete market as it allows optimized material use, generates economic benefits, and is highly environment-friendly. RPC is expected to witness the highest growth rate during the forecast period owing to properties such as increased durability, high strength, and ability to withstand high load and pressure. It is more environment-friendly than other conventional concrete products. According to the report, one of the major drivers for this market is increased benefits of ultra-high performance concrete. Ultra-high performance concrete exhibits excellent properties, which are a major driving factor for its increased demand for applications such as military construction, building construction, anti-detonating construction, and the construction of roads and bridges. It is a high-strength, ductile material. Due to its high ductility, ultra-high-performance concrete can deform and support flexural loads even after initial cracking. It has a very high tensile strength and can withstand high loads. It has a very good flexural load, compressive strength, and a high modulus of elasticity.One of the major factors hindering the growth of this market is higher cost when compared to conventional concrete.


Self-consolidating concrete


The Global Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) Market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 10.9 per centin the future. Growing popularity of low-fines Smart Dynamic Concrete (SSC), improved air quality and a significant reduction in MR-costs and increased consumer emphasis on low-noise construction activities are the key factors propelling the market growth. On the other side, short usage of SCC in constructions and the huge price associated with using SCC are the major restraints hindering the market growth. Adding to this, non-requirement of vibration process in laying SCC and gradually recovering construction and housing sector globally in recent years are the major opportunities for the market growth.Europe is the current leader in the world for SCC with largest market share. Asia Pacific dominates the market with its fast growing market worldwide. The construction sector is growing with lot of investments in the regions of China and India. Especially in India, it is expected to change drastically in the coming years, primarily because of the development and introduction of SCC by various companies.



Rapid strength concrete


The global rapid strength concrete market is expected to register a CAGR of 4.56 per cent during the forecast period 2018-23. North America dominated the global market, accounting almost 33 per cent of the market share in 2017.


The strength and long-term durability of roads and bridges are of main importance to avoid any damage or accident to the structure or to cause inconvenience to the people.In 2010, the contractor of the Highway 23 project in California, Security Paving, Sun Valley, Calif., used rapid strength concrete for road and bridge repair work. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia’s major initiatives concerning infrastructural development included white land tax initiative and transport infrastructure development plan in Riyadh. Under this, the government is focusing on construction of 175 km of six-lane road and 85 stations; this is anticipated to be complete by 2018. Such continuous progress is expected to drive the market through the forecast period.


North America dominated the global market in 2017, however, Asia-Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing market through the forecast period primarily driven by Japan and China region. The Japanese construction sector remains positive in terms of short-term growth, due to the increasing demand, triggered by a sudden rise in residential construction and projects related to the Tokyo Olympics, 2020. Furthermore, the government of Japan is also constantly focusing on both long term and short-term development plans. China, despite experiencing a volatile growth in real estate market, is experiencing significant development of rail and road infrastructure; all of which is expected to drive the market through the forecast period.




Machine matters


It’s not only concrete manufacturing companies that are coming out with newer concrete variants, it’s the equipment manufacturers also that are riding on the growth bandwagon. In line with this, Columbia Block Machines are based on Columbia’s patented vibration technology, CVT which provides true vertical vibration to the mould. CVT, which combines Columbia's 75 years of innovative engineering and field proven designs, enables producers to create the highest quality and widest range of concrete block products in the world. In addition to product versatility, CVT provides producers the following benefits as compared to products made on German concrete block making machines and China / Chinese concrete block making machines:Reduced cement consumption; precision height control; uniform product density and extended mould life.Due to their sturdy construction, Columbia Block Machines require lower maintenance and have useful life upto 50 years, which is far superior to that of competition.


The Model SPM 30 machine is the latest block machine offering from Columbia Machine made in India. With a pallet size of 750mmx600mm and unmatched speeds, the Model SPM30 employs field proven technologies to deliver concrete block products unsurpassed in quality, accuracy and variety. Utilizing variable frequency driven direct vertical mould vibration, superior hydraulics and rugged construction, the Model SPM30 provides greater reliability, durability and productivity with lower down times aided by strong service support from Columbia Machine Engineering in India.


Similarly, single mould press from Forest Press Hydraulicsgives a more cost-effective tooling / set up option to the 3-Mould. It is still a 400 Ton power machine and is capable of producing any product that the three mould can output. The actual standard mould table aperture and press daylight are identical to the three mould machine, although production is naturally slower.This type of machine would be used for low quantity special products, such as radius, dropper, quadrant, return end kerb stones, etc.All its machines (Single or 3-Mould) come supplied with fabricated steel plinths as standard. This eases installation by allowing the machinery to be fixed to a flat concrete floor rather than a preformed concrete plinth.




Tech advances


As per market research experts, rapid advances in concrete technology may influence the demand for concrete and road construction equipment in the coming years. The emergence of smart concrete materials will be one of the latest trends that will gain traction in the concrete and road construction equipment market during the next few years. Smart concrete can detect shortcomings of conventional concrete and acts as a sensor in finding flaws in it. Smart concrete also helps in detecting the internal condition of concrete roads after any disasters, such as earthquakes. Additionally, they can aid in easing transportation by heating the road surface and melting the ice on it during heavy snowfall and can be also assist in measuring the speed and weight of vehicles.


The revival of the housing sector in developed nations such as US, UK, and Germany is expected to drive the market in these regions. Middle East and Africa (MEA) is one of the fastest growing regional markets owing to its massive construction sector. Various megaprojects in the region, such as the mega city called NEOM in Saudi Arabia and large football stadiums in Qatar for FIFA World Cup 2022, are anticipated to increase demand for precast concrete in the region.


Similarly, construction of skyscrapers and artificial islands in Dubai is expected to drive the regional market over the forecast period.



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