05 June 2020

Interaction -Devendra Jain, ED & CEO, Dilip Buildcon Ltd


Dilip Buildcon has a track record of completing projects well before time


Well known for its prudent bidding strategy and excellent execution for over the past 14 years, today DILIP BUILDCON has grown to become the largest private sector, road-focused engineering procurement construction (EPC) company in India. The company is present in road-building projects in 17 Indian states. In an exclusive interaction with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, DEVENDRA JAIN, ED & CEO, DILIP BUILDCON LTD shares about the company’s position, its involvement in the recent projects and the future outlook for the industry.



Briefly tell us about your company’s position in the Indian market and your areas of expertise specific to the road sector.-


According to the market capitalisation, we are currently positioned at the 184th place. In terms of expertise, we are known for our works in the EPC Road Construction projects and have a presence in around 17 states across the country.




Give us an understanding about the company’s approach towards adopting best construction practices and technologies that has contributed in strengthening its footprint in India?


  • Business Focus
  • Focus on road EPC for government clients.
  • Investment in equipment bank, process and control.
  • Attract and retain talented employees.


Opportunistically divest BOT assets  De-Risk business through diversification

  • Geographical Diversification
  • Segment Diversification
  • Adhere to geographical clustering strategy
  • Smaller project sizes to reduce dependence on single project



Continuing focus on driving operating efficiency On time delivery

  • Further enhance execution efficiency through innovation
  • Backword Integration building for own consumption
  • Pole blank cutting machine 14MTR X 3 MTR Gantry plazma
  • Electric Pole
  • Metal Beam Crash Barrier
  • Bus Shelter
  • Metal Beam Crash Barrier
  • Pipe Rolling Machine pto Ø200 X 8 Mm
  • Strengthen IT systems and other internal processes


Financial Performance

  • Profitability through better project selection , timely execution and strict cost control
  • Deleverage balance sheet to improve returns
  • Focus on cash flow generation



Key Outstanding EPC Projects